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Crackdown: === PROMISED VIDEO ===

Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground
It took 2 months for creator to make, 3 weeks for me to translate! Hope you like it

juscila: Doctor. Steven Greer

Many years ago this courageous man gave up his medical profession to alert the world. God bless him! Thanks bb for putting out what looks like fresh info. I've tried to contact him with my predicament, because if I remember he killed or should I say he mostly killed one of those EVIL. GREYS! I feel he may some insight on how to defend and overcome this scourge on this planet! BB5050 you are to thanked also for your support. I could ask for some help because the response that CRACKDOWN is looking for I've tried to send so if you could be an intermediary and assist that would be great. He wanted to know if a video posted on YT is an accurate depiction of a REPTOID but there was some smoke just at the time the police SHAPESHIFTED into REPTOIDS and without having a reliable HUMAN BEING as witness who can say! There should still be what I would say is credible still photograph in Mexico of the severed head of a REPTOID being held by Mexican local. Should be found on YT under humanoid reptile. It's mixed into a collage of depictions. I believe that one of all that I've seen is credible.

UN.i1-PHI: what?! who's hat is that?

i agree, hop along get on board people, that sure looks like one of dem authentic advanced aerodynamic flying... tinfoil-hats!
oh wait it's billy's chrome sombrero...
siriusly... who can still take this seriously...

chrisn86: Just A Dream..

This is the first time I am using this, and I know we all have an opinion or statement to make and I came across a few great ones. I am just looking for some info. This is the first time I am looking these kind of things up. I recently had a dream involving a blue sun and what seemed to be earth but different, it lead me to this forum and of course one other. Before I go any further, I know that dreams are usually composed of things we see and experience throughout the day consciously and unconsciously. I am taking this to account and this is why I cant explain this particular dream.

In the dream.. on that planet, which I though was earth, there were people just like us. They were in some type of conflict. I exchanged some words with a few of them before I passed out, in the dream. I had that very tired feeling, the one you get when you feel you are stuck between a dream and waking up. I remember being taken away from the planet and when I looked up I was in open space I saw a few ships , what we would call UFO´s. One in particular caught my attention, a triangular shaped yellow ship that seemed to be very distant. It opened what seemed to be a worm hole which wasn't normal. The wormhole seemed more like a kaleidoscope but without the vibrant colors. it was more like a few black holes trying to merge into one. The ship disappeared through the wormhole. after that I passed an amazing Blue Sun (which is why I decided to look up Sirius on Google Sky). It was a lighter blue, but it looked exactly like our sun.

I then passed out again and woke up in front of a door that closed. The stone was huge but the door was small. I also looked that up and what I found surprised me. I found a door called the door Amaru Muru in Puno, Peru.. which is funny because when I asked where I was, someone told me Puno. I didnt know it even existed. I of course woke up, and had to look everything up. The dream was way to vivid and I still remember most of the details. Its a little off topic, but if you guys find more info about why this is blocked, that would be awesome.

And yea, they did a terrible job., it looks as if someone just put it in MS Paint and paintbrushed it. You would think they would have a good graphic designer, hat just goes to show you.. that they probably do want us to know something is up.. just in moderation.

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