Jesus - Truth Control Episode 3

In this episode we talk about many different aspects of Jesus Christ as presented by Christianity.

The following questions are addressed:
Was Jesus God?
Was Jesus the son of God?
Was Jesus a messenger?
Do you need Jesus to be saved?
Did Jesus exist?

Various quotes and viewpoints from researchers such as Manly P. Hall, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Val Valerian and others are shared in this presentation.

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Tomás Germán Ru...: Jesus

I think and feel that Jesus is the sun of God, I pray everyday to him and in my life I received miracles that show me also that he exist.

UN.i1-PHI: why would you pray your energy away to an entity/person

do you realize this is a way of controlling the masses, why follow everyone else, dont u see how this is all an elaborate agenda, and that these sky gods are actually beings who came from another sky/space?! they claimed to be superior and you to be inferior and the god of the bible is actually an person/alien who had some very disturbing anger issues against humanity because he didnt like the way his brother created them because he wanted them to be worshipping slaves/drones only to do their dirty work of mining gold they needed on this earth... so why worship and submit to them?and give away your energies & toughts to them?they harness this collectively! or even to an clone/puppet sent out by yahweh/enlil to fool with people's harts and show off some miracles to make them buy into it and compensate for the angry 'god' they worshipping/working for...

please dont get me wrong i dont want to scare you away or offend you, i ask you why would you follow the control systems for the masses? dont you believe you are your own 'god' and your an immortal/eternal soul capable of doing 'good' and 'bad' or whatever you want to do?! its all up to you/ourselves, but if you give this away to an external source arent you just surrendering and letting your life be controled?

Tomás Germán Ru...: praying

Dear UN.i1-PHI: When I pray I pray to everybody, for the peace and felicity in the earth and in the universe and for the ones that died to live all toghether arround the universe, that is also what Jesus and God wants, to leave young, with love and peace for the eternity

UN.i1-PHI: there is an multiversal consciousness of all life

and we're all part of it exploring itself, all is one, but there are some beings who take advantage of peoples minds on this and their advanced technology to enslave planets and harness their energies and control them into submitting to their tyranny while not being aware of it by keeping them ignorant and asleep to their enslavement and the et reality of other beings influencing others on other planets (earth is not the first planet to develop as there are many before who had plenty of time to evolve and (also genetically) manipulate others and interfere with their evolution and create/engineer/splice new species)

Tomás Germán Ru...: slave

I agree totally with you, in this planet word we work as slaves also, and of course most of those who became so rich is because they make so much people poor. I was never a material person and in this planet to be rich and famous it is a problem, that is what a lot of people do not know...

UN.i1-PHI: yes & ets run the show, now its our turn

good its not materialism that matters but rather spirituality
and many economically poor people are richer from spirit. than from money unlike the those who are in power but sell out theirselves/souls and to cooperate with the malevolant system supressing humans for materialistic gain are working for & supporting an tyrant agenda that is made to enslave humanity thru their false ways and i read here that with religion they actually could try unite one world govern-mind for a NWO with something like the second coming of a jesus wich could be one of their an et/clones so they can try to stirr the masses and stage an invasion of their own man up so they can stirr both sides and also blame good aliens to be also bad in such situation, im not saying this is gonna happen like this but it could be an probable interesting scenario on their agenda that they would do something like this...

Tomás Germán Ru...: change

I heard also that but I am not inside in those who control the world but I don´t believe that they can make a change like that....

bluesbaby5050: Those are just........


Tomás Germán Ru...: et´s

hi bluesbaby5050, do you know if it is real that et´s control the goverments?

bluesbaby5050: Do Alians-ETs Control this Planet?

Yes I do. Please study the Terra Papers by Robert Morningsky. It explains the REAL ancient history of this planet and of humanity. Also study Wes Penre's papers that go even deeper into the Earth's ancient history and into the many ET races involved with our solar system and where they come from and why they take an interests in humanity. This information can be found on this site.

dvogel: That is very correct

Jesus is the SUN of God. Another solar deity, and the sun seems pretty real :)

Tomás Germán Ru...: Jesus

I am sure that Jesus will come soon and will apear a new world from the sky where we can live toghether in love and peace also with other brothers of ather planets, and all the bad thinks will disapear like a miracle Amen

UN.i1-PHI: you lay ur trust/power into them?!

dont u realize this is the ultimate way to deceive the people/population who have been programmed for so long so they will fall blind to their alien technological miracles they'll make u sell out to them tricks and they will pretend to be good but theyre the ones who have been stirring the planet all the time to madness/hell of slavery and now they want to bring in/install their new world order wich equals total enslavement, we have to create our own world with personal responsability so we dont need their rule(s) over us wich is always taking away our liberties/freedoms...
they will make it all seem logic and innocent and that theyre wanna help us but then they will create an chaos theirselves wich they will pretend to solve for the good of all, but if we let that happen everyone will be enslaved in total control to a tyrant system!

wake up why do u surrender to jesus&co enslavation(reptilian army etc in disguise), there is no salvation if you dont act yourself intelligently and responsable, only you can save YOU-R-SELF!
now we do have benevolant alien allies and they will also step in when the malevolants try to do cull/kill us, but this does not mean we are NOT responsible for the future and our actions and choices and have it all done for us, we have to make the choice like in V from Vendetta!

peace brother,please keep your energies for urself and recognize the universal spirit we're all part of and the imposters abusing the peoples powers by their own choices also, u'r giving them away/redirecting them with this religious mindset and ur 'amens' to some energy sucking/harnessing vortex of artificial entiti collecting them because theyre so power hungry, well they got them bellies full but still not have enough they want to drain u/us till ur nothing more than a complete transhumanized drone under total control and obedience...

dvogel: He is already here.

He appears every morning in the sky. However I don't think all bad things will disappear, they are part of our challenge.

killingwithkindness: another ascended master

he existed. and he ascended. tried to teach universal love in their kind of talk they had back in the day. but it got misunderstood and used for people in positions of power. i'm not christian but i like the man. he tried to reach the people. he really did. they didn't wanna hear it though. it's all good now. he transcended the need for his physical body and he's in a place of light where i hope to be one day.

He was---as in---He did exist. And he was: another precious, of the few, ascended master.

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