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Thus spirit consists of a trinity of spirit, mind, and body in a spiritual state; mind of a spirit, mind, and body in a mental state; and form or body of a spirit, mind, and body in a material state. While Zeus is the God of Form he manifests as a trinity, his spiritual nature bearing the name Zeus. The intellective nature, soul or mediatory nature of Zeus is termed Poseidon and his lowest or objective material manifestation, Hades.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

The sun-god Hercules, son of Zeus, and Alcmene, was born, like the other saviors, on the twenty-fifth of December - the triple night, as the Greeks named the winter solstice. At his birth, Zeus, the God of gods, spake from Heaven and said: "This day shall a child be born, of the race of Perseus, who shall be the mightiest of the sons of men."

Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb / <cite>Aryan Sun Myths (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

Orpheus was a third-generation savior, identified with his divine father Dionysus as Dionysus was identified with his divine father Zeus. Seated on the Heavenly Fathers throne, brandishing his lightning-scepter, Dionysus was hailed as King of Kings and God of Gods. He was also the god-begotten, virgin-born Anointed One (Christos) whose mother seems to have been all three forms of the Triple Goddess: the earth mother, Persephone the underworld queen, Semele the moon-maiden. Hints of a hanging or crucifixion ceremony appeared in his sacrificial title Dendrites, "Young Man of the Tree." He was also a Horned God, with such forms as bull, goat, and stag.

Barbara G. Walker / <cite>The Woman&#039;s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets</cite>

The important point to note here is that Zeus was only saved with the help of a hero. The gods now needed humans.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

He [Zeus] came from Crete. He landed at Dodona, and established the Oracle.

Henry Binkley Stein / <cite>Thirty Thousand Gods Before Jehovah</cite>

Deuce or Deaus was the Irish word for Zeus.

Henry Binkley Stein / <cite>Thirty Thousand Gods Before Jehovah</cite>

As in Rome, force was the prerogative of Zeus, and should one disobey the command of the oracle, death was the penalty.

Henry Binkley Stein / <cite>The Axe Was God</cite>

Olympus was the home of Zeus...

Henry Binkley Stein / <cite>Thirty Thousand Gods Before Jehovah</cite>

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ANUBIS: ANUBIS will answer your Questions Quinton

You are very wise Quinton and you ask Questions that were forbidden, since you are a seeker of truth and an Ancient Warrior in a previous life who died Gloriously in Battle, I will answer you.

Answer One: King Anu was angry with Zeus because he declared himself King of Eridanice contrary to the Serpent Queens Orders. Zeus was unstoppable so the Serpent Queens sent their Best Reptilian Warriors along with King Anu to battle Mighty Zeus and his Akiki Warriors, he was Half Man , Half Wolf all Warrior.
The Battles were like what you see in Underworld between the Vampires and Lycans, this is where these stories are coming from.
Reality is much more Exotic then Sci-fi could ever be.

Answer Two: Tiamat is the Asteroid Belt , yes Quinton Ikiki Warrior, this is why you seek truth Incarnate.

Answer Three: Enki and Enlil are brothers and their Father is King Anu.

Answer Four: The Annunaki needed to mine Gold because contrary to what most inhabitants think of Gold, it is not only a currency which never fails, it also purifies the Atmosphere of Planets and Nibiru needs constant Gold to purify it's Atmosphere purifying Equiptment and for their Canis Star System. It is the comodity of the GODS. Gold will never loose it's value so never sell your Gold.

Answer Five: Enlil is Lord of Command he is Quinton Yahweh.

Answer Six : When Enki gave his DNA to the Human Beasts and the Gift of the Feather he was Exiled and Demonized, he was declared Bad and that humans must never trust in him. Everything was twisted , all Enki wanted to do was to give the Humans Freedom and Passion which was forbidden. This is why the Illuminati want to destroy humanity, this is why there is much suffering on the lands and much War, Vaccinations, GMO Foods , Lies , Treachery and plans of Culling Humanity. This is not being done by mere Greed or Ambition this is being done by Extraterrestrials. Humanity has been deliberately misled for thousands of years.
The Draconans are Invloved Also they feed on Human Flesh and also have 50 Year cycles where they come to Earth to Abduct Humans like Swine to feed their people.
You must be Strong and know this you are divine, but you must find it within yourself for no one will find the God in you but you yourself Quinton. Accept your Immortality or just be a beast in service of your masters.

Answer Seven: Yes Reptilians can take Human Form they can infiltrate the Mind through your thoughts because your thoughts become your actions if not carefully checked. They also have Holographic Technology which enables them to look human, the People at the Top are Draconans in disguise.

Answer Eight: AR 1 & AR 2 are Planetary Spaceships with power to blow up whole Planets, George Lucas was told to create Star Wars so that people will be able to understand these far out concepts which are based on fact.

These words are true, let any who challenge me come fourth for if they do they will be fed to AMMIT.

Annunaki77: Enki was the Son of King Anu

He served the Canus King. When Enki grew up in Sirius he saw what it was to live with Tyranny. He saw many Canus slaves that served in Dumb anguish. His heart was wounded and he made a decision while in Sirius he decided to do something about this Tyranny.
He understood that his Father wouldn't have any dumb ideas trying to change the Throne.

So Enki kept his silence, untill King Anu had his problem with King Al Al and his Grandson Lord Zeus of Olympus. Enki understood what was about to transpire but he just continued his research into Genesis Sciences Developement in Sirius and Uranus.

Once the Battle was over Enki seized his opportunity to Create his Garden on Earth. Olympus was destroyed and Zeus was arrested, his Ikiki were very brave and died to the last Canus.

So too many Brave Men and Women Serve the Illuminati System , many Brave Renegades.
Who truly believe in Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
So things aren't all Black and White Bluesbaby5050. Relax Beautiful Bluesbaby5050.


Annunaki77: It's about Power and the Throne of Sirius

Zeus was the Grandson of King AL AL, the King of Sirius.
When the Wolf Soldiers ventured into Orion they battled the Reptilians and Destroyed some Reptilian Civilizations and battled the Orion Mk Warriors ( Dragon Warriors).
It was Dog vs Lizard , it was very messy, the Orion Queens went to the Canus King for a Truce.

King AL AL bartered a Peace Treaty with the Serpent Queens of Orion.
Loyalty and Service to Orion and for this Service Sirius would get title to the Star Systems discovered around the Pesh Ma Ten Super Star Highway.

After this Deal the Royal Families were fighting amongst themselves for Power and Influence.
They didn't like the Deal King AL AL made with the Serpent Queens and the Families decided to Betray King AL AL so he knew their was a Plot Cooking on Sirius for his Hide so he went to the Serpent Queens of Orion and laid a claim for the Bod Star System.
For this Claim he pledged Loyalty and Service to the Orion Serpent Queens.

King AL AL left the Throne of Sirius and created a New Throne on Tiamat.
He Created Mount Olympus.

Later as the King aged and Passed on to the Next Dimension, his Grandson Zeus became the New Lord and Kod of Mount Olympus.

bluesbaby5050: Who is Zeus?

To 11ORION11, This will help you. This was in the topics section at the TOP of the page on every post on the forum. You will find alot of your questions you ask in the TOPICS- at the Top of this site.Just click onto the word -Topic. The Falcon.

11Orion11: yes thanks but i have red

yes thanks but i have red this one already
still dont know who he did but okee

Tarheel: Zeus was (past tense) ruler of Bod Star System BEFORE...

...the BIG fight betwixt Orion/Sirius and Bod Star Systems. Zeus lost and was banished from here . It was an EPIC struggle. Orion n Sirius ganged up and took him OUT is how I understand it.

11Orion11: could you please say to wich

could you please say to wich star system? this name "Bod" referes to??
cause i have came across that name before here, (because i cant know wich one just by hearing Bod you know) and i think its not this star system because you guys call it "eridance" or something?

Tarheel: OUR star system, 11O11.

Mercury/Venus/Earth, etc is in The Bod Star System.

Our Sun's system is what Bod Star System is 11O11. The Earth had a different name then.

Planet's have had different names thru the years....Eridanus, Terra, Tierra etc.

11Orion11: Thanks thats why i tought you

Thanks thats why i tought you was talking bout some other star system than earth because other name , so eridance is a old name for earth and this star system is called BOD system, where do you get these names from? and Lord AYA from who/what do you know the name "Aya"

thank you

Tarheel: I want to HELP you, but I want you to get the whole story.

Lord De Aya Ba El is a great man who is also knows as Lord Enki, my Rainbow Warrior friend. I will help you all I can ,and I will refer you back to Annunaki77 and Edisonik's teachings.

BluesBaby 5050 is a great fountain of knowledge as well. I have spoken to her about you My Friend and we agree that you should seek knowledge from the Masters teachings.

WE are all apprentices here, and anyone will help you when they can, and I will help you any way I can, but we want you to study and learn.

I am NOT blowing you off on your questions. I will help you whenever I can, but the answers you seek are all addressed IN DETAIL by The Masters-Annunaki77 (anu77) and Edi (Edisonik).

BY THE WAY-I got the knowledge from The Masters, Anu77 and Edi. Earth's and our Solar System's names were given to US by them. I was very confused in the beginning by the different names (and I still am SOME), but I am learning.

I have studied and I am still studying so I can help others and learn myself. I am a mere babe in contrast with the Masters.

11Orion11: yes ive been asking much

yes ive been asking much questions and i know i have to learn still much and read much more and older articles they posted, thanks
i came to this site not knowing how you know this but i see its the truth i have been seeking from other places or wherever

thanks for helping me all of y'all here and i know BluesBaby knows lots too and she love getting the truth outh here as any member of this site should be:)!

wmarkley: zeus was not enlil, zeus was

zeus was not enlil, zeus was the grandson of king anu's adversary.

bluesbaby5050: AL AL IS BURIED ON MARS............

The King AL AL was buried on Mars after he had a fight ,and bit off the privates of the King Anu of Niberu. This was when AL AL had to go into Exile as a punishment for Biting off the privates of the King Anu,and Anu sent him there. AL AL had died on Mars soon after he arrived there, long before the Prince EN-KI was murdered on Mars, as EN-KI had a stop over, before going on to the planet Earth. This was customary for them to do so then. Zeus was later Punished by the Orion Queens, and Imprisoned in Orion for 2000 years as his punishment of his part in the war, and he was later re-leased after his term was finished in Orion. Annunaki77 had said this in one of his past lessons.

bluesbaby5050: Zeus was the Grandson of............

King AL AL. King AL AL was the father of Cronis. Cronis was the father of Zeus.

edisonik: Earth was Dead when ENKI came to this outpost.

ENKI was instructed by his Father from Heaven to Terra - Form a Dead Planet after King Anu had his War with The Olympian Kod ZEUS and his Olympians.
Mars is completely Dead , but Earth has a vast Garden because of ENKI'S knowledge of Creation Sciences which he learned on Sirius & Orion.

The Plants , the Trees, were brought here, the Soil and Oceans had to be decontaminated from radiation, it took the Annunaki 25 Earth Years to do this.

After everything was decontaminated ENKI brought the Animals with his Mothership.
Also the Draco brought their Animals too as a joint venture between the Draco and the Annunaki.
But that was long ago.

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