Duality: Good and Evil - Truth Control Episode 6

In this episode Quinton and Jessy present their views on duality. The following topics are discussed:

+ Good and Bad
+ Words and Labels
+ Animals and Humans
+ Overcoming Evil
+ Love and Reason
+ The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Various quotes from authors such as Manly P. Hall, Mark Booth, Marcus Aurelius and the Bible are discussed as well.

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ntuku: gold

where is all the gold mined going?

ntuku: gold

what is the main perpose of this gold? why such an obssesion with it to a point of creating humans as a slave race to just mine gold,
wat is so special about it.

Tim Lovell: the reason they need it is

the reason they need it is because they live on an artificial planetoid (a cored out planet actually they live on inside and outside) this planet can move like a ship but it is always passing through radiation , so they need gold which they particalise to monatomic properties and which they use in the atomosphere as a buffer or shield against stellar radiation that's all lol but also it has the secondary effect of artificially activating the higher dna strands whicvh over time is actually detrimental...

UN.i1-PHI: that will learn to not to fucks with nature

trying to find shortcuts in life to advance and progress skipping the natural effort and process

UN.i1-PHI: its (healing&superconductive) properties and its use as currency

the element of gold probably is an relatively rare/special element and it has many special properties, including healing properties, but when you chop the gold clusters into monoatomic particles of gold, it 'has different properties' and can work superconductive, wich is one of the main reason its oftenly needed in technology, but et's have also used it to enhance themselves bio-technologically, by properly ingesting these particles wich stack up and align themselves in nerves and neurons and conduct impulses in high speed, also making access to unused parts of the brain

however, how beneficial this may seem and is also propagated, this ingestion of monoatomic elemets of gold (also some others like radium) is a very serious thing, and actually isn't that beneficial at all in the long an real term, its going against nature and trying to find a shortcut to advance yourself, but you end up turning yourself to a cyborg dependant of and addicted to gold, unlearning/losing your natural ability of your body doing these functions/tasks/processes on its own and that is where they fall!

it can be used to heal a depleted atmosphere when ionized (monoatomic) gold particles are properly sprayed in it, the Et's/annunaki's we're in this trouble and need for gold because Niburu's depleting atmosphere was threatening its inhabitants, and because they were tired of doing the gold mining work themselves they needed gold diggers, a labour force to do the work for them (and some tought they should be and remains obedient slaves/drones, and others, the creator of them infact, wanted them to be free and advance as he had seen slavery on other planets too an he hated it,so he went against the orders/prescriptions, he(enki) was a real rebel)

however you have to consider that the inhabitants may already needed to take monoatomic gold particles and thus it was okay and 'good' for them (in their situation...) to have these particles in the atmosphere and the air to be inhaled.

also it can be used as a protective shield in the atmosphere against radiation (of stars/suns etc),
but also some controlled planetoids have to go deep in cold space and they'll need to keep themself unfrozen.

there are descriptions of these reptilian et beings (the SHETU / SNAKE-BROTHERS) praised as gods etc claiming they were 'the SHining ones', and an reasonable explenation for that is that they glowed from the superconducting monoatomic gold particles in their body...

its not much surprise for the ancient obsession of gold once you consider the extraterrestrial activity and influence starting humanity as gold diggers and for their own needs and uses, so also not much surprise why gold is used as a real currency (that doesn't loose its value),
only problem i see with gold(or any other element/substance) being used as a means of currency is

that if these beings are so advanced, why can't they just TRANSMUTE something that's abundant into what they need/want...
maybe this costs more energy than worth or something else that would hinder transmutation of elements...

ntuku: gold

so gold is actualy on no use to the humans?

will human race ever be free from slavery?
if yes how?
how is this gold fetched from the earth to there planet?
who is handing this gold to them?
the snake is the garden of eden was it a reptalian humanoid?

UN.i1-PHI: yes

there are spaceships flying all around us even if we can't see them not just because of high velocity, but interdimentional shifting so we won't be able to perceive them if our limited light spectrum, unless you're able to see outside the 'light spectrum'...

its entirely up to us to choose if we will ever be free from slavery cause freedom is not free and have to be protected/defended/fought for as long as others are trying to rob it from us, humanity has to first wake up to their slavery before they know what and how to fight back and defend themselves and their planet, this is already happening ofc but let's not wait for others but lead ourselves into action for the better of all nature on earth

the gold can be shipped physically trough spaceships, but they could probably also use 'instant' space/time travel

gold has been systematically collected/stolen from earth and supposedly kept in secret places but its already off the planet before humans would discover the gold's gone
many gold bars are faked, coated in gold and filled with tungsten, to keep the illusion glowing

aliens are running the show on earth and now its our turn to turn the tables

the snake in the garden of eden was demonized with blasphermy and propaganda making you think he's the cause of all evil because he's the 'devil'
but actually it was the half reptilian prince enki, son of king anu who was a genius in genetic engineering and life and he was banned for his beneficial deeds and tendencies towards the humans he created and gave life/fertility/reproductive ability to, his brother enlil was the jealous angry god now praised in religions as yahweh the one and only god (he's not) and he told the beasts that everything that has to do with enki is evil and sinful, and that you're with sin since your very birth because of your relation to enki, so yes he was partially reptilian and thus called the snake etc, but he was the real father and friend of humanity who cared and loved them and did what had to be done to protect and create their destiny and give them the ability to do so too

ntuku: gold

UN.i1-PHI i think u gave me the best answer

UN.i1-PHI: Gold monoatomic gold Annunaki returns Ufo

Gold monoatomic gold Annunaki returns Ufo
please watch if you're interested, i think you'd like it if you haven't seen it yet

however i must urge again to beware of propaganda(not necessairly in this video but elsewhere) supporting the ingestion of mono-atomic gold as beneficial to us, but you're always better off to doing your best in a natural way;go, drink clean water, breathe fresh air, eat healthy fruits, sleep, meditate and advance natrually

remember we are not our body,our body is a temple and we are temporarly in our body using it as a vehicle for experiencing and operating in this lifetime

PS welcome to TruthControl Ntuku, nice to have you here ; )

ntuku: ufo

i was driving with my friend at nite then there was loud sound of explosion in the sky,there was a bright light ,brighter than the sun,i coused us temporary blindness,then something was falling from the sky at the speed of light there was even a trail on fire where it even passed,this happend in south africa,

i know exactly wat i saw that was a ufo,from that day i was convinced we are not alone in the universe,i was happy wen i discoverd then site coz know i am certain that i am not the only one that thinks the way i do.

UN.i1-PHI: ufo/space ship

thanks for sharing that must have been pretty shocking, how long were you blinded just a few sec or like a minute or so?
its strange there would be a trail on fire, perhaps it crashed or it was attacked or attacking!?
there weren't any reports of this? then you must have been lucky to see it right :P

have you already checked out credo mutuwa, an african zulu shaman who's aiding david icke in interviews sharing what he shares about his experiences and occult knowledge about reptilians / chitahuri's and the whole conspiracy they're playing on earth

in one of his videos he tells how Vaccinations harm psychic abilities and health and how the vaccinated children in the area were not able to see an ufo/spaceship flying by wich everyone else could have seen, and that his mother was smart and loving enough to fake vaccination marks by popping mice on his arms leaving a mark to fool the inspectors

ntuku: reptalian

so this sepent in eden is actual the 1 that gave humans interligancy and technology so that the humans can start creating things like the alian yahweh?

UN.i1-PHI: yes he gave humanity intelligence, freedom, passion and destiny

and his brother enlil wanted to destroy that, he is also known as yahweh, he wanted humanity destroyed because deep inside they fear us and what we're to become, and there were many genetic interbreedings and manipulations between the so called gods/aliens and the ideginous/primate species, there were also demi gods who we're free to do what they could upon the lands of earth and the situation wasnt controllable anymore, so they allowed/designed the flood to wipe out humanity and all the other transgenetic beings, but en.ki couldn't allow that so he had to save em and he was punished and demonized for this too, but he's the real hero who stood up for humanity everytime they were to be doomed

please check out older threads about this, especially those of annunaki77 and edisonik i find extraordinary and intruiging, sometimes i make a list of articles so they can be found/connected more easily/quickly...
i made a list there if you want to check it out, i would recommend starting with these two threads ;

i hope you enjoy to read about our actual alien ancient ancestry ^ ^

UN.i1-PHI: ehm humans did not create yahweh/enlil, he wanted to destroy us

i did not meant that but yes we are creators(of our own destiny etc)

i meant that enlil did not want them to be free and create their own destiny and enki did and he created us in his likeness/image,giving special abilities, we are divine&royal KODS/CREATORS of our own, this is why humanity is continuously suppressed and attacked by these alien parasites trying to take full control and destroy the divine within us, in these alien systems of corrupt oligarchical&hierarchical tyranny,anything to do with freedom is considered evil and anti-system/criminal
enki was a rebel a renegade who created humanity with the divine potential for passion destiny and freedom wich these alien elites feared and hated the most, thus the ultimate 'vengance' against this slavery and cruelty lives trough humanity because of enki and the lovely being he was, this is what these nastyass aliens here fear the most, a rebellion from a wide and wake population of humans unlocking their superpowers, enki's creations the ADAMU will fight back and prosper heavenly and go inter-stellar when we're ready and have solved the problems on our own planet
we also have genetically inherited the exopolitical royal right of the house of anu to claim and rule this earth! asa free species of humans in peace without corrupt control&treachery by these parasitic invaders/infiltrators!!!

UN.i1-PHI: reptilian

enki was a benevolant being with reptilian genes, however there are groups/systems/empires of reptilian species who ('as a whole') are conquoring and enslaving other beings and worlds for their own feasting, they've became "naturally" hositle to humans after they took a request for background information on them from some human species in lyra they encountered, as a denial, so they began attacking, taking over and eating humans species since very ancient times they've been the predator of humans and many other species aswell, they feast/eat on humans phisically but they also drain us energetically, 'charging' themselves and cloaking interdimentionally so we not see them, and manipulate our toughts & dreams if we're not aware and strong, in a negative and vulnerable state, this is why every past culture has stories with reptilian parasitic aspects to it because of the activities and prescense of these vampiristic/draconian beings, and their situation&relation to the humans species itself

there are many groups of species fighting amoung eachother for power & control, yet many of them are ruled by/serving 'higher-ups' themselves, and these elites we see on tv or not are just hybrids to be possessed and used as a medium in human disguise to take over the world and infiltrate more dimentions

so its up to every individual as a being regardless of its species to decide if it will
rebel and live free with life
serve and die enslaving with death

it is mutual construction, or destruction!

ntuku: credo

yes i did c the vid of credo and david.

the trail of fire i saw was fire burning in the air where the ufo has passed,this blindness lasted for 30 to 40 seconds,lol i even thot the world was ending,supricenly is not me and my friend alone that saw this every 1 that was outdoor withing 500km radious saw this.then the questions asked about wat that was were neva answered.

UN.i1-PHI: sometimes the media will cover et activity up as a metorite orso

perhaps you'd like to read about this so called metorite that fell and exploded in russia, wich was actually not a metorite but one of the NWO/Shetu/ShadowGovernment's Satellite UFO Killer's in space, who dared to attack an fleet of falcon allies of humanity and was busted back to earth where it was burning down with gravity till another ufo passed by and zapped it so it would explode in air to prevent more damage


ntuku: credo

yes i did c the vid of credo and david.

the trail of fire i saw was fire burning in the air where the ufo has passed,this blindness lasted for 30 to 40 seconds,lol i even thot the world was ending,supricenly is not me and my friend alone that saw this every 1 that was outdoor withing 500km radious saw this.then the questions asked about wat that was were neva answered.

ntuku: yes

yes i did c it on the news a week ago about metorite in russian

which i belive its was like the ufo i saw,now i know i am not crazy,wish i could take this ignorance from our human race,i now now we were put on this earth to be salve of the annunaki to mine gold

Dunamis 12: these Creatures

I have learned about these creature but the aspect is i really want to believe if they actually existed i.e the Anunaki ancient giants .. i want to know more about such aspects considering my doubts about this, i want to know more .

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