Religion - Truth Control Episode 7

In episode 7 Quinton and Jessy explore the topic of religion. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions are discussed in this video.

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taherapandak143: Our religion can also tell us

Our religion can also tell us our own personality.

bluesbaby5050: Your comment covers a WIDE RANGE of Concepts BASED....

Based on a persons choices he/she chooses in life. It does not speak for the WHOLE personally though. Based on what if any morals, and integrity a person has to start with as an adult. The environment , and the ways a child is brought up by her /his parents, and sometimes with only one parent, and this alone makes a huge difference, along with the child's culture has a lot to do with the influence on a child's personally, and what that child has experienced in it's early years from the age of birth to the age of 5 when it's personally is shaped from then on, and into adulthood.

UN.i1-PHI: religions indoctrinate

religions indoctrinate personality to be shaped in ways wich suit the needs of your god claiming/playing extraterrestrial persons intentions for controling and manipulating the masses to join the loop queue of waiting servants for their expected salvation and ascension to the 'heavenly' realm rewarded for being obedient to the god-figures commands threatening you to be punished while burning in eternal hellfires for your disobedience so you will be filled with fear for questioning your religious system and therefore directing your energies towards the will of off-worldly tyrants and their systems of fooling you into believing this god-person-embodyment is the absolute force of life and created all existance misdirecting your intentions&prayers from the real life force of existance wich we are all a part of , wich is a very rude thing to claim to be and making/letting others believe it for self-service and ,while ignoring/refusing all the remaining characteristics a person, (and a very self-ish one not in the best interests of humanity to be speaking soft just) because he dictate he's the one and only god, to be worshipped/war whipped/worked for&far shipped away if they play saviour salvation evacuation for NWO implementation in a global situation threatening the systems validation

bluesbaby5050: I think there is a Misconception of how the Ascension process

Is going to manifest. Some people THINK that they are going to go off planet Earth during the Ascension process into the higher realms. This was the way that it happened to the Ascended masters in ages past. Their vibrations vibrated so fast, because they were at a higher level of vibrational frequency in their physical body, and this is why they could not be seen anymore. This time around for the people that did their clearing, and have risen their Kundalini, and merged their Crown chakra with their Heart chakra, and activated their Merkaba will be able to do this, but they will STILL BE ON THE EARTH, BUT IN A HIGHER DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCY OF VIBRATION. Their body's will speed up faster, and this process is what some people are still confused about. They will NOT LEAVE THIER PHYSICAL BODYS BEHIND, BUT THEY WILL BE INSIDE OF THEIR PHYSICAL BODIES, and this is WHY there will be NO MORE Death, and Decay of the physical body. They will become immortal within their physical body. They will become lighter, and weight less, and this will change the density of the physical body to a much lighter physical body, and this is what makes the vibrations rise higher. The Earth is also going to rise into a higher less dense physical earth body also, and both the prepared human, and the earth will do this TOGETHER. They both will be in the 5th dimension after, a higher state/plane of existence. And this is when there will be NO more Wars or Starvations, and No more Pollutions, or no more Diseases , and no more Death will take place on this new Earth. It is also important to try to THINK Positive, and this will help keep a person in a better state of being. All they have to do is go though the mutation processes of their clearing of all their bodies, and to think positive, and this will raise their vibrations high enough, and close enough to give them a rise into the higher realms of being. There will only be Peace, and Harmony for All species on the Earth at this time, and this is WHY it is said that , HEAVEN WILL BE ON EARTH!

bluesbaby5050: Well, I don't believe in any religions.........

I believe in the Holy Spirit, and the Prime Creator/The ISNNESS of EVERYTHING, and OF EVERYONE. So this Excludes me :)

UN.i1-PHI: all is one and one is all

pls dont mind me but i assume you meant this IN-cludes me/us just to be clear for others reading it..

yes its an abomination that these advanced beings presented themselves as more than they are and abusing others while letting others believe their inferior to a superior being wich claims he is the creator/ISSNESS of Everything, while they are creations of the ISNESS too just like we all are a part/fractions of itss consiousness exploring itsself

they try to keep us away and disconnected from (the ways of) the natural natures of the prime creator of all = all energy=1

bluesbaby5050: I was speaking only for myself personally...........

But, yes this really does apply to everyone, and yes we are all connected though the ONE. Too bad more people around this planet can't see this as truth.

UN.i1-PHI: that was not my point

in that sentence, i just tought you would mean to say this "INcludes me" not EXcludes wich is saying your not a part of, then i wrote 'us' behind 'me' cause it would sound strange as if i was saying what you said that for myself and it implies we're all a part of US

bluesbaby5050: I simply stated that I ALONE, and ..........

I AM NOT a part of ANY religious belief systems, that are incorporated into the social structures of today. I stated simply what I personally believed in, and what that source was, and nothing more. Not any confusion there that I could see in my statement. I had EXCLUDED MYSELF FROM THAT RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, and I clearly said I had no part in/of it. And I am aware that we are ALL A PART OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and that some people have different titles for this.

UN.i1-PHI: oops then ive misunderstanded

oops then ive misunderstanded you too in that way
i misinterpreted you that you were referring the 'this EXcludes me' to that you believe in the holy spirit of all and this believing is including believing in yourself as we're all a part of all, and i tought that you by accidentaly used Exclude instead of Include in the context of being &believing we're all a part of the great spirit of life, because i didnt make the connection when reading it in the end of the message that it was referring to the title implying you are excluded in religious beliefs, my bad..

i just tought you by accidentally used the wrong/opposite word because of the way i interpreted it when reading it first, as i tought this could have happen byaccidentally and it would be not nice someone used the opposite word they meant but you didnt i just didnt understand you meant this to refer to EXcluding youself from religions, i tought you would be referring the context of INcluding youself in the (belief of) universal conscious spirit wich you were saying talking about in the previous sentence

Tim Lovell: there is only one :) one

there is only one :) one spirit that flows through everything it IS everything god is the whole not a single person or entity so anything that tells you that is just a controller..

bluesbaby5050: That's correct Tim..........

And another name for this is Gravity, and it has consciousness. This is what holds everything together everywhere, and even out in stellar space. It is called The Universal Consciousness. It has the power of it's own to take any form into matter, and combine it with created light though friction, and then fusion as it chooses. I'll stop here for now.

Tarheel: Cogs

We are all cogs in The Wheel= Synchronicity.
Synchronicity was a concept first introduced me by Carl Jung.

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