Meditation & Prayer - Truth Control Show Episode 10

by Quinton on June 24th, 2013

In this episode of the Truth Control Show Quinton and Jessy talk about meditation & prayer. Topics discussed include:

Different types of meditation
Letting go


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Starperson: Very good discussion, again

Nice job, both. I have a couple of comments:

1. Quinton, you are meditating no matter what you think, based on your description. You are doing clearing and relaxation meditation. It can be very enlightening by allowing your mind to be clear of clutter. Try this: Before you start your next session, clearly state your intentions...what you want to have revealed to you while you meditate. The Devine, or your higher self, does not want to hear us ask for anything..."It" wants us to definitively express, and precisely articulate, our goals and desires.

2. Jessy, since you are experienced in the art of meditation, I would like to have you post a guided meditation series. It could be either an audio or video file. It could be here or on your site. Every guide I have worked with has a different technique. Some resonate with me, others do not...but all are effective. I believe yours would be enlightening. Peace be Blessed is inspiring and honest. I look forward to your spiritual blog on TC.

Breathe in deeply, hold a moment, exhale fully. Thanks to you both. Love and light. Cool shirts!

Tarheel: Cool topic choice.

Okay, are those Peugeot shirts or what, Q-dog?

I've been seeing this Thich Nhat Hanh more & more. He's a Buddhist monk from South Vietnam (I think), and he is WAY into the meditation...breathing in/out...dwell in the moment thing. I saw an interview he did w/ Oprah and he looked so "At Peace" with himself and the world. This post reminded me of him because Jessy said he meditates all the time. Thich said he was meditating while he was doing his interview and at every single moment. What focus!

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