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Robert Kiyosaki / <cite>Rich Dad&#039;s Conspiracy of The Rich</cite>
Robert Kiyosaki / <cite>Rich Dad&#039;s Conspiracy of The Rich</cite>

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UN.i1-PHI: re-emphasizing my critical and sceptical concerns about E.I.L.D.
Electronically Induced Lucid Dreaming Devices like this dream mask
i dont want to shatter the fun/ur dreams on the seemingly awesome flashy lucid dream mask as if i would want to spoil the fun out of it or something but i immediately felt there was something up to this, and after seeing a few more comments on this and noticing how easily it can fascinate people into buying into this, i realized thats the catch to it, i mean most people will like to be able to dream lucid and technology has an quick appeal to people because it can be used as a helping (mechanical) 'hand' and as a shortcut to many things, but the mechanical intervention in the process or/& progress has its own different influence to it wich mostly lead to different results than expected/required/demanded as in the 'natural' way wich mostly is involving one's own pure effort in acheiving and excersizing/training to acheive an goal...and experience and history has taught that shortcuts often lead to nasty 'shortcuts'/errors in many ways and things and dont turn up the way it would be intended by the one using them...

this what i said above was more about that in general and now i'd like to share some other concerns about the electronic dream mask than i mentioned before (like the forced electricity itself is unharmonious/disturbing etc) and this also applies to the noise coming out of your speakers and from uploaded videos and from the musical note/scale system itself, and i wouldnt trust the visual emissions neither, and the visual hypnotic vids seeming to help these thing also NOT...
but here's a simple one, imagine the mask getting a shortcut while your sleeping with it on your head...or turning over on your belly in bed and crushing it, or it crushing your eye someway ;S
now this may seem quite unlikely to happen that easily but thats not the point what i'm concerned about cause such incidents/errors/mistakes could happen to anything you use..

but i also was immediately sceptical about the (hidden/underLYING)intentions for bringing such items to the people to be used, as it could/Would be easily abused, very probably for MindKontrol techniques for an main example...
so i went to search some and could only find a very few people having suspicions/concerns about this type of item, i also found an interetsing list of 52 ways to have/improve lucid dreams, here's the link:
52 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams
i was somehow relieved to see the lucid dream mask at the 10th position from the BOTTOM;)
as well as the Vitamin B6 supplements, as i hope more ppl dont trust these supplements as easily either as they are aware of the many difficult,unseen&ignored side-effects of consuming such products in such processed 'unnatural' ways and also the nasty intentions&effects behind using them and supplying them on a mass scale to the masses

so i did a lil search on it and as difficult it was to find some critisizm about it, i found something interesting while searching or Dr Stephen LaBerge the creator of NovaDreamer, an popular/industrious/'scientific' lucid dream mask... it was not especially dedicated to/about him but it mentioned him and the product and connected it mindcontrol with flashy lights and more,so i'll cite a piece out of here and you can read the rest if interested;
FROM: The Story of Obama: All in the Company (Part V)

A formerly Secret NOFORN [not releasable to foreign nationals] proposal for the CIA, dated December 31, 1992, and prepared for the CIA by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) describes in great detail the agency's behavioral science programs, which included anomalous cognition (AC) and anomalous perturbation (AP).

AC is defined as "the awareness of information that is considered otherwise shielded from all known sensory channels" and AP is "the perturbation of physical matter under conditions of complete physical and sensorial isolation."

The document states that research into both field began in 1973 with the CIA engaged in such research and was followed by U.S. military service and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) research with SRI through fiscal year 1990.

The document also states "beginning in 1986, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) [Fort Detrick, Maryland] initiated the first coordinated long-term examination of AC and AP phenomenon."

SAIC proposed to conduct various research projects for the CIA are similar to some of the "enhanced interrogation" techniques used on detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, and other CIA "black sites" in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

The experiments, conducted by SRI since 1974, included exposing individuals to flashing light or no light to discover how their central nervous systems reacted to the visual stimuli. Experiment subjects were fitted with EEGs (electroencephalogram) monitors to measure their reaction to the flashing light stimuli. Part of the SAIC proposal remains redacted.

A sub-contractor to SAIC was the Lucidity Institute of Napa, California, founded in 1987 by Dr. Stephen LaBerge for the conduct of "research on lucid dreams and to help people learn to use them to enhance their lives. Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that one is dreaming and allows people to consciously guide the direction of their dreams."

Ironically, one of this summer's blockbuster movies, "Inception," dealt with the subject of invading people's dreams to steal secrets. Leonardo DeCaprio plays a secretive agent named Dorn Cobb who is an "extractor" agent operating in the para-psychological dream invasion program. What may be fiction in Hollywood was far from it in the CIA research with SAIC, SRI, and the Lucidity Institute.

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