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UN.i1-PHI: Dutch officials in uniform of Israeli occupation army: is that a

Dutch officials in uniform of Israeli occupation army: is that allowed?

There was much ado about the last week of Justice official who was suspended because of a controversial tweet she sent about Zionists. Yasmina Haifi specializing in diversity policies, was seconded as project leader at the National Cyber ​​Security Center. Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice said to be the content of the tweet. Shocked Haifi wrote Tuesday that the radical Islamic terrorist movement IS 'a preconceived plan of Zionists' who deliberately want to make Islam. Black

Officials of Justice may not post tweets about Zionists, but the government has apparently not mind if they worked for the Israeli occupation army. What does a board member of the Christian Union Miramichi example, in a uniform of the Israeli army? Two years ago, reported newspaper De Pers that Kees van Pelt annually takes three months free to hoist. in the olive green uniform of the Israeli army

Kees and Ineke van Pelt posing in army uniform

In a video on YouTube he and his wife Ineke pose proudly in uniform. Furthermore, it is shown how Ineke equipment sorts Israeli soldiers at the military base Bat Zap at Ramla. What does an employee of the Ministry of Security and Justice in a uniform of the Israeli army? An army of a country that is increasingly international is under fire because of the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories, violence against Palestinian civilians and colonization and de facto annexation of Palestinian land.

Van Pelt carries his volunteer work in the army not contribute to the continuation of the Israeli occupation? He himself sees no problem in the combination of his work for the Ministry of Security and Justice and the Council of Miramichi.

"I am a citizen councilor and never make the village politics with files over Israel," Van Pelt said. "Nowhere is forbidden us to help the Jews, on the contrary, God has promised never to" fall "His people. Then we can surely do that? "

Van Pelt signed up as a volunteer for the Dutch branch of the international organization Sar-El , the abbreviation for Sheirut Le'Yisrael what "service to Israel" means.

The Jewish president of Sar-El Netherlands, Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau Max Arpels Reader says on the website that the volunteers *don't* get a rifle in hands *nor* do they become a soldier, but they can help in the fight against the Palestinians. [* edit alert: google originally mistranslated it]

‘Israëlganger’ Marjolein Hak (Patrick Guitjens)

In 2006, the year of the last Israeli-Lebanon war, 55 Dutch left for Sar-El in Israel, including CDA alderman Werkendam Marjolein Hak. The devout Christian volunteers are unconditionally pro-Israel. When Israeli violence against Palestinians every case, these "preventive action" against "Arab terrorists."

Jam at Defence

Pro-Gaza Demonstrators plan Tuesday to raise a blockade at the Ministry of Defence in The Hague. On a Facebook page demonstrators argue that the Department, as well as Dutch companies, working closely with the Israeli occupation army. "We can no longer accept the Dutch complicity in war crimes," they write in a note.

The massacre that Israel has done in Gaza would not have been possible without the political, economic and military support from the Netherlands and other states, set the demonstrators. "By maintaining close military ties with Israel Netherlands supports a violent occupation army that is constantly guilty of war crimes."

The demonstrators refer here to the visit of Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (VVD) in May brought to Israel as her ministry described it, highlight it. Good relations with Israel in the field of defense

With the blockade, the protesters want the "criminal activities that are essential for the Israeli occupation of Palestine" from the Ministry of Defence stop as long as possible. Also, the protesters plan to require Netherlands all military ties with Israel freezes instantly, the Dutch ambassador to Israel will be recalled that the Netherlands and pressure on Israel to ensure the immediate and unconditional lifting of the blockade of Gaza. "

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UN.i1-PHI: Isis trained by the USA military on a secret base in Jordan

i've posted this before but i think it's important to have this mentioned here too with reference:
"Fox News is more dangerous than ISIS"

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