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While on the subject of the dot, the line, and the circle, there is one very simple application of the principle which we insert in order to emphasize the analogies existing through the entire structure of human thought. Take a simple problem in grammar. The noun, which is the subject of the sentence, is analogous to the dot; the verb, which is the action of the subject, is analogous to the line; and the object, which is the thing acted upon, is analogous to the circle. These analogies may also be traced through music and color and through the progression of chemical elements. Always the trinity of the dot, the line, and the circle has some correspondent, for it is the basis upon which the entire structure of existence and function--both universal and individual--has been raised. Consider this fundamental symbolism, philosophize upon it, dream about it, for an understanding of these symbols is the beginning of wisdom. There is no problem whether involved with the simple mechanism of an earthworm or the inconceivably complex mechanism of a universe that has not been constructed upon the triangular foundation of the dot, the line, and the circle. These are the proper symbols of the creative, preservative, and disintegrative agencies which manifest the incomprehensible Absolute before temporary creation.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

The first trinity (the upper circle) consists of God the Father and the nature of his triple profundity; the second trinity (the middle circle), God the Son in his triple sphere of intellection; the third trinity (the lower circle), God the Holy Spirit, the Formator with his formative triad which is the foundation of the world. God the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Christian triad, is synonymous with Jehovah, the racial god of the Jews; Shiva, the destroyer-creator of the Hindus; and Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

Spirit is the positive manifestation of SPACE; Matter is the negative manifestation of SPACE. Spirit and Matter exist together in SPACE. SPACE, Spirit and Matter are the first Trinity, with SPACE the Father, Spirit the Son, and Matter the Holy Ghost.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

Father, mother, and child constitute the natural trinity. The Mysteries glorified the home as the supreme institution consisting of this trinity functioning as a unit. Pythagoras likened the universe to the family, declaring that as the supreme fire of the universe was in the midst of its heavenly bodies, so, by analogy, the supreme fire of the world was upon its hearthstones. The Pythagorean and other schools of philosophy conceived the one divine nature of God to manifest itself in the threefold aspect of Father, Mother, and Child. These three constituted the Divine Family, whose dwelling place is creation and whose natural and peculiar symbol is the 47th problem of Euclid. God the Father is spirit, God the Mother is matter, and God the Child--the product of the two--represents the sum of living things born out of and constituting Nature. The seed of spirit is sown in the womb of matter, and by an immaculate (pure) conception the progeny is brought into being. Is not this the true mystery of the Madonna holding the Holy Babe in her arms? Who dares to say that such symbolism is improper? The mystery of life is the supreme mystery, revealed in all of its divine dignity and glorified as Nature's per feet achievement by the initiated sages and seers of all ages.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

Even during the course of a single day the sun possessed three important aspects. It was young at the Eastern horizon, full grown at midday, and old and wise at sunset. These facets of a single entity were incorporated into the story of the Sun King who represented the powers of the sun upon the Earth. [...] The priests worshipped the solar facets and took to personifying them as separate gods or deities although they never forgot that it was one being, and one concept, that was ultimately being revered. [...] As modern Christians accept a tripartite division of godhead (God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) so did the ancients understand that there were many facets to the king of light. As the sun has three aspects (rising, midday, and setting) so did the Sun King also have three faces. The Hindu Trinity (Trimurti), as well as the Christian one, are remnants of this Astro-Theological principle. The twelve aspects of the heavenly sun were rescripted into the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve sons of Jacob, the twelve judges, and the twelve disciples or followers of Jesus, the physical son of god.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 1</cite>

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