Forgiveness - Truth Control Show Episode 9

by Quinton on June 10th, 2013

In this episode Quinton and Jessy explore forgiveness and how we can forgive others. Many times in life we are confronted with problems, circumstances and people that may upset us and put us in a state of hurt. In this episode we discuss living in the present moment and rediscovering our power to forgive others and flow with life.

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Starperson: Excellent dynamic lesson

I forgot this spiritual lesson that I learned years ago. You two reminded me of so much in this discussion and show. I don't have to forgive anyone in this life, because I live my life by the golden rule. The only one I have to forgive in this life is myself. If I unintentionally hurt someone, I must ask for and receive forgiveness from my higher self...once. Not every damn day!

Your comments about living in the now reminded me of my forgotten lesson. I am also reminded that others, whether on a spiritual path or not, are also learning a lesson from our encounters.

I know once I have settled an issue within myself, I have to let it go...just like the Zen monk who carried the pretty girl across the river.

I also heard that I need to "Cowboy Up" (my words) and have confidence in my self and my actions. Excellent presentation. I hope others besides myself will understand, learn and grow from this discussion. Love and light to you both.

Tarheel: I've stopped beating myself up for...

...things I've done in the past. It's time to move on.

I don't believe in Forgive & Forget, but Forgive and Remember the LessonS (plural).

bluesbaby5050: IF this is the Truth then Move on OUT of................


Starperson: Thanks for finding this

I especially like the last segment, "Three Tips for Practicing Self-Compassion". Timely for myself, and relevant for everyone. Thanks.

Eldertree: I really loved this video,

I really loved this video, and especially because what you both said here is what I too had forgotten about forgiving yourself. dIf we cannot forgive ourselves, how can we forgive others and how can other's forgive us? We are all mirrors of each other and like you both have said. We are here in the now and everything is learning as there is no actual "forgiveness" to give to others. It' is ultimately about our forgiving self and how we relate with our-self. We are here on this world. to connect, share with others and to learn lessons from each other. There is no "good or bad" Once we understand that, we then can move on and flow with creation on a more harmonic level. This is what raises the frequency around us.. Hope's that makes sense.. Thanks guys for this great video and reminding other's the truth.

Quinton: Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the feedback :) It's nice to know that you are enjoying them. We will continue to record new videos each week. Any suggestions on future topics we should cover?

Thanks :)

Tarheel: Perhaps meditation &/or prayer if it works for your intent.

Raising one's vibration ...let me ponder this and I will get back with you.

enejenny: when we forgive we have

when we forgive we have peace of mind.......

Tarheel: Forgiveness....

One of THE hardest things is to trust someone else you love enough to let them have their secrets. You have to know they are being secretive for a good protect you.

If they have alternate agendas with their secrecy, usually it's going to lead to trouble for them.

Eldertree: Quinton I'd love if you could

Quinton I'd love if you could discuss the Annunaki intervention on Earth and the E.T expolitics agenda . It's something that I think a lot of people want to talk a lot more about these days. I am hoping you guys could discuss this maybe? It's a very wide topic, but I am more interested to hear what you both come up with and where we are at today. i'd like to hear a more human perspective on the E.T agenda with Earth. We are in very changing times now and it seems it's only a matter of time before the tides turn completely.

Sky: This raises poinent needs. I came by seemingly by accident.

This video was posted back in June 2013 and its content is a FANTASTIC opening to the great human need for forgiveness. Last night I spent six hours listening to two 3hour segments on YouTube of a presentation by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips on their corroborating evidence of having survived MKultra Mind Control long range study and intervention experiments. Cathy O'brian overcame a DIAGNOSIC MENTAL DISORDER that is a real phenomenon to contend with called in pop culture MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER. Now labeled amongst mental health clinicians as DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER. The primary corroborating evidence from my cursory perspective came from Doctor Ross Collins author of the book CIA DOCTORS. Dr Collins (psychiatrist) I suspect would have tenuous points of contact with the deceased researcher JIM KEITH listed on the tag section of TRUTHCONTROLE. Regardless of Dr Collins being backed by legitimacy of Jim Keith (my BELEIF IN THAT JIM KEITH is--FYI, I read only excerpts of Keith's work). I must say it helped me when I saw the comedian ROSSANNE BAR come on stage and introduce Kathy O'Brian and Mark Phillips. Roseanne Barr said on more than one occasion that she was clinically treated for her previous diagnosis of DISSOCIATIVE IDENTIY DISORDER who she said Dr Ross Collins cured her of. I highly recommend both books published by Cathy & Mark entitled TRANCE/FORMATION AMERICA also their book entitled ACCESS DENIED.

The reason I bring this up is how certain things are too BIG for ourselves to FORGIVE and if we do we risk being open for repeated a psycho/sociopathic abuse only in that the charge (aka cost/damage) would be wrong for us alone to pay to put a banking motif spin on this as a figure of speach. I am so impressed by the great work of CATHY O'Brian and Mark Phillips (Phillips says he is an ex-cia agent who had worked professionally with Cathy O'Brien. Any how I highly recommend checking them out on YOUTUBE. Why you might ask? Well what better display of human forgiveness beyond many a person's imagination. I am so impressed how CATHY, MARK AND ROSSANNE demonstrate human forgiveness while taking responsibility for forgiving. How irresponsible I would be mearly to forgive within ONE'S MEANS and then not do something within ONE'S MEANS about, what I am convinced to be, THE REALITY OF MKULTRA.

UN.i1-PHI: cathy is she the one who mentioned seeing z.sitchin performing

/participating/APPEARING in satanic/demonic reptilian rituals while she was on an interview with david icke? or am i confusing her with someone else, i remember she had kinda red-brownish hair and i didnt know how much to trust her info even if she is innocently trying to tell the truth after all the horror done to her, she may be still under some after-effect-program creating delusion&disinfo in sneaky tactical ways she isnt even aware of, or is she... anyways i havent checked that much to say something like that thats why i'm just considering it ;)

and that kinda striked me when i read that cause its very interesting cause sitchin is kinda misterious after all, i mean he had done a great job dedicating his life to the sumerian tablets but still i have to question it especially after hearing that if he's also an reptilian in dis-guy'se.. it would atleast explain where he learned reading and speaking sumerian xD, seriously! ; | but that would also raise more suspiscion about his version of translating the tablets and perhaps some serious dis-information!
i wish i could speak or remember sumerian and take a good look at them myself ;P

Tim Lovell: you just need some of those

you just need some of those divn ME`s , ill just go ask Enki if can borrow some :P

bluesbaby5050: I had also read that about...........

Z.Sitchin, and that he was able to read the Sumerian Tablets was because, he is also from Annunaki Origins.

UN.i1-PHI: arent 'we all' from annunaki origins

as (human)species...? i recall i think it was cathy saying that he is a reptilian forreal and he appears and performs in the rituals, what do you think bout that? aint much of a surprise afterall;P but it would bring his translations of the sumerian clay tablets unto heavy suspiscion/&deserved mistrust! not JUST because he would be a reptilian, but because he would be a malevolant one performing in these satanic rituals stupid people play into aswell...

bluesbaby5050: I read about this too.............

But, the Annunaki wanted humans to know some things, and yes, but not everything ( to their advantage). I do believe that it is possible that Sitchin could/would have left, and manipulated some information out while translating the Cuneiforms,,, reasons that only they know about.

UN.i1-PHI: yea and what about the (dis)info on the tablets regardless of tr

translation, i would bet they've (re-)written disinfo on them too cuz the tablets were and some are still out there in public, wich would make it even less reliable on certain parts and in certain ways... lies and confusion mixed with the truth of historical events wich have been rewritten over and over to hide the 'extremes'...

Sky: could be

My hunch is she was interviewed by David IKE. I mean David IKE has done so much., Cathy O'brian could be still unconsciously perpetrating reptillian influences, correct me if wrong, I DON'T KNOW. However, The Satanist motif I feel are more prevalent amongst Christains and revisionists historians who seem more fundamentalists so to speak my bias. However, this I why I feel scholars such as David IKE, Michael Tsarion including Jordan Maxwell and Zechariah Stichin and Swarlow over emphasize the Reptillians. I know that the Retillians are mentioned in the lost book of the Bible of Enock. I feel these scholars are CONCRETIZING the metaphor too much. However, I do believe that reptillians are manifestations of humans beings turning into transhuman robots. I feel Jesse Venturea has much truth to say about Retillians (his TV program on conspiracy) including area 51 discovered in 1947. I feel John Lash book GOD NOT IN HIS IMAGE has has a much more balanced view of Reptilians. I prefer John Lash in that he draws from Joseph Campbell emeritus professor of Lawerence College who I studied for many years.

UN.i1-PHI: these reptilians

are innit for real and play humanity all troughout history and they're the ones manifesting as humans in dis-guys to cover themselves and their excistanse and performing transhumanistic agendas with their malevolant agendas involving their GMO and NANObot technologies in chemtrails and products etc..
and i think these popular conspiratorial ppl are being played and play along themselves into the reptilian agenda to become some kind of leader for 'conspiracy theorists' and they can be labeled as terrorists and take em out when they control the 'opposition parties/groups' of ppl following them and their way of demonstration/protesting by their leading puppets
they(reptilians) dont care so much if you know about them or not anymore, other ignorant ppl will call you crazy anyway, and jesse ventura has done a big job into amplifying this with his conspiracy show for tv when he gets too shocked and emotional whenever he hears reptilians and he put it in such perspective for ppl to think at the end that its all loony toons again and this disguises and covers their real agenda and excistance in plain sight to delude people who're into it already, so they'll be led the wrong way by his tactics of seeming to be soo rational, perhaps a bit too 'rational' in this crazy world anyways...
some ppl also think david icke is playing on the fear factor for the reptilians but i think it goes a bit deeper than just fear, and he's telling and showing a lot of truth btw especially with interviewing credo mutuwa and the ancient african history involving reptilians, they're found all troughout history and when history modernize they're hiding and playing metaphorical games on the scriptures to hide the extraterrestrial precense into something mystical and someway unreal and angelic vs demonic and just beliefs and talks about them, while theyre here operating under-cover fulltime...
i think in earlier days where there was less widespread technology for the public to use, they were more easily to appear in public and they were seen and claimed as gods, and even then they had to dis-guys themselves in various ways to not scare off all the worshipping/work-whipping ppl and reveal their real precense and existance, thats why its forbidden to depict these so/self-called gods and they were depicted in various ways wearing maskers and stuff, but even then if you take a good look at all the 'weird stuff' in the scriptures even the rerere..written ones you'll still notice the weird extraterrestrial anomalities like having blue or green skin and flying around in chariots in fire, their 'heavenly' connections and origins, and their (tryannical) dictatorship over mankind and the (genetic) creations of humans and the other et related purer bloodlined incest oligarchical hierarchies set to rule mankind as kings&queens, prince&princess, president and.. presidentess? i actualy havent seen any female presidents lol is that just me or is it again the fraternal/paternal masculin dominative ideologies polarising and supressing the female aspects in life...

Tim Lovell: yup lets see if Hilary

yup lets see if Hilary clionton gets into office next lol... the reptillians have lost already they have to merge with humanity to evolve now as it was meant to be when all the races were set out for this experiment they just evolved faster than humans and used us as a source to feed fear of which is now ending thanks to the family of light, look all the shows on tv about vampires, `becoming human` etc etc its all them anyway humanity wins this time no more will it be oppressed , nor will the sacred feminine earth and humanity will be healed.

Tim Lovell: remember that meteor that hit

remember that meteor that hit Russia and did the big explosion? and also at the same time the large asteroid that nearly hit earth 17,000 km away that's like NOTHING in stellar tearms a near miss, the reptillians had redirected that to impact the earth miles out in its pre orbit their thinking was if we cant have the humans no one can etc , but thank god for the friendly good ets like the pliedians etc they knew they had done this and later dropped down to the 3d lvl and altered its course just enough to make it just miss earth , if it wasn't for them that would have hit earth so we do have friends out there and should be thankfull to them :)

UN.i1-PHI: yea and it wasnt a meteor but a nwo ufo killerr satellite

and got knocked out into earths gravity fall when they tried to attack some benevolants allies of the humans but they got a blast-back from the falcon forces and after again before the impact so it wouldnt be as harmfull as it would be without being exploded while still in air, i think you can even see the spacecraft flying faster by it while it shoots it into debree in the vids...

here's the message;

Russian Meteor Blasts out windows,and collapses roofs........

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