God - Truth Control Episode 1

by Quinton on January 2nd, 2013

Welcome to the first episode of the Truth Control Show. We open the series up with one of the most popular topics throughout the world: God.

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LoveTruthPeace: Thank you for sharing and keep the videos coming.

A lot of people keep telling me that I get back what I put out. This is something that I'm still having a really hard time accepting though. Although I'm not perfect, most of my life I feel I've given out nothing but love and never really expected anything in return from others, but at the same time I also didn't expect to be treated with so much hatred and disrespect as I have been by basically everyone in my life, whether family, friend, bf, or stranger. Even when I was optimistic and thought positive thoughts, I still keep getting the same result. I don't choose to have this happen to me and I don't enjoy being in pain, I really do want to surround myself with people who are respectful and caring and have been trying all kinds of ways to change my destiny and take control of my life. Can you guys give me any advice on my situation or recommendations for good books that explain this better?

Tarheel: KNOW you are on the right path, LTP/Desiree.

You cant control how others act. Believe you are tracking as you should and things will come your way.

Seek the spiritual high

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