The Ego - Truth Control Episode 8

by Quinton on June 1st, 2013

In this episode Quinton and Jessy talk about the ego and the various ways it fits into our lives.

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Starperson: Truth Control Show, #8

In my experience, when we learn to recognize and understand our own ego, only then can we exercise some control over it. When we allow our ego to dominate our thoughts and actions, we become far removed from our spiritual center and there is very little room left for humility.

When we are able to let go of our egos, there is a huge void left behind in our hearts and souls. With positive intentions, that hole can be filled with humility, passion, calmness, surrender, etc. With practice, this exchange will lead to a more well defined and productive spiritual path.

The ego resides in our third chakra, our solar plexus. When we meditate properly, our ego is released and we are free to accept the divine love and light of the universe. This can be overwhelming and emotional, but very positive in our spiritual development. You may experience suppressed and painful aspects of your "self", but this will lead to understanding and eventually acceptance and growth.

If you don't meditate, and would like to try it, I would suggest a guided meditation first. It can be either from and experienced teacher, or even and audio recording. When you have experienced the moment when all things become clearer, you will be able to guide you own meditation.

Anyone who says "I don't have the time or patience for this new age crap", is speaking from their egocentric and superficially driven view of their lives and the world around them. Give it a try. Only good thing happen when you experience divine love, healing light and the vibrations of your higher self.

Very good discussion and show. Thank you both. Jessy, I love your site! Keep at it, please.

Quinton: Thank you for the feedback

Thank you for the feedback Starperson, it is always much appreciated. We should be doing our next episode tomorrow on the topic of forgiveness :) Stay tuned!

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