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I Think Bill Cooper Has Got His Facts Straight

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Look to the Masons for the guilty party if anything happens to me. I believe that they have murdered in the past and that they will murder in the future.

Bill Cooper / <cite>Behold A Pale Horse</cite>

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PavolvsBItch: Bad Start

Cooper knew little and spoke much about it and his death was due to his obnoxious behaviours and it is suspect that his foreign young wife and child left him, despite the cover story. Sometimes people get 'killed' in fact or fantasy to give credence to their work. It is not always the case that a death 'under suspicious circumstances' validates what that person had advocated. UFO's don't exist; the technology and antigravity was around through Tesla in this current era and he had access to Vatican material. So what, that Cooper once saw a craft emerging from the ocean and was told to 'forget it'?

harleyborgais: How do you that know about Tesla

Can you please link me to the source that shows Tesla had access to the Vatican Material?
Tesla figured out how to make flying crafts through the standard process of discovery, starting with blowing up wires for Edison, then he noticed the wireless energy transfer, which caused him pain, and he experimented with it, made the Tesla style coils, tried the full range of frequencies and types of pulses (AC, DC Pulsed, DC current).

The statistics of Unidentified Flying Objects dramatically increased, exponentially, a few years after Teslas death in 1943. There also was a spike in recent years.

UFO sightings go back as far as cave paintings, 30,000 to 50,000 years back.
At these times the last great meteor event happened, which happens every 26,000 or so years (The Precession cycle), and the older one was the previous event, which was very mild by comparison. The more recent one started the warming trend we have now, which is peaking this year, and should reverse next year.

Certain Human ancestors or similar species died off at these two times as well (Erectus, then Neanderthals), and AZ meteor crater is 50,000 years old.
Unidentified Flying Objects certainly exist, the question is who is making and flying them, and how, and where?

The answer is either aliens, or secret Human societies, and both seem to exist based on the available evidence. I think at this point that both are the case, but most are Human built since 1943, and especially in the last decade.

If there is any truth to the existence of aliens, then there may be truth to the claim that Tesla communicated with them, and if so, I know why, because of the Properties of the Tesla Style coil, which is the method anyone can look up and build to try and receive signals from deep space, and tune them into something they can actually hear with a radio receiver (Trying AM and FM). You connect the radio to the outer, smaller coil, and most likely a conical coil will respond to the greatest bandwidth.

Tarheel: You say "UFO's dont exist" and say Cooper knew little?

You have NO idea what/how he really died.

Let me steal a line from David Wilcock- "WAKE UP".

You also show ignorance on the subject of Tesla. And where you came up with that "Tesla/Vatican comment...well....you really should avoid subjects you have NO EARTHLY IDEA about. You couldnt prove or disprove that.

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