Ghosts & Energy - Truth Control Show Episode 12

by Quinton on August 21st, 2013

In this episode Quinton and Jessy break down ghosts and how they relate to energy.

Topics discussed include:

-What ghosts are
-Ghosts that are stuck
-Are ghosts negative?
-Why do people fear ghosts?
-How can we handle ghosts
-And much more


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Tarheel: Yet ANOTHER good show.

When we start talking about the paranormal, most people laugh. Those are the people who don't understand. It is a somewhat touchy subject, but this post brings it into the light.

LoveTruthPeace: Good correlation between how

Good correlation between how we react with ghosts and how we react to wild animals.

Karoline: Overlapping plane?

I have a healthy relationship with the spirit world. The only rule in my house, is they don't break anything on purpose or do anything with intention to harm. Otherwise i simply tell them they're not welcome and bid them leave. Ritually, i like to follow that up with smudging the house, though i think that's just an accostomed ritual, just as there's no need to cut the cards when you divine. In all honestly, i like having spirits come to me. The only thing i dislike yet tolerate is the smell of burning rubber, though i think they're the recently passed! It's cool when they do tricks though, like putting the kettle or tv on or flipping something over.

moonsstarr923: Vid: How 2c multi-dim/ghosts/etc.

This is a longer video; just under 14 minutes. However, I know a lot of you that (think they) can't see ghosts/other entities/etc. *really* want to be able to see them. I can tell you that, although I could some see things before this instructional video, I used the vid's techniques, and I had success. Please know and remember that---with anything worthwhile---this technique takes *practice*. (ie. first "things" I saw were new colors we don't have now.) Lastly, maybe you shouldn't do this if you're not ready. Some things are "scary". But if you are--at THE "waking up"/"receptive" level, , , then I guess it's alright. Please don't be mad at me for offering these instructions to people who may not be ready----and the implications thereof. People have to make their own decisions. Thanks for understanding, and I wish you all bright blessings!

Tarheel: That was good.

Kelli seems sincere and I believe SHE believes it works. I will try it her way.


obsrvantlouie: Fo Sho

Fo real...

obsrvantlouie: Just watched this vid

I've always had this ability but not always was I aware of its implications. Her description about the "air becoming wavy" is true to me. Also, I think due to laws of attraction if you are not a fear based person you most likely will not attract a fear based vision or entity. But, if you are fear based you have no business attempting this and your chances for success are slight. That she mentions a portal at the top of her stairs is not a desirable thing in my experience. More then likely this is emanating from a decorative symbol she has in the house near the top of her stair case....I will leave it up to the reader to determine what/which symbols are desirable but Michael Tsarions research is an excellent start. Hint; if the occult worship the symbol and that specific occult does not resonate with you, I would suggest to elimination the symbol from your area.

moonsstarr923: to obsrvantlouie

Hey ob (hope I can call you that now for faster future typing, since we're pretty much pals now). Anyway, I wanted to tell you all something: a correction regarding Kelli's video. Long before I watched Kelli's video on how to see ghosts/interdim. beings/etc--- I could "see things". But, after using **Kelli's techniques**, (not mine) I had told you all that the FIRST "things" I saw were (new) colors. That's not correct. The FIRST "things" I saw were the white wavy lines (in the air) that you spoke about. The 'white' isn't like a bright white color like say bright printer paper, , , it was more like a duller, almost clear white. I thought the white wavy liines were SUPER neat to see! I couldn't believe I was seeing them (as opposed to the other "things" I can see sometimes). I thought the white, wavy lines were fascinating, and I wondered WHAT the heck they are!!! I mean, everyone can see the little "dots" that float in the air if they stare long enough. But the wavy lines were DIFFERENT though, , , weren't they obsrvantlouie???
BUT, after practice, you (people in general) can/will start to see MORE ("things") than just the wavy lines. So, you are correct: If a person is having a terrible situation with someone and is feeling immense enmity, hatred, and anger (for one example) , , , , then it's best they not try this---or similar----exercises. (That's why when I originally posted Kelli's instructional video I warned people that they should *think* about NOT doing it; However, I knew that----to be fair to the other side-----there are enough of us who know/understand/respect the concerns therein, and if he/she is OK with 'said' concerns and wants to proceed-----then bright blessings, and good journey to him/her.)

Now, about kelli's 'portal'............ Well, I know----rather I *think*------there are MANY portals around (and I've studied that the portals are especially around flowing water). Whether or not her portal is 'bad' or 'good' is undetermined. She hasn't mentioned any unwanted entities meandering her house. AND, she has other silly videos (about how to style hair and so forth), and she and her kid do *not* seem UNhappy, frightened, or otherwise. But, it's been a long time since I watched her videos, and I don't remember seeing or hearing about any 'symbol' she has in her house. I'll re-check!

But I want to THANK YOU for a couple of reasons.
1) I very much enjoy having someone to talk to about this kind of thing 'cause, as you prolly' guess, average joe's tend to think I am/ it is "crazy".
2) You give GOOD advice on warning people (before they just JUMP into something like this)
3) You gave information. (Michael Tsarions) Whether the readers will agree or not: You gave them an opportunity to educate themselves on this.

Finally, you mentioned your "ability" you've always had... I'd LOVE to hear a story (or two!!! three!!) ;-) If you'd prefer to write me a private email, that would be very nice. Or, if you'd prefer to keep your experiences to yourself (or maybe shared with me at a later time), that is fine too.


obsrvantlouie: You are at a good place Moon

To talk about "fringe" topics. Quinton runs a fantastic website here at Truthcontrol and I am proud to be a member here. I encourage you to speak your mind at TC and also that NO subject is taboo. Of course speak your mind at your discretion with regards to private or open messages. Most of us that blog here all seem to be exceptional with regards to one subject or another... or many. I think you may have read it but my forum post titled "I am not afraid" is about my first out of body experience....more definitely to come from me and my experiences and Yes, you've got a freind in me ;)

Most of the other members have taken to call me OL for short as you please ;P

Jynxallen: Dark purple aura

All I can see is a purple moving across ererywhere I look

moonsstarr923: to jynxallen

Cool! Good! That's how it started with me: colors! Keep practicing! I'm happy for you Jynxallen!! And, as I'm sure you know, purple relates to the Crown Chakra. And it's a versatile and visionary color. People with a violet or purple aura are the wise and visionary souls of the auric spectrum. A purple aura is typically a person who loves knowledge, lover of humanity, and a potential intuitive. There's also an ability to organize and direct others. (but you weren't looking *at* someone inasmuch as just looking around.......Humm.......perhaps you were seeing your own aura shining brightly around you...???....I'm not sure) Either way---awesome! :)

Jynxallen: Thank you for your videos and feedback.

I have always seen this purple (didn't know what to call it before your vids) color when I closed my eyes or raised off. It seems to start really big the get smaller, over and over again. I always thought it was weird and when I asked others if they saw any colors when they closed their eyes they said no. Thank you for opening a new doer.

bluesbaby5050: On the Subject of the Aura, and it's Colors............

It is well known now though extensive studies for the past 30 years, that the Auras are multi-colored, and they WILL Constantly be changing colors, because of peoples changing emotions. Every different kind of emotion has it's Own Signature color, and they will also blend along with other colors because of people's changing moods. The reasons for this is because of the many different reactions of the people to events, and objects during the course of their daily life. There is also a list of the common emotions, that is provided for you to view on which color belongs to which emotion in this material. Right now there's a lot of material provided on the internet, and in published books on these studies that were done to prove this.

bluesbaby5050: There has been found though these Extensive Auric Studies....

That when people have addictions to anything, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking Cigs. and when people are sick, and have any diseases, their Auras can be READ, and a lot of this information is picked up/seen though talented people that can actually see these areas in the auras of people. People that are addicted to drugs, and alcohol, and smoking and other things, will have Holes in their auras, and their auras will appear to look just like Swiss Cheese! When a person, Example: A murderer, etc. is inclined to these behaviors they will have a Dark Aura around them, or OVERLAID over their physical bodies, I have actually seen this before! This is a very interesting subject to study in detail.

Tim Lovell: A good book on Auric fields

A good book on Auric fields and aura healing is `Hands of light` by Barbera anne brennan

it shows all the chakras /core star(divinf spark) soul seat tan tien etc hara line ...

bluesbaby5050: Tim?

Does this lady Barbara have a web site/link also? I would like to check her out as well, because I have not heard of, or about her untill now. Thanks :)

bluesbaby5050: Thank You Tim...........

I'm going to check her out right now, so please excuse me for now everyone.... :)

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