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Terran resistance: Some more answers

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Question 1

Me: Are women treated as greater, less than or equal to men?

Pleiadians: We recognise that there is a duality in the universe up until seventh density. Having said that men and women can never technically be equal because each other them provide something in society for example societies which are made up of just females or just males suffer greatly in terms of technology and spiritual growth hence why its best to stick the laws of physics and acknowledge that both genders play a vital role in society. Women and men are treated equally up until a certain point.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct and we agree hat men and women can never be truly equal though we do realise that surface Terrans try to make men and women equal and prefer to believe that both sexes are equal but we believe that this is foolhardy because we live in a duality so of course there are going to be things in the court of law which apply only to women and not men and vice versa for example rape as a simple example men have to have erection and need to be excited before they can have sex so are women capable of doing rape? This has always been a philosophical question and one which we would like to share with you and always has been under discussion in the Dog star system because its very controversial because the man might not have the choice but to force an erection in order for women to commit rape. But this is just an example in the court of law where women MIGHT be treated differently to men, different star systems have different perspectives of this.

Gemini: Where we come from women have a higher stature in society then men because we believe that women bring about the most social change and some have speculated that this is one of many reasons why we are ahead of many human races technologically and spiritually. Its not about whats fair between men and women, we believe that technological innovation and spiritual growth outweighs the need for constant rules which demand that men and women be the same.

Question 2

Me: Do you choose the bodies you incarnate into?

Pleiadians: With the current laws of physics souls choose what body they reincarnate into but also the parents manifest what child they want. The laws of physics make it so that both parties are satisfied when reincarnation occurs. When souls travel the whole universe most souls like to stay relatively close to where they last reincarnated, this is because when they are looking for bodies to reincarnate into the parents are manifesting what kind of child they want in their life this means that the souls of the dead when travelling the universe are more likely to choose bodies closer to where they first died because you realise on a spiritual level as a soul that by choosing closer to home you are more likely to get spiritual growth because of similar surrounding. Rather than jumping into a civilization half way across the universe into a society which they know nothing about and trying to adjust themselves to it. The bottom line is souls are very picky on where they reincarnate to next because when you are a soul out in the in the universe you have a different perspective than when you are in a physicality.

Sirians: Souls have a very special way of travelling the whole universe that many many civilisations have been trying to replicate to use in their spacecraft without much success though as we have said before we believe that there are races out there that are so far in advance than our galaxy is that they can come and go anywhere in the universe without being detected and many spacecraft captains and crews have sworn that they have seen such being and there are many rumours.

Gemini: Some bodies are designed in a certain way that about 13 to 20% of the phenotype or physical appearance matches what they believe they look like which from triple stranded people would mostly be from their past lives which would effect to a certain extent what people look like.

Question 3:

Me: Do you know who St Germain was?

Pleiadians: Saint Germain is none other than Apollonius of Tyana and that it is why in the bible it says that Jesus is immortal and will stay on earth he is roughly 3000 years old, the story of Hermes Trismegistus in freemasonry is none other than this person. Germany was named after him, he currently still lives and was a part of the Sirians previous plans on bringing out the second coming of Jesus. He is currently in America at the moment. This person works with the Sirian conglomerate and all the royalty of Europe is related to him, he is twelve stranded like most extraterrestrials are.

2 Timothy 1:10
“...but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel”.

Sirians: Our basis for the second coming of Jesus was to bring peace and prosperity to earth and was never meant to be something malevolent. Lots of stories about immortality in films is about the immortality of Saint Germain. An example would be Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor who who is a play off of saint Germain in fact the person that plays him is actually Saint Germain but we are leaving it at that. We cannot say no more.

Gemini: What the Sirians said will be the hardest to swallow the reason he isnt red skinned is because he as had cosmetic surgery to help him fit in. He used to be the head of state of the Roman empire after the full of Julius Caesar and also used to be the head of the state of France. Augustus of Prima Porta is seen pointing in statues because pointing is a hand gesture done by triple stranded people and aliens when their souls originally came from the Dog star which was later adapted by Freemasons as gods of the sun.

Question 4

Me: Do you have any violence where you live?

Pleiadians: Neanderthals cannot drink alcohol however this leads to lots of Hyadeans that can drink doing lynchings on people in Kalnagor in the hollow earth (Hollow earth city which doesnt float) who are of Neanderthal descent. Neanderthals and Hyadeans do not get on very well. We rarely have much violence on sky cities but when something does happen it usually children messing around to get attention. Part from that there is no crimes committed in general.

Sirians:As we have said before there have been conflicts between people of Reptilian origin and human origin but generally the only crimes that are committed are from new comers which is why there is some controversy especially after we discovered many spies in out network of government that less foreigners be let in.

Gemini: We have a zero tolerance to people who commit crimes and they are taken off world and left to their own demise.

Question 5

Me: What are your governments like?

Pleiadians: Most of our sky cities are run by an advanced AI which sets the rules and regulations and determines whether or not a person can be integrated into our society. Which you saw for yourself, the machine said that is likes your guts and would integrate you into society if it could.

Sirians: You still wont remember much about about your trip to the hollow earth with the Pleiadians because you were hypnotised. Our government is run by a demarchy selected from a group of people above a certain age group to insure that they have more experience and they have IQ tests and from the group, a government is selected, people that implement the laws are democratically elected using proportional representation.

Gemini: We dont have a government, anything that needs sorting is handled by group of elders which are also randomly selected from the population and is known as the council of human rights. This council is administrative.

Terran resistance: More questions?

Can I have more questions please? :)

Terran resistance: What is the purpose of life? Why are we as humans here on Earth?

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Questions via the website

Question 1

Me: What is the purpose of life? Why are we as humans here on Earth?

Pleiadians: No one knows for certain what is the purpose of life but the fact that we are given objectives after we die and our souls go near the Van Allen Belt seems to suggest that there is purpose for it all. Otherwise there wouldnt be any objectives. We judge ourselves on our accomplishments in life and our failures while we are near the Van Allen belt and dead. We can stay in the Van Allen belt upwards to three months then we reincarnate. The length of time we spend near the Van Allen belt depends how big the population is on earth and a variety of reason such as what children their parents want and also if there is a body worth reincarnating into. You can see your whole life ahead of you while in the Van Allen belt however because of the nature of time, the time line keeps changing so you only get a rough idea of what you're getting into when you reincarnate. Some souls even go as far as reincarnating in Africa to know the true meaning of suffering which is the second biggest Van Allen belt objective next to the objective that we shouldnt withhold love which is the biggest objective that people have on this planet because so many people withhold love. Because double stranded people cannot remember their objectives this life time they end up failing them 99% of the time and keep redoing it again and again. The Objectives are set by the earth itself which is sentient to a certain degree but not like how people think it is. Races like the Draconians ignore their Van Allen belt objectives all together and even have ways of stopping these objectives being set which we believe this is because of the elite; they dont want their populace to change directive in their lives, we believe this is because of social conditioning.

Sirians: There must be a purpose in life like the Pleiadians said because we dont believe we would have objectives set by planets either otherwise, it seems to convenient. The reason planets set objectives however is because the beliefs of the people on the surface can effect the vibration of the earth hence why planets set objectives that will increase the vibration to a more harmonious resonance so that the planet existence is not under threat by the people living on its surface. Because planets dont have souls like we do its in their best interest that they dont have beings living on the surface that want to destroy it. They cannot reincarnate hence why there is always more souls of planets and stars coming out of white holes in the universe. Once a planets soul if you want to call it that becomes an electron sun in the center of a planet its kept alive by the sun outside of it. Because stars are always nearing death, extraterrestrial races keep them going by adding stuff to their suns so that they dont die out, we believe planets are aware of this hence why souls of planets try going into the goldilocks zone of solar systems for this very reason. To increase the likeliness of colonization and increase their chance of survival. But a lot of souls of planets are not as aware as other souls of planets that go into goldilocks zones around star systems. Theres different levels of intelligence of souls for planets and suns in other words.

Gemini: We believe that all our souls were once a part of god and god split 'her' self up so that there would be the creation of souls, for what purpose is up for debate. But we believe that we are the eyes and hears of god and we are a manifestation of god trying to explore its surroundings. We believe that there will one day be a density in which souls are allowed to return back to god we believe this to be the 24th density according to our laws of physics that this density will allow us to return to god. Not many civilizations share the same beliefs as we do thats for sure. Humans are on earth because of your own free will to a certain extent however you could argue that most souls on earth are on earth are here against their own free will because souls cannot leave the solar system on a soul level because of the 19.5 degrees devices on all the planets and some of the moons in the solar system which stops souls coming in and out and also people cannot leave on a physical level because you dont have spacecraft however it wont be like this forever, you can trust us on this, the age of innocence will end and there will be a mass exodus of souls from earth. You however will go to the other 22 planets like this one to help out. The Andromedan council is helping with 19 of these planets in order to help them evolve. They are for the most part on the same sort of situation as earth is in.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Questions via the website

Question 1

Me: Are you spiritual beings, and if so, please explain your beliefs?

Pleiadians: We like to believe we are spiritual, we believe in the big bang caused by two universes hitting each other one we believe was fluidic in nature, instead of a vacuum of space it had fluid and this hit another universe like our own which created this universe so the big bang theory is essentially correct, we believe that by meditating very much like the stereotypical meditation way on earth and we believe by doing so we can learn internal truths because the brain is designed in such a way that you can pull truths from the back of the mind. We believe that there isnt a god for the most part but some of us are theists which make up about 26% of us.

Sirians: We believe in the big bang as explained by the Pleiadians. But most of us believe in a god called the Isness which we believe the dimensions that come out of black holes are parts of god. Because of the nature of dimensions coming out of black hole when you travel from one galaxy to another the fourth dimension which is time can curve which means that when you are moving from one galaxy to the next its hard to determine what time period you would end up unless you use machinery to work it out because time can pass faster or slower depending on different galaxies. The dimensions come out of black holes in the center of galaxies. Depending what angle or approach you take into another galaxy can determine what time period you end up in. The Andromedan galaxy for example, time moves a lot slower than our galaxy when standing at the epicentre of the black hole in both galaxies as a comparison.

Gemini: We too believe in the Isness and believe that we manifested god, because people in the universe believe in a god, that increases the likeliness that there is a god because thought can create reality and because there is so many people across the whole universe that believe there is a god we believe that she does exist. We say she because that is what we believe that is the gender of the god being manifested across the whole universe. Because of there being more densities with duality and the fact that we believe that more women believe in god throughout the universe we predict that god is actually a goddess. We believe that more women believe in god because they give birth so their belief in creation is stronger, I hope that makes sense.

Question 2

Me: Will we colonize other star systems and when will this start happening.

Pleiadians: This we predict will happen in 1011 years from today a of 26 September 2015 however the time line keeps changing so it could be as early as 965 years into the future. The Andromedan council has said that basically humans on earth cannot go out into the universe for 657 years. This number however is static and their reasoning behind this was because of spiritual and technological growth based on other planets like this one which are stuck in the mud as well.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct that 657 years from 26 September 2015 is a static number which will not change; time travel will have no say in this number and will remain static unless the Andromedan council votes otherwise. The Wingmakers, the government from the future have no say in this which they find offensive because they feel like they are being belittled when they should be in charge. There is already mining expeditions by the program manned by triple stranded people mostly in the asteroid belt because they want enough resources to bring about the gold and silver standard. Whether or not this will happen will also depend on whether or not there is an economic collapse of America or not, if there isnt the gold and silver standard will be introduced. The Venusians and other Pleiadians from Ganymede use the asteroid belt for mining operations as well. The Maldekians inside of the moon find this offensive because the asteroid belt is basically a giant grave yard to them because of the civil war which destroyed Maldek, 2 million years ago, which the people inside the moon originally came from. The Maldekians used time travel to move the moon which is an old Orion troop carrier into the future. Troop carriers are designed so they can time travel however the moon has turned into a permanent place to inhabit for the Maldekians.

Gemini: Mining operations are allowed but colonising will not be allowed for while, attempts have been made by the Program which is Hyadean hollow earth controlled to create other worlds which they would inhabit so they could build up their numbers and come back to retake the earth from the Andromedans and from the Wingmakers and other civilizations involved with earth as a part of the Andromedan council which have all failed. They came from two worlds on the edge of the galaxy, nice and remote so no one would know what they were up to then they tried using time travel in order to take back the earth; These were Hyadeans and a few Pleiadians from the hollow earth as well. This tactic is always used in warfare as means to escape just in case and as means to take back a planet if it were ever attacked. However there are so many factions on earth trying to help out that it was impossible for them to take the earth.

Terran resistance: Your questions

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 1

Me: Gemini said there are other 22 planets like this one, where are these other planets ?

Pleiadians: Two of these planets exist near Canis Major around smaller star systems around Omicron 2, whats so special about these two worlds is that even though they dont believe that extraterrestrials exist these two worlds are however aware of one another and have known for 156 years, so there have been many communications and dialogues which have opened up because of these two planets, they both exist in two solar systems which sit right beside each other. They are all double stranded beings and human but cant remember things such as past lives. They were originally used as slaves for mining by the Sirian conglomerate as you call them. One of the planets is made up of red skinned beings and some population of black skinned people while the other planet is made up of red skinned people mainly. Because of their blatant appearance being similar they have realised they have a common origin and still have not discovered about the extraterrestrial reasons yet but many people on these two worlds have realised that this is the only logical reason. At the minute there are twelve stranded beings from Sirius A and nearby stars that are visiting them and intervening to stop nation on nation warfare on these worlds, they blend in so seamlessly because they are human and red skinned like the beings on these two worlds. In the future they will not have triple stranded people like they do on earth because the DNA in triple stranders on earth has DNA from higher densities within the genetic code which allows you to physically move to any density between 2 and 12. The genetics of the people on these two worlds however require that they all be upgraded to 12 stranded beings, so at the minute the Sirians are trying to infiltrate by putting 12 stranded beings in the hierarchies of the governments on these two planets to help guide them down a benevolent path. There will be tensions in the future because twelve stranded beings will be made but they cannot mate with double stranded beings because the offspring will be double stranded again, so we predict there will be a transitional period that will be speeded up with technology and the sun to create extra DNA strands, this will be very confusing time because people will evolve to triple stranded beings they will only be allowed to mate with each other, then fourth stranded people will be born from them and they will only be allowed to mate with each other, so this transitional period will take up to 10,000 years before everyone is to be upgraded to 12 stranded beings assuming that there is no mating between people with a higher amount of strands with people with lower amount of strands. I hope that makes sense. Also I must add someone on will also be one of the people that visits one of these 22 planets like earth to help out. We cannot say who.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct. The other worlds like most of them sit on the rim of the galaxy facing the Andromedan galaxy. Theres one in Perseus which is ahead of all the 22 planets including earth in terms of technological growth. At the moment 70% of their population on their planet is triple stranded and double stranded people are beginning to realise of their existence so it wont be another 9 or ten years before they have alien disclosure, Which will be done by us and the Andromedan council. This world also has ape DNA within their DNA which means they have the extreme of emotion like earth Terrans do. They are Reptilian in appearance.

Gemini: None of these planets are as diverse as the surface of Terra 3 I.e Earth. This is because of time travel and the fact that earths solar system is right beside a galactic trade route hence why there is such a variety of etnic groups. One of these worlds exists in Capricorn hence why that word keeps coming into your head. They are human looking but far from it, they have different organs. Another is in Draconis which is out of our reach to help them or for any human faction to help them. They are not human however but we do fear that some of other extraterrestrial factions nearby might take advantage of them. The others would be too hard to explain using your star designations.

Question 2

Me: What are these 19.5 degrees devices Gemini speaks of ?

Pleiadians: These devices are placed strategically on planets and some moons and because of the laws of physics they stop souls around these planets or moons from souls from leaving near the Van Allen Belt to go elsewhere so when we said as group that it creates a sort of forcefield around the solar system this isnt 100% correct some of these forcefields connect to each other because some moons and planets are close to each other for example earth and Mars have a forcefield that overlaps each other but this isnt the case all the time. There is a scientific reason why they are placed at 19.5 but this is to do with physics which Im afraid you wont be able to understand because we can only use the vocabulary in your head. These devices are only placed around moons and planets that have a Van Allen belt which allows souls to go to after they die and go through after they go through the tunnel of light. The souls would usually have the opportunity to move out of the Van Allen belt however because of these devices they cannot. We only place these devices on planets and moons which have no life as a precaution however the one placed around Jupiter has been done for political reasons. The Orion group have been able to push back Andromedan forces past Jupiter and they have placed a device there in case more souls come out of it which we believe are Paa Taal which are souls that created sixth density all the way down to second density, The Gemini however like some other extraterrestrial factions are sceptical that the souls coming out of Jupiter are souls of that of Paa Taal who in ancient Draconian legends fought each other before souls came into the universe, like we said before for 3 billion years there were beings in the universe that were being kept alive by auras before souls came into the universe and attached themselves to the spines or other places of these beings allowing these beings to reincarnate which we have explained before in past discussions. What they were doing for three billion years is up for debate but we reckon that there was a war between the Draconians that came into the universe and that of the Paa Taal. Andromedan council forces are fighting the Orion group and are fighting a losing battle at the moment, if they beat the Andromedan council forces, earth will again fall to the Orion group. The situation is dire. If you are interested there is plenty of evidence of these devices such as the one found on Jupiter if you do an internet search.

Sirians: The Gemini are joining the fray against the Orion group and they are more technologically advanced than any other human race including lots of factions on the Andromedan council, we foresee that we will eventually push the Orion group away from Jupiter. What will happen if more souls come through Jupiter we cannot predict neither with time travel or with super computers. If more souls were to come this could change the dynamics of earth quite considerably.

Gemini: The souls that come through Jupiter are coming from a higher density but we personally do not believe these are the souls of Paa Taal. In certain places if you were to die in outer space away from these devices and their fore fields you would be able to go nearly anywhere you like in the universe as a soul.

Question 3

Me: Gemini also said "the age of innocence is ending". When is it ending and what will happen next and what is the next age ? I never thought this was an "age of innocence", but I can see aspects or characteristics that I would expect from such an age?
Pleidians: The Age of Innocence comes from the the original name which was the age of ignorance however this we feel was offensive so it was changed to innocence, the name innocence was chosen because of the small life expectancies that earth surface Terrans have in comparison with most extraterrestrial races. Hence why extraterrestrials say that earths surface is a planet of children that are playing with things such as nukes without realising what would become of earth if they were ever to use them. This might be condescending to some but this is what future Terrans have called this part of the time line.

Sirians: The next age is called the awakening, because this is straight after alien disclosure on a governmental level. The age innocence is not your fault because double stranded people do not remember past lives, they dont know, where, why, or how they got here which is out of innocence because they are in an unfair situation, these are the characteristics of such an age. Hence why its called the age of innocence. The age that this will end will be after alien disclosure which could be as early as next century. Because of unforeseen things that could happen to earth the time line keeps changing when alien disclosure will happen.

Gemini: There is no more to add than what has already been said.

Terran resistance: answer

Questions given to me via the website

Me: Can you ask the Pleiadians why did they send away the earth group who went to Erra and started changing their society. The high council decided to send them and all the Pleiadians who accepted the change away, what will happen will they resettle elsewhere or return when the old lifestyle has died out ? the idea was to give the Pleiadians a boost and change as they had stopped changing, how would this be a success if the ones who started changing are sent away ?

Pleiadians: I dont know where you go that piece of information from but it has no basis in fact.

Sirians: No Comment.

Gemini: Theres lots of disinformation out there on the web so be careful.

Terran resistance: My perspective

Me: Tim Lovell?

Pleiadians: We did a bit more research on Tim Lovell who is indeed in contact with Pleiadians. We believe you are getting contact from a being called Elsa from Taygeta in fifth density, however the last question that you asked us made no sense, we do not know where you got this information from. We do not understand why you are saying from Erra either. You will be one of the souls that will venture to one of the planets like this one on behalf of the Pleiadians where your soul comes from. We suggest that you check your sources instead. If you try automatic writing and listened to the voices in your head your ideas will become a lot more clearer and you wouldnt be confused when listening to the voices, good luck and god bless.

Terran resistance: answers

Questions given to me via the website

Sorry for spelling mistakes and more!

Question 1

Me: Im just wondering if there is anything that can be discovered when exploring?

Pleiadians: Anything we say will be found in advance but we do know one place where theres the potential for you to find stuff before anyone else, there is roughly 40,000 artefacts roughly under Nigeria under a clay layer of soil which is quaternary in age caused by a pole shift and just beneath is is ancient artefacts from a previous civilization which were Lyran originally than later became Neanderthal. The idea that Neanderthals were never in Africa is a load of nonsense.

Sirians: Another place would be north west India where there is the remains of certain scrolls which came from the apostle Paul, not the masonic version of the apostle Paul who is the all seeing eye in freemasonry but the real apostle Paul whos name was Hishda and there are elements of Dog star worship which was the religion from east that was brought to the west and the stories in the bible about Isis which was the biggest cult in Rome at the time became one god with Krishna under emperor Constantine creating a state religion. Not Horus and Krishna. Isis and Krishna became one solar deity which we know today as Jesus Christ, this was before all the extraterrestrial manipulation of the bible which has now been stopped. These scrolls show evidence about the Hindu god Krishna which has similar fables in it as the Bible does.

Gemini: We know of one place in southern Spain where there are Homo Erectus along with mining gear because the Hebrew aliens used Homo Erectus as a miners for gold which is now been gone for a long time. In Villanueva De Cordoba in Spain 19.65 miles west from the middle of the city outwards you will find these artefacts. But you will only have 2.6 days before they are dug up. In North west india 6.5 miles north of Sardarshahar you will find these scrolls in a cave you have 10 an half days before they are found. The artefacts in Nigeria are scattered all over the place the further west you push the more likely you are to find some metallic evidence of a past civilization. This is your best bet. The best way to find artefacts are to use manifestation because thought creates reality or increases the likeliness of something happening so when your looking for artefacts its best to say I intend, intend being the command word, then you say I intend to find an artefact manifest, manifest is the second key word. I hope this helps.

Question 2

Me: Im wondering if there is anything they know about The Dead Sea Scrolls and about the treasures that are buried?

Pleiadians: There are still scrolls to found but we are not allowed to divulge their locations because certain things are going to come out which will undo some of the churches ideas about their religion.

Sirians: We cannot say anything, they will be found by professionals.

Gemini: No comment.

Question 3

Me: Do you know anything of the Alexandria library and what had been stored there?

Pleiadians: The Library of Alexandria is under the Sphinx as thousands of conspiracy theorists have speculated but its not under the Sphinx that you think it is. There were actually two sphinxes and and the remains of the library are under it. The reason they were placed there is done by time travellers who saved all the documents from the library and hid them under the Sphinx. This was done by the Wingmakers; the government from the future. A lot of what was in the the library of Alexandria was mostly poetry from different parts of the world, many of them have more complete stories of ancients tales told by the ancient Greeks bearing in mind there wasnt exactly a thing as copy right back in those days so there were many variations of the tales and the people that kept the library up to date when rewriting a book they would skip certain sections add and take away so the books took on a life of their own, the most valuable thing that was in the library was the complete book about the Ramayana which was more accurate then the one in modern day Hinduism and Jainism. This text has a lot of information about the Orion group that attacked earth when Neanderthals were around when they wanted to steal the genetics of Neanderthal man particularly women because they had a good gene pool which the Orion group wanted. DNA cannot be made out from no where before you ask.

Sirians: The reason the second sphinxes location has not been disclosedis because we believe that people in the modern age would wish to destroy it mainly religious fundamentalists which you will see in the future in Egypt.

Gemini: When the time is right the location of the second Sphinx will be disclosed and the documents under it will be found. But only when the Wingmakers; the government from the future see fit.

Question 4

Me: What causes suicides around the world?

Pleiadians: Most suicides are done by triple stranded people because they know there is reincarnation. The life time did not go as planned when they were near the Van Allen belt which is where you go after you die, they can see their whole life in advance however because of the nature of time, and its always changing, things can happen in a life time without people knowledge that way and this can create a lot of pain in their lives. Double stranders however because most of them dont believe in reincarnation are less likely to commit suicide because of their ideas of self preservation.

Sirians: China has a huge population which is why it has the largest number of suicides.

Gemini: No comment.

Terran resistance: Can I have more questions please :)

Can I have more questions please :)

Terran resistance: your welcome

Its okay to be skeptical, if i were in your shoes i would be as well, happing hunting, by the way I would very much like to see what artefacts you have found. Maybe you should make a topic :)

Terran resistance: some answers

Questions sent via the website

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 1

Me: Do alien races possess individuality?

Pleiadians: Yes we do but we also realise the significance of not being an individual as well because we are a product of our environment everything we say, do or think is because of our experience with reality and other individuals though many famous philosophers and even main stream scientists within our culture have used this argument that we do not have individuality and that we do not possess free will hence forth, but its all up for debate.

Sirians: We believe that the more individuality a person has the more spiritually they can advance, we also believe that because of the nature of reincarnation that we try to make the next generation of children smarter than the last and we keep doing this until we reach a point where we cannot progress any further which some of our best and brightest foresee in the future in that case we will need to come up with ideas why this has happened and what can we do next so that as civilizations so we can progress further. We also have reincarnation cycles with the best brightest born one generation and the less brightest born the next which can lead to people thinking they are somewhat better than others but this is a problem within many civilizations across the universe. The greys aliens called the Dows do not possess any individuality at all because they are a hive mind and interface with each other using technology on their contact lenses on their eyes. They normally have cat like eyes, in fact you can tell many abductees if they are telling truth because of this fact. I hope this proves useful.

Gemini: Because of the nature of time travel reality is always changing so the old argument on earth that our path has already been laid out for us therefore there is no free will or individuality is wrong. We believe like the Sirians that individuality plays a big part in the advancement of a person spiritually that doesnt mean to say that they should not have outside experiences, but like we have said before the more you meditate the more you pull truths from the back of your mind; hidden truths. So this is basically an argument that individuality does lead to spiritual growth.

Question 2

Me: Within an alien race; what makes someone and individual?

(The data in this is more accurate than some channellings on my website due to recent changes).

Pleiadians: What makes someone an individual is if they have a soul or not, or if they are a clone with no soul with normal thinking patterns that allows this person to manifest and hence forth have a physical presence on reality, in other words thoughts can become reality and if their thinking is having an impact on the laws of physics they are an individual. If they are synthetic and have between 10 trillion and 7 trillion megabytes of information and are self aware we believe they are an individual.

Sirians: We believe exactly the same what the Pleiadians have said though the Gemini have another take on it. The reason that that its the exact amount of megabytes is not because of what we think but under our law and under Pleiadian law what makes an AI an individual and then they can be charged as a being an individual for their crimes if any or not.

Gemini: We believe the same only that we believe that for an AI to be an individual it needs between 9 trillion and 6 trillion megabytes of information and need to be self aware and to be treated a an individual, the law was changed because of synthetics believed that this was the correct number and biological entities had no say in this matter so when someone is confronted by the council of elders for misdeeds they have done if they are an AI or synthetic with these attributes they can be kicked out of society and left to fend for themselves.

Question 3

Me: What are alien races afraid of?

Pleiadians: During the Lyran wars with the Orion group and the Draconian fighting humanity and the Cassiopeians roughly 120,433 souls of humans and Cassiopeians were placed into containers so that they could not reincarnate so basically these are souls prisons however creation has made it so that ever a soul becomes entrapped it has the ability to undo some of the tabs on its soul that maintains itself in this time line. Basically like what we said before that there are 11 original realities in the whole universe. One reality just as second density while another has second density and third density and so on and so fourth hence why many souls choose to stay in the reality where all the densities are activated and the realities that shoot off from them. 86% of souls come from realities that do not have all the densities activated so they have a tab on their soul which allows them to stay in a reality which has all the densities activated so they have the ability to break this tab and the souls escape and end up back to where they were originally. However there have been cases where souls cannot escape so basically they have to wait in the containers until the solar system jumps to next density and then the soul is free, this can only happen when a solar system passes the galactic plane when there is a new density coming into the universe so when souls cross the plane they are liberated however the flaw is that solar systems can be manipulated so they dont move up a density by crossing the galactic plane hence souls could in theory be trapped forever. This is what scares people the most because the Draconians and Orion group have found a way for souls in their containers to not be able to escape, this is the greatest fear for any soul we believe, trapped forever and ever.

Sirians: The soul being trapped is a huge flaw by the isness or god, you need only look at yourselves a a civilization, your not allowed to leave the planet and your not allowed to leave on a soul level this is in itself is enough to scare us let alone the idea that a soul could be trapped forever. We are doing deals with the Orion group so that souls within soul prisons are released and souls we have in containers are also released and these souls are allowed to go on their way. While the soul is in a soul prison it cannot think for itself so its in vegetative state so its doesnt know its trapped which is a good thing otherwise it would be hell for the soul.

Gemini: We have done raids on the Draconians and on the Orion group in secret so that we could uncover some of these soul prisons because souls that are trapped give off the most powerful frequency that we know of and can be seen for 18 light years, this is where we get our faith that there is a god that we have manifested by believing in her. Theres a flaw which allows for souls in soul prisons to be found so we believe that must be divine intervention, no cloaking device that we know of can cloud where these souls are and from the next 1000 light years around us we can see that there re 10,533 souls in soul prisons and we are attempting to liberate them all at what ever cost because we believe not to do otherwise is going against god, or goddess to be more accurate.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions sent via the website

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Me: Do your ETs know anything about elves and the other races. Also wouldnt any fictional reality book or game or movie depict a real time reality in the multi-verses of infinity like dungeons and dragons, Lord of the rings and the skyrim video game and others exist in the infinity of existence of different multi-verses with in the trillions to infinite universes created by a primary source?

Pleiadians: That is an interesting question, believe it or not I have played Skyrim, no Im not bullsh*tting, Im always trying to understand Terran surface culture, it comes with the job, my degree is actually in the cultural believes of surface Terrans. There is an area of thought like that. What we believe becomes something in another universe but this is believed by few for obvious reasons, but that doesnt mean to say that its wrong. We do not know how many universes there are only that with our current understanding is that they collide with each other to create a big bang it creates another universe. It would not surprise us at all if there was universes created because of what we believe in. The infinite idea of multi-verses could possibly mean there are realities which will inevitability be similar to certain things in certain cultures. The origin of elves actually comes from the hollow earth funny enough, you may have heard of the all seeing eye which is one of the names of god in the Qu'ran which comes from the Hebrew aliens, but there is also an all hearing god in the Qu'ran, this is because the ear is symbolic of the northern and southern polar entrances to the hollow earth and mainly represents the Hyadeans in the hollow earth.


Pleiadians: This is why Elves have funny ears in mythology for example Santa Claus or Santa is actually Satan or Joseph of Arimathea from the bible while the elves represent the hollow earth connection hence where the myth of Santa and his elves come from. The idea of Reindeer flying also comes from the Hyades cluster in the night sky which is V shaped which looks like a set of antlers in the night sky to ancient people. Orcs comes from old English and means foreigner the whole idea of them being green comes from mythology to do with precursor race that lived hundred of thousands of years ago on this planet until the Orion group nearly wiped them out. They are also related to beings on Sirius C which are also green skinned. The Vatican painted the Huns green as well after Attila the Hun almost took most of Europe. Which is also because of an advanced civilisation in the past. Satyrs or beings which are beings that are half goat and half human are also to do with the Hyades cluster because the horns of the Satyrs comes from the Hyades cluster in the night sky which is V shaped and looks like a set of horns. The word Tyr which is where the word Tuseday comes from The word Tyr from Norse mythology was a god with one hand because one hand was bitten off by the wolf Fenrir which represents the Dog star. This is because the hand represents five primary stars in the Hyades cluster in the night sky. Five digits on a hand; five stars. This is one of the reasons why the hand is used a lot in symbolism like the northern Ireland flag and in old cave paintings and elsewhere.

Sirians: Chimeras in mythology are creatures that represent different star systems which have been clued together, sometimes they represent different races working together one example would be the chimera on the Ishtar gate which represents the Hyades cluster and Orion hence why its half lion and half serpent. Another example would be in ancient Egyptian mythology the god Ammit that eats the hearts of people who have done lots wrongs in their life. This god is usually half Hippo and half crocodile though sometimes it can be part lion as well. The crocodile aspect represents Orion while the Hippo aspect represents the Pleiades cluster. The lion aspect if present, represents the constellation of Orion. The story of Dwarves is similar to the story of Cain and Abel from the Bible because in Norse mythology there are two brothers that are related to one another. The story of them being small however has to do with an ancient slave race on the planet that were used to mine gold for the Hebrew aliens. Homo floresiensis is where the story of dwarves comes from. There are remains of these beings in Scandainavia which have not been discovered yet but they inspired some of the Norse mythology.

Gemini: The Hyades cluster has six stars in the night sky and its only because of a joining of realities or time lines that it has six stars now with two very close together in the night sky. Hyadeans come from five of these six stars. The Multi-Verse theory doesnt stand up to scrutiny in our science because we believe that we could be part of a much bigger organism which is what our latest science suggests. And that universes only play a small part in the giant organism, one way of putting it is that we are a grain of sand in a giants pocket. The story of fairies comes from the constellation of Orion. Because of the story of the tooth fairy. In ancient Phoenician the symbol for a tooth was the letter W and this symbol represents the southern constellation of Orion and is where the ancient Omega symbol from the Bible comes from.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions put forward from the website

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Me: Was 9/11 an inside job and if so, who were the groups or individuals responsible for it. And what was their ultimate goal?

Pleiadians: The ultimate goal was for the Bush Nazi faction to take control over key locations in the middle east. For Afghanistan it was to stop a pipe line being made between Iran and China to stunt Chinas growth as a nation. Iraq was in a position of having oil but something that some alternative thinkers have always speculated is that they found an ancient entrance which goes 100km down in to the earth where lots of secret technology was found including weapons of mass effect. This was built by ancient Lyrans as a bunker in case the Draconians and Orion group ever took Lyra and decided to press forward all the way to Sirius where all the refugees were from this conflict. The technology found could have made the world a 1000 years more advanced than currently was from the remains. Why the number is so low is because we foresee that most of the technology would have been useless or incomprehensible for Terrans to understand. The Iraqis had no intention of giving up the technology and the Wingmakers, the government from the future and the Andromedan council could do nothing because its not against the laws of intervention, they found the stuff; finders keepers. This did not go well for the Program and the NSA which decided they needed a pearl harbour event so that they could invade countries in the middle-east.

Sirians: Afghanistan is also has a large resource of lithium which can be used for car batteries, which would have benefited China a lot hence why Afghanistan was plucked from underneath their eyes so that America and her allies would be the go between people. 9/11 was done by the Israelis but was orchestrated by several nations that were in the know that includes France, Germany, South Korea, Israel, the UK, and the USA. 9/11 was a sacrifice to different Masonic gods as well hence all the symbolism such as the significance of the date 9/11 which is to do with the inside of the Pyramids. The world trade center buildings were designed in the shape of Orions belt and much more.

Gemini: 9/11 was done by Israelis but they were allowed to do so by the American government because they had a common goal. Which is odd considering the Bushes were pro Nazi but weirder things have happened on earth. The people behind it were a person called Omar Khalife who arranged all the plane flights and the take overs via on on board AI hich took control of the planes from Saudi Arabia with the help of the Americans. Another person involved was a person called Susanne Mystro who abetted the Israelis in the involvement in the taking down of the world trade center buildings. The Americans knew in advance that if the 9/11 plan would back fire they would blame it on the Israelis which the Program which is Hyadean hollow earth controlled which America is controlled by knew this would happen hence why they had the use of the Israelis to help so they can take the fall when people find out about 9/11. This should be a cause of great concern to most Terrans because they knew that they would be found out about yet they went about it anyway. That goes to show how powerful they are even willing to go against the will of the people and dont care if there is a backlash. They think they are invincible.

Question 2

Me: Also who shot JFK and why?

Pleiadians: The NSA shot John F Kennedy after he found out that the NSA had alien technology from the Greys known as the Dows and the Cuban missile crisis was because the Russians wanted a share of the technology. John F Kennedy only found out after the Cuban missile crisis when the Americans decided that they should share technology with the Russians and thus began a whole string of events such as the Russians, Americans and the British building bases on the dark side of the moon. John F Kennedy was seen as a security threat because of what he knew and even said in one of his final speeches that he was going to reveal state secrets because he believed that the people had a right to know so the NSA killed him. There is real footage on the internet that shows a sniper missing the shot at Kennedy and then the driver turns around and shoots him, this footage is authentic and it wasnt someone from the grassy knoll. The person that shot John F Kennedy was called Douglas Haswell who was one of the drivers. Though this is top secret and we doubt anyone can find any reference to this person.

Sirians: One of his brothers was also shot because of what John had told him so was a security threat as well. 207 people were killed that were working under Kennedy to keep this all quiet.

Gemini: They knew that the killing of John F Kennedy would be blamed on the Cubans so they went ahead and killed him and a lot of other people as well.

Part of Channelling session Two. Experiment with aliens who are Pleiadians in the hollow earth, aliens from Gemini and from Sirius A, B and C. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and more!

Question 13

Me: Is there a parallel time line when Hitler wins the war as they said about the Montauk project?

Pleiadians: That time line was shut off long ago from our perspective though there is still a time line where the Nazi flag does fly over the entire earth which we are planning to shut down with the help of other extraterrestrial races.

Sirians: In this time line the New world order is built and world war two never happened and Hitler was never in charge of Germany instead the new world order is built when the united states of America join up with Russia and Europe but in this time line the geopolitics are very different to the one that you are in.

Gemini: This time line we are talking about is to be shut down and is currently a time line when the Hyadeans from the hollow earth have created as means to escape judgement upon them. Most of them being fascists and pro Orion group.

Question 20

Me: Is the Hadron Collider what people say it is?

Pleiadians: The Hadron Collider was built to bridge two realities together which bring about the new world order or a malevolent world government which is overseen by Hyadeans from the hollow earth and they invade a few planets and conquer them, this is why its seen as beneficial for the Hyadeans to be bridged together.

Sirians: The two time lines are this one and the time line which we talked about earlier in this conversation.

Gemini: It is also very beneficial for the Sirians this time line they are not saying everything that they would like to but the other time line is being shut off.

Terran resistance: Some Answers

Me: Why does the Vatican have observatories studying the stars when they are a religious organization and how come they named their observatory Lucifer?

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Pleiadians: There is two version of Lucifer in the Bible and that is Jesus from the book of revelations and Joseph of Arimathea. The observatory is actually named after Jesus and is no cause for alarm.

Me: Revelation 22:16
"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

Sirians: Jesus is also a god of the morning sun just like Joseph of Arimathea is. Jesus is considered a sun god in freemasonry and the Roman catholic church has been run by Freemasons for 258 years (date 4/10/2015) The reason they have an interest in the stars is because some of them are still trying to work out what the Indus valley seals represent in the night sky without success. Also they are trying to work out the Phaistos disk symbols as well in relation to the stars because after the twenty fourth degree Freemasons are allowed to learn about extraterrestrials and the relation between symbols and extraterrestrials. After the twenty fourth degree you must be a triple stranded person or an extraterrestrial to learn the secrets beyond this point. The significance of 24 is because earth surface Terrans are related to 24 different extraterrestrial races. They learn about star worship which is the origins of al religions hence why they have an observatory; the Vatican that is.

Gemini: A lot churches face east because of the rising of the sun which is symbolic of Jesus.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: Is Pindar the Same as Anu and where is Anu currently hiding on this planet?

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Pleiadians: Pindar is not the same as Anu, Pindar is the name of the current head of the Orion group though we do not know where you go this information from. Pindar is not Reptilian and his name is more accurately Pindra truth be told. Pindra comes from the constellation of Cancer originally and was randomly selected from the elite within the Orion group and became the head of the Orion group. Anu; the stories behind him are to do with one of the Hyadean hollow earth leaders apart of Kamagol, theres four leaders in charge of four major sky cities within the earth. On closer examination of Anu we find that the symbolism of the god Anu is to do with the Orion group hence why he is seen within a circle which represents the biblical omega from the biblical book of revelations as the letter O which also represents the nebula at the center of Orion which is circular with SH2-264 a reddish nebula in the northern constellation of Orion which is the all seeing eye on his head along with Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, though the bull that this deity stands on is more accurate as Anu. Hence the association of bulls with the underworld and Satan. So to be more accurate the bull that this god stands on is Anu.

Sirians: Pindra is responsible for one of the worlds like this one in Draconis which is stuck in the mud hence why the Andromedans are not allowed to get involved in fact we reckon all this helping out of civilizations stuck in the mud in the Milky way by Andromedans is so that they can compete with the Orion group in this galaxy, the Andromedan council is growing immensely popular and we foresee hundreds of civilizations in the future joining the current 86 factions of the Andromedan council, each faction gets one million officials which vote on certain matters. Though this is at the dismay of the Andromedans because they feel even though they are getting extra say in the milky way galaxy but they also feel that they are having a less of say on what goes on in the Andromedan galaxy so it would not surprise us if factions in the Milky way have no say on the matters that occur in the Andromedan council in regards to the Andromedan galaxy in the future. Once this is resolved we can expect lots of civilizations joining the Andromedan council. But at the moment the Andromedans are taking steps to stop different factions from joining the Andromedan council.

Gemini: Pindra is actually a reformist and pacifist so we expect that there could be changes made to the how the Orion group works which are badly needed to keep up with the times, which could be as a response to the Andromedan council which is gaining ground, so there is a bit of a political play off between the Orion group and the Andromedan council at the moment. Lots of Pindras reforms to the Orion group might even lead to factions like the Draconians being kicked out of the Orion group however there is tremendous pressure not to do so because lot of Orions are part Reptilian or part Draconian so this is unlikely to happen at our dismay.

Terran resistance: Some Answers

Me: Question on blood moons and are they really a signal or sign that something is going to happen? We are just going through the 4 blood moon cycles, was just curious.

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Pleiadians: They have historic significance and many double stranded Freemasons still see them as religious sign. This is because the Virgin Mary also known as the Lady in red is a goddess of the moon hence why she is often portrayed in art as wearing red clothing. She is also the holy spirit in the Bible.

Sirians: The Virgin Mary, Mary the wife of Clopas and Mary Magdalene are also gods of Orions belt which has three stars (not the three wise men!). Hence the connection yet again of the moon and the Orion group which the Maldekians in the moon used to be a part of. The people inside are originally on a soul level from the constellation of Orion as well. The symbol of the cross which comes from the ancient Egyptian Ankh symbol is a symbol for Orion as well, the three Marys are seen at the crucifixion of Jesus because they are goddesses of death, the cross is a symbol of death, any references to death in the Bible and the Qu'ran are usually references to the Three Marys which are goddesses of death and Orion and/or the moon. Hence the origins of Skull and bones the brotherhood of death in America which all the Bushes belong to. Which is a pro Orion organisation which gets information and orders from the civilizations within the moon.

Gemini: There are many ceremonies within the top echelons of society with people who are Orion souls that practice sacrifices reminiscent of the human sacrifices in ancient Athens to Athena who is a Virgin and a goddess of Orions belt. This even includes the monarchy of the UK and other countries which they are a head of state who also do sacrifices still to this day.

Terran resistance: I havnt been ignoring you :)

Is there anything in the books that you want answered in particular because im rather busy these days - thanks in advance - Stephen Hope

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions via the website about the book Matrix V Quest of the Spirit 'The Ultimate Frontier'?

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In no particular order:

Me: Do you find the definition of simultaneous verses sequential incarnations to be accurate?

Pleiadians: Sequential incarnations are true and so are simultaneous incarnations. Someone from the future can come back in time and is sprayed with energy and the future changes at twice the speed of light from the point of origin so you can have a soul which occupies the same place at the same time. However the laws of physics will try and correct this and the person from the future can age and deteriorate quickly just as at the Montauk project when Al Bieleks friend Duncan did after the person has aged rapidly which is caused by the soul on the back of the spine which is also deteriorating and what usually happens after several hours the soul would disappear within extraterrestrials and the person would die but with surface Terrans the person dies of old age first then the soul leaves and eventually disappears, to combat this extraterrestrials have found a way to stop the deterioration of the soul by sticking a tab on the soul which keeps the soul in the time line. Another way is that someone is taken from the future and is not sprayed with energy and this creates an alternative reality which the soul of the person from the future is sustainable however this is not practised much because of the laws of physics. Similar time lines have a habit of colliding and becoming one reality, the more similar two realities are the more likely and the faster they collide so this way can prove to be useless because the person from the future can be deleted when two realities collide.

Sirians: There are simultaneous incarnations across different time lines as well think of the soul having multiple shadows, that is what its like with alternative time lines a soul can co-exist in multiple time lines with ease. These time lines are created when something from the future or the past is brought through a portal into the present which has happened a number of times which creates these alternate time lines; this is where they come from.

Gemini: There is a love story in our history books about two people that wanted to be together for ever so one person broke into a facility and activated one of the portals and brought back someone from the dead however because of the nature of time lines they embraced each other for the last time just before two time lines collide and she disappeared right before his eyes he later hung himself because he couldnt live without her. This made headlines where we were because of security reasons and because of the nature of the story which was caught on camera, extraterrestrials dont like creating alternative time lines because they have a habit of colliding and no one knows for sure how it happens as far as we know in this galaxy and further.

Me: Is the concept of the higher self as described in this book accurate?
Pleiadians: Thats a philosophical question, there is sort of a higher self that when you meditate like the stereotypical monk would do, you are pulling information from the back of your mind this can be done by double stranders or triple stranders, by doing this you can learn higher truths because of the nature of the human brain.

Sirians: Some believe like the Gemini that we are souls that broke away from god and hence have a constant connection with her also because WE believe that dimensions in the universe are parts of god so it is possible there is a higher self out there somewhere, the Gemini believe that the twenty fourth density will be the density in their law of physics when souls can conjoin back with god but who knows.

Gemini: We dont believe there is a high self however we do believe that we are the eyes and hears of god and we dont mean that in a masonic way either. We believe that we are the means for god to explore her surroundings so you could argue that god is the higher self IF this is true.

Me: Do you find this book in it's entirety to be accurate?

Pleiadians: Val Valerian doesnt realise it but he was hypnotised like over 20,000 double stranded earth Terrans and has done a guest appearance on the Andromedan council which is made up of 86 million people and he addressed them all. He was hypnotised so that he wouldnt remember. This might seem unfair but according to the laws of intervention double standers are not allowed to have memories of abductions, which begs the question what about all those people that have been abducted and can remember, that would be because of positive intervention and thinsg are allowed to be leaked on a controlled scale to prep the surface of the earth for alien disclosure. Things that triple stranded people or indigos which is a less accurate term have come out and spoken about aliens on a controlled scale as well. The book is 70% accurate from what we have read which is quite high for someone like him. Hes a legend in our books as are many people that have laid down there lives for to move forward Terran consciousness.

Sirians: Souls have different shapes which allows them to connect to certain things that is why that chemists and physicists always make fun of biologists that surface area is always the answer to everything.

Gemini: The aspects of the book are quite accurate about reincarnation but the author has little understanding of how this happens but hes right about reincarnation which is quite surprising because double stranded people cannot remember their past lives like triple stranded people so it always surprises us when someone whos double stranded believes in reincarnation also what wasnt addressed was the idea that humans cannot reincarnate as animals which cannot happen because the souls of animals and that of higher beings are extremely different for example the souls of humans when viewed in third density look like they have globe for a head which allows them to connect to the spinal cords of human beings but the souls of animals have heads which are more a pentagonal shape so cannot connect to a humans spine. This is because of shape as simple as that really. Many of the talks about aliens are incredibly wrong however an example would that Sirians eat their enemies is just an example of something which is entirely wrong but that is to expected. Reptilians are not the basis for the devil either is another example. He is right though about the Andromedan council not fulfilling some of its promises which have not come about.

Me: Do you find what the Author describes as 'End Game' to be accurate?

Pleiadians: No it is not.

Sirians: No

Gemini: No

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions put forward from the website

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Question 1

Me: Is George W Bush and the Queen of England really Reptilians?

Pleiadians: The Queen of the UK is a Reptilian on a soul level, she is a Maldekian from one of three civilizations inside of the moon when it was transformed from a war carrier to a place of habitation. There are plenty of planets they could have parked their moon but they decided earth because at the time when they were pro Orion group they believed that the earth still belonged to the Orion group especially when there are Hyadeans in the hollow earth that were originally a part of the Orion group that welcomed them but the Pleiadians thought differently and attacked the moon which is where most of the craters came from but with little success. The three civilizations in the moon, the one which is Reptilian is called Kazel while the one which is purely human is called in English the inbetweens which is what is translated from their native tongue to English which descends from the constellation of Orion called Nazendo, they are called the inbetween because they act as intermediary between humans and Reptilians originally for the Orion group because the Orion group and the Reptilians have a lot of bad karma with the human race. The Nazendo also exist in Rigel in the constellation of Orion and are a part of the Orion group, the current occupants of the moon voted outstandingly not to be a part of the Orion group, that includes all three factions. This was around about 3500 years ago. The Civilization which is part human and has Reptilians are called the Zelnaga, sound familiar? Theres are a lot of part human and part Reptilians in this faction.

Sirians: George W Bush is not Reptilian on a soul level but is human and receives orders from all three factions from within the moon. He originally comes from the Nazendo faction as for the Queen of the UK and other countries she is Reptilian and has been a Draconian in a past life. This is why the gnostic illuminati are trying to get rid of her as the head of state for many countries because they are fighting against bloodline rule. The illuminati are made out to be the bad guys but this couldnt be further from the truth. The Monarchy gets orders from all three factions within the moon as well.

Gemini: The monarchy are bunch of sub human parasites that need to be deal with. If Britain leaves the EU and gets rid of the monarchy as new trade bloc will emerge fro the commonwealth called the confederation of nations. We have listened in to many conspiracy theorists and what their agendas, what most of them is to get rid of the Reptilian presence on a soul level and on a genetic level which we believe the Andromedan council is gong to try to do. George W Bush are not Reptilians genetically at all, they just have Souls of Maldekians and so do the Rothschild family. As with most conspiracy theories they are partly based on half truths. But there are elements of truth in all conspiracy theories. The cat like eyes is hollow earth DNA and has nothing to do with Reptilian shape shifting though this does occur as well.

Question 2

Me: How come if the good aliens going to come save us, they didnt stop the atomic bomb being dropped in Japan, and also how come they let that reactor in Japan meltdown and poison the oceans which affects everyone.

Pleiadians: Good question, there has been intervention in Fukshima, The Wingmakers have dropped a device on top of the power plant which stops radiation from spreading hence why scientists in Japan in secret are actually gob smacked how on earth has the radiation has not gone any further than it has. The same thing happened with Chernobyl where a device was dropped on the power plant that was sabotaged by British government agents which reduced radiation by up to 70%. The story of the sheep in Wales being radiated is actually a hoax and they died of mercury poison in the local environment from a crashed alien spacecraft. Hence why it says in Hindu texts that Mercury is used in some spacecraft. This is why lots of old artefacts have been found in old coal seams because they can be used to collect mercury for spacecraft, I hope that helps.

Sirians: Certain events are allowed to unfold because mainly because of the collision of realities, when one reality collides with another and things spring up out of no where even though there is no past evidence of these things this can happen without prediction as far as we know no civilization within Andromeda or the Milky Way has found a way to predict when realities collide only that they have to be similar and the more similar they are the faster that these realities collide with each other, so you see some things happen spontaneously and can be out of the Andromedan council or the Wingmakers control.

Gemini: If you were to go back in time to change such an event it would make no difference because of the collision of realities, since the forming of the earth there have 16 and half billion collisions of realities. Like we said before, these realities are a product of time travel when something is taken from the future of from the past it can create an alternative reality, this is why extraterrestrials do not create realities to test what certain events would be like because they could collide with our reality that we are in. So instead they use supercomputers to predict the future. The atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima was allowed because the Wingmakers predicted that within a century Japan would have had the ability to take most of Asia and Europe without British control which were in control of Japan in secret. They allowed events such as the slaughtering of British soldiers in Singapore as a psy-op, in fact this is one of the earliest psy-ops in modern history so when Japan attacked pearl harbour for oil this was done by the British in order to bring the Americans into the war. Its not a myth that pearl harbor was allowed to happen because lots of old ships were located at pearl harbor and they were due to be decommissioned which is very expensive and the Americans were trying to build up a bigger military presence in the world, this was a time when America was in the stage of planning to be a superpower which was being pushed by many generals within the American government which was being pushed by the British because they feared a united Europe governed by the Russians. The British had it all wrong because they thought that they had the ability to control certain affairs in America in secret and use America as their puppet like they have done in the past but this soon expired with the rise of the modern NSA and over half a million British people that were in high places were taken out of power by the CIA this was the end of the British empire officially we believe. Many of these British people were killed while a lot of them went to Canada under protection of the British government. We believe that America was better under British control but that is just our point of view because the Americans have done some hideous things since the removal of Britain as a super power in the world. Also we believe that benevolent aliens are here to empower individuals but the benevolent extraterrestrials do not want to take over other wise they would be baby sitting earth. The Japanese were about to develop a electromagnetic pulse bomb, sound familiar? Apparently they were going to drop it on most of America, Europe and on the UK. This would not have been against the laws of intervention by the Andromedan council and by the Wingmakers. This would have disabled everything electronic which would have lead to the Japanese over the next century taking over most of the world which would have resulted in tyranny and the victory of the Nazis in Europe so the go ahead for atomic bombs on Japan was allowed by the Wingmakers to stop tyranny in the future. To such a extent that the British would not have been able to control Japan because its almost on the other side of the planet.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: What is a true reason of these 19.5 degrees devices placement? Why do these benevolent extraterrestrials think that we, Terran humans, should be denied our freedom of choice to go anywhere we want beyond the Van Allen belt? Why do these benevolent extraterrestrials are using these 19.5 degrees devices to keep us, Terrans, inside these artificial reservations prisons?

Pleiadians: The reason is because if the souls on earth or any planet in this solar system which actually includes the Pleiadians within Venus and Ganymede also is because we as three planets are considered to be premature races and the Andromedan council doesnt want souls from these planets going anywhere else because when they reincarnate on another world they will have all the past lives and the most recent will be the strongest and they will remember tyranny and all the bad things they have done in past lives which will be taken to other worlds making it harder for them to integrate and the first places they will go on a soul level will be near by solar systems like Sirius. Because of the constant warfare on earth the thoughts of war have crossed the solar system, bearing in mind that thoughts can create reality and these thoughts are heading towards Ganymede and Venus and this is causing wars within these planets. Within Venus they have had two civil wars within the space of one hundred years approximately 300 years ago. And in Ganymede there as been civil unrest because the people believe the elite are corrupt and are dong back room deals with Hale Bopp which all the Reptilians were on. Because the elite feared they would be invaded by them and they were seen as cowards and the people want them out of government so the trouble isnt just on earth but it is stemming from earth. This is our perspective however the Andromedans will quote some dribble to say that its for the benefit of mankind but it really isnt. People within the hollow earth are also trapped because we use the Van Allen Belt as well when we die. Its ridiculous it might as well be a prison!

Sirians: The real reason as well is to stop souls coming in to planets as well which is on of the Andromedans goals and the Wingmakers, we see where the Pleiadians are coming from but in the end it will be for the best. Earth is not the only planet which is suffering from these devices, the Venusians and the people from Ganymede are far from impressed by the Andromedan council interfering in fact theres a 50% chance they may even go to war with the Andromedan council ships because of the way they have been trapped within there area of space, though we believe this would be foolish because the Andromedan council is made up of 86 different races SO FAR. This would be like Argentina trying to take the Falklands islands when the UK is a nuclear power, it just wont work but they are determined to get their point across and we personally have come across different coded messages sent between Ganymede and Venus so they are up to something. But there are more things to be worried about because the Orion group have pushed Andromedan forces as far back as from Jupiter which Andromedan forces are trying to push them back past Jupiter. Gemini is the latest race to intervene and they are very technologically advanced.

Gemini: In the end the 19.5 degree devices will be beneficial for earth because it will allow people on earth to nurture themselves and grow because they will be moving from a time of confusion and tyranny to a time where there wont be any. The people of earth are still seen as children and because they have spent so many life times on earth this could be troublesome if they were to try and integrate with any other civilizations because on a soul level they would just be a kid because the nature of the soul, the souls can remember as far back as when souls came into the universe through black holes but the most recent life times which would number in the thousands for people on earth they will be the memories that they remember the most hence why you cannot be integrated into other civilizations until earth has evolved.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Question 1

Me: Is there a potential danger that the Orion group could take over the control of these 19.5 degrees devices and re-purpose them, or replace these devices with some other devices with a different function, so that the light tunnel (that Terrans see after death) will be leading to the Orion group's containers soul prisons, instead of near the Van Allen belt?

Pleiadians: As we have said before the Orion group HAS re-purposed the 19.5 degrees device on Jupiter so that if any Paa Taal souls come through they will become trapped however no souls have come through indicating that they know what the Orion group is up to, We are really delving into the unknown when we say that these souls that are coming through Jupiter are from a higher density and if they reincarnate on earth we simply do not know what the repercussions would be. What we do know is that these souls that come fro a higher density is that they cannot remember their past lives yet they are able to get an indigo aura more successfully than other souls on the planet despite no being able to remember their past lives, they should have the soul memory of a child because of this however they do not which no one can explain which goes to show how little we know about the soul. The Paa Taal have not been allowed to reincarnate on earth for a while now because theres a great fear by the Program which is in charge of earth and is hollow earth Hyadean controlled because they fear that they could lose power. When contactee Alex Colliers says we are all Paa Taal on a soul level that isnt strictly true because the time line has been edited by the the Hyadeans so that these souls have not currently reincarnated on earth yet.

Sirians: The Andromedan council has said if the solar system was to fall into the Orion groups hands there will be 100 hundred year old period when souls from earth can leave the solar system so they do not fall to the Orion groups hands. Most we predict will take refuge in Sirius C where they will have their own colony though this will not be in the best interest of the Sirian conglomerate as you call them but we might have to take refugee souls and try to integrate them into our society.

Gemini: This is a very interesting question, the Draconians which are a part of the Orion group fear the Paat Taal and we believe they would take the souls of the Paa Taal and put them in prisons because they fear that these souls could endanger Reptilians and half Reptilians which are mostly partly Draconian in the constellation of Orion. Whats scares them the most is that these being are coming from a higher density which indicates that they are now far more sophisticated than the Draconians because before souls came into the universe through black holes and beings had an aura instead to keep them alive and couldnt reincarnate then the souls attached themselves to these beings and that is the earliest memories of souls in the universe, there is evidence that the Paa Taal fought the Draconians before souls came into the universe. Hence why the Draconians hated the Paa Taal and still fear them. As for the 19.5 degrees devices they will definitely not be running if the Orion group was to take the solar system.

Question 2

Me: Can the Orion group re-point the light tunnel to their containers - soul prisons, then the Orion group would be able to quickly harvest the Terrans souls into their prisons if they completely take over the Solar system?

Pleiadians: This could happen to the Paa Taal but we dont believe that any other souls on earth are in that much jeopardy except for people that are Pleiadian on a soul level as well because the Pleiadians fought the Orion group along with many civilisations for independence during the black league wars which also freed the Sirians from Orion group control. Hyadean souls would not be touched because the Hyades cluster is a part of the Orion group. Sirians are on good terms with the Orion group as well their souls would not be in jeopardy despite mercenaries from Sirius fighting the Orion group which is like the privateers during when the British fought the Spanish, they were pirates secretly and unofficially attacking Spanish trading ships so they are not taking responsibility. Also thee are rumours that the Sirians are funding both sides of the conflict because they are like galactic equivalent of arms dealers though they keep the best for themselves.

Sirians: We do not fund both sides of the conflict this is a lie and officially we play no part in the protection of the solar system except for the sun which can be used for time travel and means to getting to Sirius because theres a constant portal open. Harvesting of souls is a lot harder than it seems during many conflicts people have committed suicide and exited a planet before and after its attacked, a soul can go anywhere in the universe however spacecraft have not been able to replicate this despite many efforts. When the Black league wars was happening lots of souls went to earth to hide in the collective of the souls on earth so that they woudnt be found out where the souls went to because earth is a highly protected planet with lots of extraterrestrials involved so its a good hiding spot. Many souls that left Orion during the black league wars were called traitors and cowards and it as looked down upon and discouraged for souls to leave and they even used devices to stop souls leaving very similar to the 19.5 degrees devices so many souls numbering in the trillions left and went elsewhere before this could be enforced because they feared that the Orion group was going to collapse and the galaxy was going to descend in to chaos because of many rebels fighting the Orion group.

Gemini: We have not been in many conflicts and because we are quite advanced. We have never properly had the fear of invasion except for souls that were in Lyra during the Lyran wars. But we are doing our best to prepare Andromedan forces with technology to be able to push the Orion group back past Jupiter.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: How do these various races distribute scarce resources on their planets? Do they use barter? Do they use money? Do they somehow freely provide them for everyone? Do they even have scarce resources like we do on Earth?

Pleiadians: Solar systems with trinary stars are preferred for mining operations and in fact that is how a lot of civilizations have come about and even have sort independence from the factions that started the mining operations in the first place. Trinary star systems are preferred because they contain more natural resources than solar systems that have have only two suns or one. Four stars is rarity and is highly sort after for natural resources on the planets circling these stars. Scarce resources include Platinum not platinum group elements like palladium but pure platinum and is very highly sort after by extraterrestrials. Sound familiar? Also lots of planets that orbit these stars which are not earth like what extraterrestrials do is a process called planet cracking, again does it sound familiar? What they do is detonate different devices on the planets surface and cause the planet to crack an explode, this is rarely done from space with techonology because it requires very sort after technology to do so and is mostly used in the military and isnt dished out like candy. Once the planet is destroyed it creates a belt around the stars and then its far easier to harvest resources and extract them, lots of old cratons that were once a part of the planet are the strongest areas and are often found in big chunks and are collected because they have a higher likeness to have valuable resources within them. Rare resources are used for bartering because only two civilizations throughout Andromeda and the Milky way use money including earth and another planet in the Milky way which is having a civil war. There would be an uprising and revolution on other planets if there was money. Some races like earth Terrans have come about from mining operations because even in the future mining operations are difficult and people have been known to die so extraterrestrials use slave races that they manufactured to mine for valuable resources instead.

Sirians: All beings in our society are given the tools necessary provided by the society so that they have everything that they need to evolve on a spiritual level which is how most societies in the universe work. There is no need for money because people will provide the services needed and sometimes if need be order to provide to society, those that do not integrate or abide by the rules are usually kicked out.

Gemini: Civilizations are always running short of something hence why many stars are used to transportation hubs of goods and there is a lot of bartering going on which makes many civilizations very dependent on each other which forges alliances which is a good thing. Civilizations that are very independent are often the ones that seem to suffer when theres a war on, though we are self reliant to a certain degree but we have never had the threat of invasion so we must be an exception.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: Are we entering a dimensional shift?

Pleiadians: The earth was, but the Andromedan council has stopped the solar system from crossing the galactic plane to jump a density as have hundreds of thousands of civilisations, when a new density is being applied to the universe through a black hole in the center of the galaxies its starts off in the middle of the galactic plane then when solar systems pass through the galactic plane it creates an alternative reality where the stars, planets and the people on them jump a density by one. After a while this stops and the new density is applied throughout the universe then all civilizations jump to the original reality or the offshoot where all the densities are present. There are eleven orginal realities like we said before, one reality has only one density, then another reality has two densities and so on so fourth so lots of souls go into the time line where all the densities are available. The very Original reality is the reality where there is only sixth density because the Paa Taal were the ones that created between fifth to second density.

Sirians: Like lots of civilisations they stopped their worlds from crossing the galactic plane when the new density was just coming into the universe because they all wanted to stay in the density they were in. This was done the most in sixth density because many extraterrestrials fear that if they cross the galactic plane at the time as new density was being brought into being which was twelfth density they would go into seventh density and that would mean the end of duality which they fear because extraterrestrials dont really understand the nature of seventh density and higher because there is no duality and thoughts manifest quicker which is why lots of extraterrestrials believe that they have the right to have duality and dont like the idea that thoughts manifest quicker into reality which scares them also. Also people that drop down from seventh density or higher cannot remember their past lives when they come below seventh density.

Gemini: Lots of civilizations dont want to go into seventh density because they are far to used to having duality, from what we understand of densities higher than sixth density which have no duality is that good wins over bad even though both energy frequencies are both equal to each other we have been made aware that ultimately it is good that triumphants over evil, white over black, female over male even though they dont have genders. The energy resonates stronger with female thinking. Which is also why some extraterrestrials believe that god is more female because they believe that god has no duality hence would be more female focussed. Which brings on the old saying that god couldnt be everywhere at once so she created women, extraterrestrials also use this argument as well. The reason earth was held back because of the negative frequency of earth which would cause it to smash against the galactic plane, before it would only bounce and go through and only cause a pole shift which kills a lot of people but however we believe and so did the Wingmakers; the government from the future and the Andromedan council were convinced that it would only smash against the galactic plane causing everyone on earth to die, do there will be no dimensional shift any time soon, though because this is old information and the time it takes to get to earth takes a log time, its like a game of Chinese whispers where one person says something then someone else says something else so all this talks about jumping a density is old news but we can confirm that it is not going to happen and it was wrong of the Andromedan council to give false promises.

Me: Why hasn't the Andromedan council fulfilled many of it's promises?
Pleiadians: The Andromedan council promised that the moon would be taken out of orbit and destroyed but this proved impractical ever since the Hyadeans which are a part of Ashtar command in the hollow earth started arming the moon and Ashtar command is on the Andromedan council which was the biggest mistake they could have made because extraterrestrials from Aldebaran are also a part of Ashtar command as well as some other factions which are a part of the Orion group are also a part of Ashtar command which means that they were free to interfere with earthly matters. The Andromedan council is putting through a bill that groups that are a part of the Orion group and Ashtar command can not have shared allegiances so that way this will eventually lead to factions deciding whether or not they are a part of the Orion group which most factions including the Aldebarans will choose over that of Ashtar command so eventually Ashtar command will be only in the hollow earth which is good news because 56% of people that are Hyadean in the hollow earth are from Aldebaran genetically and and on a soul level which is volatile because it lets Aldebarans from sixth density to interfere when all they want to do is control the entire earth which they have largely succeeded in.

Sirians: The twelve stars on the European union flag and that of the proposed flag for the united states of America with 12 stars is to do with the number of planets in sixth density around the star Aldebaran this isnt to do with the twelve/thirteen tribes of the Hebrew aliens. This is also the depiction that Zecharia Sitchin found on the Sumerian tablets which is not to do with planet X but its to do with Aldebaran in sixth density. This bill could be sorted out as early as next Tuesday as a emergency council is being organised which will mean if its passed that there might not be a race war in Europe which is being pushed by allowing in many immigrants in. But we dont think this bill gets passed (8/10/2015).


Gemini: We dont believe the bill is going to be passed which stops factions apart of Ashtar command having mixed allegiances in fact we believe is because the Andromedan council is trying to reach a peaceful solution to the solar system you are in which we believe is wrong.

Me: Is the Orion ET race (rebel faction or non rebel) in control of the United Nations, governments, banks etc of the earth?

Pleiadians: The united nations is governed by the program which is hollow earth Hyadean run. The flag is of the dark side of the front of the moon which comes from Hittite which a olive branch is used to outline the dark side of the front of the moon. The reason for this is because the star Aldebaran is seen next to the dark side of the front of the moon as well so its cleverly disguised symbol which represents Aldebaran. You might as well have a swastika on the front of the UN flag basically.

Me: This better explains it:
Me: The unknown dots are planets around Aldebaran in sixth density.

Sirians: The banks are not all controlled by the Orions, HSBC is controlled by the Maldekians


Sirians: Also all banks that central banks are controlled by Orions, this is why it says in the book of revelations you need the mark of the beast to participate in commerce. The beast is a lion which represents Orion. Because the book of revelations is something that people believe in it manifests because what people think can become reality hence why belief in the Bible is causing things like the Syrian refugee crisis and the worlds central banks being controlled by Orions. The all seeing eye on the dollar bill does not indicate that Hebrew aliens are in control of the federal reserve bank in America because the all seeing eye is called the eye of providence from the Qu'ran which is one of the names of god in the Qu'ran hence why early Freemasons put the all seeing eye on the Dollar bill because they believe in transcendent gods through time and believe in multiple gods are in the Bible and the Qu'ran. Ar-Razzāq is one of the names of the Hebrew aliens faction in the Qu'ran which means the provider.

Gemini: All the royalties on earth are also related to the Maldekians inside the center of the moon.

Me: What was/is special about the year 2012?
Extract from channelling session 14:

Sirians: 2012 was almost a self fulfilling prophecy that is the only thing that the Wingmakers have done right they did a group meditation to stop the end of the world via manifestation to stop the prophecy from happening with the help of the triple stranders across the world. Hale Bopp with the Reptilians wanted to take advantage of this event as well using the 2012 conspiracy that the world is ending and the biblical book of revelations predicting the coming of wormwood AKA Hale Bopp combined they thought they had a real good chance of taking earth by exploiting peoples manifestation.

Terran resistance: Some anwers

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Me: Are any of these ET groups able to create matter out of energy? If not, are there any ETs that can create matter from energy without needing to mine resources?

Pleiadians: Whether we realise it or not we are always creating matter out of energy what we believe and what say or think can cause electrons to duplicate themselves, one electron can duplicate itself into four other electrons all together making five electrons and this only happens when the thought, the talking or what we believe is so strong which can be helped with the extreme of emotion which increases this, that electrons will duplicate themselves into four electrons and those five in total electrons will duplicate themselves and so on and so fourth then atoms attach themselves to the electrons and this creates reality. This is called manifestation, if thought or the talking or the believe is not so strong one electron will duplicate into another electron creating two electron in total this happens when there is also very little emotion behind it because like we said emotion helps create reality faster. So if one electron is duplicating into two this is slow manifestation. This is why your laws of physics think that one electron can be in all places at once because they dont understand the physical impact that consciousness has on reality. This is also why when electron are being observed they act differently to when they are not being observed, this is why quantum computers that work on an electron level can be affected by peoples thoughts and more.

Sirians: There is such a such a thing as a manifestation devices which hundreds of thousands of civilisations use. What they do is they go back in time and place these devices within a kuiper belt or oort belt then the device breaks the laws of physics and makes one electron make seven other electrons some civilisations can make a device which one electron duplicates into eight electrons but no one has been able to our knowledge to make a device work faster than that as far as we know, it has thyroid gland which is organic attached to it which has the extreme of emotion which causes devices to create as many electrons as possible in fact we use thyroid glands from humans that have the extreme of emotion on earth for our devices after they deceased of course. What these devices do is they help create planets which are made of heavy metals which are valuable for mining and this is practised by many civilisations. There will always be the need to mine resources however anything made of electrons needs atoms otherwise its worthless otherwise supercomputers and robotics wouldnt work of they were made of purely energy.

Gemini: There are devices left over from the Paa Taal which can create atoms and there are 26 or 27 of these devices in the Milky way and one of these is inside the earth used by the Pleiadians. Now we know we have said in the past that DNA cannot be made from scratch but as many Pleiadian colonies they are trying to add DNA to their gene pool so the Pleiadians in the hollow earth are trying to create DNA from scratch using this machine with great success however its a slow process but seeing as the nature of time is irrelevant when you have time travel. The Pleiadians in the hollow earth have been trading this DNA with other Pleiadian colonies and other extraterrestrial races that are human in exchange for other things. Also this has caught the attention of other extraterrestrial races which would love to have this device so its in a undisclosed location in the hollow earth so no one can steal it. If the Andromedan council wasnt intervening on earth there could well be a war over such a device because they are highly sought after. A part from these devices left over from the Paa Taal they are the only recorded devices that we know of that can create atoms. Also we believe they played a part in the creation of galactic highways that the Paa Taal created so that races could go from one galaxy to another at extreme ease and these highways have never been duplicated as far as we know because no one knows how to and we believe like we said that these devices played a part in the creation of these highways which over time have deteriorated there is four of them in the Milky Way and two of them go to Andromeda, one goes to Orion and another goes to Perseus. However the one going to Andromeda has deteriorated so cannot be used any more so time travel is necessary to go back in time to use it. The same goes for the one that goes to Orion near Rigel. There has been many conflicts over the control of such highways. The one that goes to Orion is controlled by the Orion group which is why they are able to control vast distances in the Milky Way.

Terran resistance: What say you?

You really believe the bullsh*t the Pleiadians have been feeding you about Atlantis? That Atlantis was detroyed by a crystal? The Pleiadians destroyed Atlantis! Its your own ego thats talking mr I know everything. Biller Meier dishes out false information and when has he ever debunked evolution when human aliens exist? He had contact with Pleiadians which didnt tell him everything what makes you so different? I dont mean to take a nasty tone but I have never pretended I have all the answers. If you have had contact with aliens why havnt you shared your experiences? You are squandering it, when other people could do a better job and would as well. Good day.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: That is being talked about in the new age. They talk about this black goo as being in the water an in the earth. Is it nanotechnology that they released into the environment?

Pleiadians: This one hundred percent correct, nanotechnology is being added to the water supply by of many countries as a counter measure against fluoride which is being added to reduce peoples resistance to tyranny. It will appear as a black goo. It combines with the fluoride and reduces it atomic structure to something less volatile to the human body usually its usually makes the fluoride to react with chlorine so that it creates a more harmless compound.

Sirians: Nanotechnology serves many purposes and can be use to stop genetic mutations within the human genome as well which is another reason it has been added to the water supply because fluoride as a side effect can also cause genetic defects by gene mutation because its an anion. Its negativity charged.

Gemini: Gene mutations do not play a part in evolution because evolution is false and theres is 101 trillion to one chance that a genetic mutation will not create something beneficial towards the human body. So its nearly impossible that a genetic mutation can take place in such a way that its beneficial which scientists seem to be ignoring these days. They also dont address the fact that natural selection is beyond flawless because people and animals can breed before natural selection takes place. For the unwanted DNA to be removed from the gene pool there is 61 billion to one chance that natural selection will not work in the desired effect to remove unwanted DNA from the gene pool to make a species better adapted to its environment because species breed before natural selection takes place. Also there are different types of genetic mutations and the worst one which causes the whole chromosome to change is 2.3 time more likely to occur than any other. If genetic mutations didnt happen and evolution still played a part the gene pool would run out of DNA which is supposed to make a creature more adapted to its environment between 66 years and 101 years which would result in birthing problems because it would be nearing incest.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: Lately I have been having precognitive dreams. The time line can only get ahead up to twenty four hours in advance. Can one control this and if so how can one control it where one can actively look ahead specifically on something?

Pleiadians: People that have precognitive dreams can control their dreams quite simply, do not blink in a dream and the longer the dream goes on for. Dreams have their own laws of physics based upon neural activity for example an item of importance in a dream will change as the dream goes on, playing video games helps people to be able to control their dreams better. The reason people believe they are having precognitive dreams is not because they are predicting the future but has a lot to do with manifestation which can lead to people believing in synchronicity what is really happening is that the laws of physics are forcing thoughts into your head to bring reality back to equilibrium, because what you believe, say or think can become reality or increases the likeliness of something happening but it doesnt happen all the time, you can say I want to be king of the universe and it wont happen because its all to do with odds. People that have had dreams about 9/11 for example, they have had thoughts come in to their head and this as helped 9/11 happen in the world, so their manifestation played apart in 9/11 happening. They didnt predict it. The laws of physics made them think about it because for something to enter your reality you need to believe, think or say for it to come into your reality so the laws of physics are causing 9/11 to be a part of peoples manifestation.

Sirians: There is no meaning behind dreams though people will continue to read to much in to them and that doesnt mean to say that they are totally useless, what they do, do however is that they can reveal your own insecurities which is very useful because people can then address these problems especially if they are trying to reach an indigo aura.

Gemini: Dreams play a very little role into precognitive ability.

Me:Is there anything one can do to strengthen and control precognition? At moment basically meditating and doing energy work as well as releasing. How does one access that connection at will,with control, is there exercises one can do?

Pleiadians: There is one way and that is by practising guessing numbers that people are thinking, also thinking of odds in black and white and yes or no also makes for better precognition

Sirians: Using manifestation is still the best way to make things into your own advantage.

Gemini: Both the Pleiadians and the Sirians are correct because surface Terrans are mix race they can have between 34% and 64% psychic ability depending on the people, this would usually be 100% with extraterrestrials however because they are not mixed race like the human Terrans are. However this is more useful for predicting past events and contacting the dead than predicting the future. Most extraterrestrials use astral projection while they are sleeping to contact the dead more so than any other means.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: How does Chi relate to this manifestation and/or creation of energy. What is Chi? What is the relations of Chi to the body, mind and soul?

Pleiadians: Chi just means life force and the idea of acupuncture is to use the chakra points and more importantly parts on the body that normally wouldnt be affected by chakra points because the whole point of chakra points is basically to use manifestation which can only be positive in this case so that the chakra points can start healing the body. The acupuncture allows energy to be channelled through the acupuncture and help other parts of the body, so its not a placebo effect but actually works.

Sirians: Chi is also arguably the aura around your body as well which represents what state your mind is in which is changing all the time, the longer you hold an indigo aura the more people such as triple stranded people and extraterrestrials perceive you as an enlightened being because he or she with the indigo aura is at harmony with ones self and the their surrounding. Having worries on the mind can make your aura go from indigo to pink.

Gemini: People with similar auras will manifest in such a way that they are nearly always surrounded by the same people with a similar aura according with the laws of physics and that is why its best to have an indigo aura because your more likely to bring in extraterrestrials on earth into your reality and triple stranded people and indigo children into your reality as well, basically the energy goes where the focus is.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: Is it true we can activate our DNA and raise our consciousness as well as abilities? There is talk of drawing down the 12 strands of DNA into our bodies or energetically. How does one accomplish both? Are there exercises one can do to accelerate or enhance this?

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Pleiadians: This already happening to people even though we harp on about how any triple stranded people have come from the future to set things right or have attempted to anyway, we have not forgotten to mention that some people which make under 1% of the population of earth which is slightly larger than the homosexual community on earth who have activated DNA by calling down a third strand of DNA which has allows them to have telekinesis, remember past lives, telepathy and much more, they can use telekinesis unlike most triple stranded people from the future because it wasnt activated so that it couldnt be used and jeopardize the time line during the age of innocence.

Sirians: Because of the nature that the third DNA strand is created only people in hot climates and equatorial regions are developing a triple strand of DNA throughout their body except from their sperm and eggs which would still produce double stranded children up until 12 months before changes kick in and they can have triple stranded children only as long as they have triple stranded children with other triple stranded people. The sun creates the third strand of DNA, the reason for this is so that the sun can make people more adapted to a planet however this isnt practised by many extraterrestrials which choose what DNA that they want in their gene pool. To increase the chances of creating an extra strand of DNA go to an equatorial place for approximately four months and start manifesting that you want a third strand of DNA its as simple as that and there is 97% chance you will develop a triple strand of DNA. We say only 97% chance because you need to really focus on it otherwise it wont work, if you start doubting yourself and start saying to yourself its nots happening fast enough or is not happening at all then that is what you will manifest instead so it requires focus. Months is all that is need to accomplish this with 12 months before your sperm or eggs develop into third stranded DNA.

Gemini: People that are calling down the extra strand of DNA do so at their own will, this can only happen by using manifestation and is usually done by accident because there is very little chance that double stranded people understand that they could get an extra strand of DNA, you also once developed an extra strand of DNA (me) right before we took it away because of what we wanted from you this life time. One example of a manifestation would be saying I would like to better myself so the focus goes towards it and this develops an extra strand of DNA by accident. This raises consciousness because people can remember their past lives and remember things such as the earth is hollow and this can be a huge eye opener for people that develop these abilities which are left wondering how they have come to know the things that they do. Because this is more likely in children this is where the story of indigo children comes bout because double stranders that develop an extra stranded of DNA are more likely to have an indigo aura during certain times of their life. Because of this as well they have not developed their full genetic memory so it isnt until after they reach puberty that they can remember everything their soul knows with their most recent life times being the strongest memories so this can be very confusing time for indigo children. There is no need for people to have twelve stranded DNA because triple stranded people have all the DNA required of them to access higher densities if need be because some of the DNA in the two original strands of DNA have DNA from higher densities.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: The hall of records was said to have been found in the Romanian pyramids in 2003. What secrets were discovered in them?

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Pleiadians: Not to be confused with the Bosnian pyramids which are a hoax because most pyramids are around the equator to stabilise the tides of the earth because a lot of civilizations build around rivers and along the coast. In the Romanian pyramids there was found a hover bike from ancient Atlantean times, we know this might sound quite far fetched but these pyramids in Romania were actually built by Viking settlers who buried the machinery with one of their kings, there is even an old program about a boy that founds a hover bike in an old Viking burial mound which is based of of this tale. The Bike is now in Germany where it is hidden and they are currently trying to replicate it so that they can be the first nation to bring about hover cars but we foresee the Germans will not have the technology to do so. If they build it it will be allowed by the Wingmakers because according to the laws of intervention anything that is found in the ground governments are allowed to have, the reasons the Germans took it is because the center of power in Europe is slowly moving towards Germany which should raise alarm bells for some people, I think we all understand why this is happening within the European union.

Sirians: There was some sacred scrolls that say that the bike was a gift from the gods when in actual fact they just dug it out of a an old bog which helped preserving it. It was even used by one of the Viking kings for about 2 minutes before it stopped working due to age of the device. There was no hall of records as far as we know.

Gemini: This is one of the only accounts that we know of which primitive civilizations found highly advanced precursor technology by themselves without it being given to them.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: What is the affect on rising Schumann resonance (earths vibrational energy) and incoming wave x on humanity and consciousness. How does it affect humans physically and consciously, and energetically.

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Pleiadians: It has no effect on humans however it can manipulate the climate of planet, HAARP uses Schumann resonance at great distances to cause droughts in Africa and in countries like the middle-east, they also do it on Iran so that they get less rainfall which causes droughts as well.

Sirians: Manipulation of the weather is counter acted by the Wingmakers who are doing their best to end what HAARP is doing even though this is against the laws of intervention however the Wingmakers are stubborn and dont always follow Andromedan council protocol because they think that the Andromedan council are interfering too much and dont always have the best interests of Terrans at large. If it were not for the Wingmakers many countries in central Africa would have tremendous droughts which would cause 3.5 million people to die at minimum. At maximum roughly 10 million people could die, hence why the Wingmakers have gone on their own on this one, this has actually resulted in Wingmaker ships firing upon an Andromedan ship once because the Andromedans didnt want them manipulating the weather. The Andromedan council do not have the right to decide who lives or dies, not even god does that arguably, but this is our point of view.

Gemini: We are with the Sirians on this one. Manipulating the weather by HAARP needs to be stopped even if it is against protocol, we hope the Andromedan council will come to their senses. In fact there is a vote on it next week but with time travel this has technically happened but because of the nature of time it could go either way and the outcome could change (13/10/2015).

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: Do they have any knowledge of what, if any powers/abilities (plural), may be on the close horizon for humanity with the expansion of consciousness and incoming energies that are manifesting on Earth currently?

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Pleiadians: Outside manifestation is going onto earth from outside, the devices at 19.5 degrees like the one on earth on Hawaii which has caused an ancient and new island arc being formed constantly, from this you can predict how long the device has been on earth, this device stops souls from leaving or coming in on a soul level. This device was originally controlled by the British but is now controlled by the Americans, they know fully well what this device is for and its exact location, in case of invasion the Americans have come up with a plan to destroy the device along with the earth so souls can escape because of the fear of invasion, the Americans have strategically placed nuclear bombs which are 4.4 times stronger than the Tsar bomb used by the Russians just in case there is an invasion from outside earth all over the world. One of them was actually used to cause 3/11 which caused a huge crack in the Pacific plate which caused a tsunami. The reason for this is so that souls cannot be captured and put in containers which keep souls as prisoners. In fact there was an episode of doctor who when the Darleks try taking earth and the humans have bombs strategically placed all over the earth and as usual what we see in science fiction films and episodes triple stranded people like putting hints in them so that key pieces of information get out and people manifest it so that they stumble upon the truth when using alternative media on the internet.

Sirians: Like contactee Alex Collier has said the Andromedans like poking holes in the shield around earth so that knowledge from elsewhere can come in which is important for earth who should be getting information from thousands of civilizations across the galaxy which are trying to send information to people on earth from thousands of light years away. So some people on earth have received an information download which can often be confusing and the person has the opportunity to act on it or not, they are dong this because they think that earth is being held hostage by the Program in charge of earth. The Information is being given to people so that they may change their life style and help out on earth by acting on the information given to them.

Gemini: Many contactees are being created because the shield around earth is having holes pocked through it so that information can get in and out to earth or from earth so that more outside civilizations can help out. This isnt against the laws of intervention because of plausible deniability, Andromedan ships and sometimes hollow earth ships need to poke a hole in the shield for their ships to get out from earth. Because of plausible deniability Andromedan ships and more like poking holes in the shield around earth on purpose under the disguise of ships leaving earth or going on to earth. When in actual fact the agenda is so that information can move backwards and forwards between earth and beyond.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: The sphere alliance contacted a man named Derek, he has remembered all of his past lives and is in contact with an extraterrestrial. He said the Nordic ET races galactic command went on a genocidal sweep across the galaxy killing and exterminating other species and then dumped all the souls on prison planet earth and that they were headed by an avatar and they wiped out the Draconian empire, Orion empire and Sirian conglomerate. Derek says the sphere alliance of allied galaxies crush all human looking or human races part of the new empires such as the Pleiadians, blue Andromedans, Tau Cetians, Alpha Centaurians, Oxicarians act because they wiped other beings out and put them in the prison planet matrix the sphere alliance soon will end this control and allow all souls on earth to drop there human form and go off any where else to incarnate in the universe and the alliance have 7 billion alien bodies for the souls on earth because these are the original souls body before they got killed and sent to earths matrix with all there original powers when they fought the galactic command of Nordics who went on a genocidal sweep.

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Pleiadians: I dont where you go this information from but its false to a certain extent however this has actually happened in a time line which cannot effect ours in any shape or form. There are eleven original realities, one reality just has sixth density, another reality has sixth density and seventh density and so on and so fourth until theres a reality which has all densities which is the one which we currently occupy, 86% of the population of the universe comes from one of these realities or one of its off shoots and has moved into the reality with offshoots where all the densities are activated. The reality he remembers is from a reality which has only 10 densities so he doesnt have twelfth density, hence why he has memories of this reality in which the Pleiadians were non-humanoid and almost wiped out all humanoid life in the galaxy which is very different to ours. So what he said was true and he has memories of this time line but has since moved into this reality which has all the densities which has caused him to be very confused. Earth does exist in that reality but ironically it was used as a soul prison which is ironic because lots of civilizations see earth in this time line as a prison planet. So it looks like some things just dont change. Nordic and being non-humanoid is a contradiction but they did used to be humanoid and white the Pleiadians. The sphere alliance was formed when the non-humanoid Pleiadians made a pact with other non-humanoid species in other galaxies which created a turn of events which resulted in nearly all non-humanoid life being destroyed.

Sirians: The Oxicarians come from Orion around Rigel and are part human. They get a lot of slack from the Orion group for being part human. They are also a part of the Orion group so are not to be trusted in our opinion.

Gemini: Derek is the only human to remember past lives which are very recent from another original time line before his soul moved into the time line where there are all densities when doing so he accidentally landed in the collective of earth, which is because he fell into the forcefield around earth when he made the jump from one time line to an offshoot of the original reality where there are all densities activated, our time line, which is extremely unlucky from our point of view, he could have ended up anywhere in the universe but landed here within the shield around earth so his soul couldn’t escape so he was forced to reincarnate here, his experiences have given him a great deal of confusion.

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Me: Pleiadians have said that one 19.5 degrees device was originally controlled by the British but is now controlled by the Americans - that means, controlled by USA government. However, USA government is being controlled by Orion group. That means that the Orion group has a full control of this 19.5 degrees device.

Pleiadians: The device is no longer in Orion group hands but however the device which is located on earth also encompasses the moon so that means that souls from the moon cannot escape either, the moon has its own Van Allen Belt but is hidden by NASA, it isnt easy to prove or to find out about because its different to that of earths which is natural, the electron sun in the center of the moon is synthetic which creates a synthetic Van Allen belt where souls of the dead from the inside of the moon go near to before they reincarnate again.

Sirian: The device was originally constructed by the Orion group way before they were aware that there were souls of the Paa Taal on earth this was way before Jupiter came into the solar system because despite what modern science says Jupiter has only come into orbit around the solar system 2000 years ago, this will be a stretch of the imagination. It literally came from a different density and arrived. Then souls of allegedly Paa Taal came out of it and went straight to earth. This is actually in the Bible, this was originally a reference to souls coming from Jupiter but the bible has been edited by extraterrestrials since then so the quote as no more meaning any more, also souls of Paa Taal are not allowed to reincarnate on earth any more and are stuck near the Van Allen Belt because the Program which is Hyadean hollow earth controlled fear the Paa Taal. Though they have reincarnated the time line has changed so that they can no longer are allowed to reincarnate. The device is in Hawaii right now and is controlled by the NSA which take orders from the Program not the Orion group who have recently been pushed past Jupiter after Andromedan forces were pushed back, the Gemini joined in the frey and with their technology they were able to help push Orion forces past Jupiter (14/10/2015).

Leviticus 19:34
The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

Gemini: The device even though in the Programs hands is still there for a purpose and that is to stop souls from earth from leaving until they are educated enough on a soul level until they leave so even if the device wasnt controlled by the Program the Andromedan council still wouldnt allow souls to leave because the most recent soul memories are the strongest and the souls on earth would have a mentality of a child when going elsewhere in the universe, so they still need to graduate bearing in mind that the latest life times are the life times which are the strongest in a souls memories.

Me: Another 19.5 degrees device have been placed on the moon, which is inhabited by Maldekians. Sirians have said that Maldekians inside the moon are used to be a part of Orion group (implying that they are not a part of Orion group now). However, I am quite confident that Maldekians are still collaborating with the Orion group, because there are a lot of ties between them, and for example: the souls of Rothschilds and George W Bush are Maldekians, and still they are serving Orion group agenda. If my concerns are true and there is indeed an ongoing collaboration between Maldekians and Orion group, it means that Orion group has a full access to 19.5 degree devices on the moon. We see that at least some of 19.5 degrees devices are controlled by the Orion group, so how can we be confident that Orion group have not figured out how to setup these devices for their evil deeds (e.g. souls collection) ? After all they have had plenty time to do so...

Pleiadians: Good question, many suspect this to be the case that Maldekians are conspiring with the Orion group so you are not the only one to have jumped to this conclusion. There are still Orion separatists in the moon but they do not have a lot of power or access to spacecraft. The Rothschilds, George Bush and the Maldekians are from Orion, but their allegiance is not to the Orion group but to Ashtar command which is a group which many Orions belong to as well as some Hyadean hollow earth cities. Hence why there is an eight pointed star in the Sumerian tablets which isnt Venus as many scholars claim, it is actually to do with numerical values, its eight pointed because it represents the eight primary stars of the constellation of Orion. The star is called the Ishtar star and the name Ishtar comes from Ashtar command. This is used on the UK union flag which has an eight pointed star, also at the Vatican when viewed from above there is an eight pointed star to do with Ashtar command, The Reason why the Union flag is red, white and blue is to do with the colors of the stars in the constellation of Orion as well, this is true of many imperialistic nations with the exception of Russia which the Pleiadians have cleared out of Maldekians. Ashtar command is merely a back door for the Orion group to manipulate the populace on earth in our opinion however due to a recent vote Ashtar command they cannot have shared allegiances to the Orion group and vice versa so this should prove interesting.

Sirians: The pro-Orion group sympathisers are skipping realities by creating alternative realities so that they cant get caught. The Andromedan council and the Wingmakers are shutting down these time lines so that they do not collide with other realities of strategic importance so that new realities are not created hence fourth from it, at the same time by doing so they delete these villains from time altogether.

Gemini: The reason that contactee Alex Collier separates that Maldekians from the Orions in the ET 22 is because they are not a part of the Orion group but are a part of Ashtar command so they have been fiddling with affairs on earth as well. The 19.5 degrees device on Jupiter is no longer under Orion control because Andromedan force have pushed them back as far as Saturn to where they were originally. However despite this the allegedly Paa Taal have not come through Jupiter from a higher plane of existence because we think they know that there is one of these devices which would make them trapped, there is debate amongst the Andromedan council whether or not to remove this device which is coming up and see if more allegedly Paa Taal souls come through, thats if they do, the consequences we havnt the faintest idea but they wouldnt be able to reincarnate on earth yet because of the Program which is in charge of earth which is holding earth hostage. Ashtar command is on the Andromedan council as well which creates problems for earth. The Orion group is in no position to steal souls from earth for the record (14/20/2015).

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions via the website

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Question 1

Me: Do people with mental problems (eg Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, etc) have souls? And if not, what is their true purpose here on this planet?

Pleiadians: Yes they have souls the reason the way they are is because of the way reincarnation works. For starters because of devices on earth that stops souls from coming in or out the earth must provide souls in advance, to do this at the minute something unique is happening and that is more star seed is coming down and also souls of animals are beginning to start taking on humanoid form, the shape of the animals souls are changing near the Van Allen belt meaning they can only reincarnate in human form. What the Wingmakers the government form the future are trying to is try and put these souls on the back of peoples spines because 16% of white people including Arabs have DNA from the constellation of Leo which allows them to have two souls on their back, one soul in control while the other soul hitch hikes so that these new souls incarnating in human form are being placed on the backs of these people for a life time or more so that when they do come to controlling their own body they wont be a sociopath. However there is a lack of bodies so some do get through and the end up being sociopaths or having mental disorders which is unrelated to genetics but their souls memories.

Sirians: Triple stranders and extraterrestrials have their genetic memory fully grown at the age of twelve or equivalent and can remember their past lives vividly. In double stranded creatures or humans only 4% of the genetic memory is formed which easily allows children to learn a language especially when its been used in a past life which allows them to integrate and learn a language faster, this is how children learn a language and remember the foundations for languages if they do not speak the language on a soul level that they are reincarnating into. This is how they learn language, if there was no genetic memory activated at all, double stranded people would not be able to learn a language, so they have been given the bare minimum for them to integrate into society by the Orion group and Hyadeans that took away ten stranded of DNA away from humans so they could use earth as a natural resource, the biggest mistake the Orion group made was allowing the Maldekians to exit the Orion group which has granted some security to surface Terrans which will no longer serve as a natural resource in the future. That we are thankful of the Maldekians in the moon otherwise earth would be even more stuck in the mud.

Gemini: Not all sociopaths come about from their souls memory, genetic deformities caused by interracial mixing which white people are very intermixed between thousands of civilizations which causes the brain not to be fully developed which can cause problems such as mental disorders and can lead to incompetence as well.

Question 2

Me: Will they be reincarnated into a better, more normal life, next time around? Or will they come back with the same issues? (Assuming they never resolve them in this lifetime)

Pleiadians: It takes time for a soul to get used to an adjusted planet at the minute the Wingmakers only allow souls which are not adapted to earth to live on the back of spines of people with DNA from the constellation of Leo for 100 years before they are let to reincarnate in to their very own body. The problem is that the earths population is growing at an exceptional rate meaning that many souls especially in Africa are just not ready to be human which has had discourteous things to happen in Africa which doesnt help that other nations are taking advantage of Africa because they are black and are looked down upon by the elite. The Sirians are furious because a lot of Africans are Sirian on a genetic level and they get very annoyed when people point out the idea that black people are incapable of acting civilised which is not true at all, its because of too much malevolent intervention in Africa and because of population growth and Africa. As usual the continent that pays the price is Africa. We believe this to be the case because the Wingmakers have their own intentions and want white nations to be in the best conditions while other problems that cannot be resolved are ring fenced in Africa, many of the souls of the Wingmakers; the government from the future were souls that were formerly of the hollow earth who are all white!

Sirians: Souls will assimilate over time, what is happening in that these souls remember past lives on other planets when they become triple stranded as animals which has caused a great deal of confusion as they grow and are left misunderstood because they can really relate to animals and other creatures but struggle with humans. But as the grow it just turns into a phase and they soon grow out of it and assimilate. Double stranded people however need several life times to assimilate even though they cant remember their past lives they still have 4% of their genetic memory activated whether they are aware of it or not, which can lead to speech impediments and hyper active behaviour.

Gemini: Over time all souls will assimilate, some double stranders are lucky in a sense because they cant remember their past lives where as triple stranders can remember and have different personalties each life time like double stranded people, however triple stranded people have done some horrific things in the past which haunts them even to this day, this can usually lead to depression at worse and lack of self esteem in triple stranded people.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: Were religions created by the archon/annunaki/orion groups to control humanity and keep them separated and fighting each other?

Pleiadians: Religions were created by extraterrestrials, in Abrahamic religions they are filled with thousands of metaphors and each metaphor represents a different extraterrestrial group for example the eye represents SH2-264 a reddish nebula in the constellation of Orion. Mercy means the Hyadeans of the hollow earth. The heart represents the Hyadeans of the hollow earth in Abrahamic religions and the Pleiadians and Hyadeans of the hollow earth outside of it. The tongue represents the Hyades cluster. All-knower represents the hollow earth Hyadeans. All-hearer represents the hollow earth Hyadeans. A rock represents the Pleiades and so on and so fourth, its all metaphorical. However most people are not smart enough to understand the significance of all these metaphors which represent all sorts of different extraterrestrial races. All these metaphors comes from thousands of years ago in a time line where there were only double stranded people who would use language with hieroglyphs which has different meanings for example in a parallel time line where there is only double stranders in archaic times the symbol for sitting down was also the symbol for a rock and the symbol for the Pleiades hence why in this time line the rock is associated with the Pleiades. This goes for lots of metaphors. The symbol for mercy in another parallel time line was represented as a cow and meant Hyades cluster as well hence why the symbol for mercy is used in this time line to represent the Hyadeans of the hollow earth. This is very true of Japanese in this time line which has symbols that represent all sorts of things such as representing Geology around the northern polar entrance and symbols to do with Orion and much more.

Sirians: Nowadays religion is used to confuse double stranded people who do not understand their own religions, freemasonry has it correct and understands all the symbolism and metaphors in religions and understands that one god from thousands of years ago has the biblical equivalent in the Bible or in the Qu'ran. Funny enough the ancients understood the Qu'ran and were practising polytheists until other scholars came along with the message that there is only one god and this eventually became normal for the bible and the Qu'ran even though there are multiple gods in the Bible and the Qu'ran. The people pushing the one god idea are the people that are trying to make ancient texts more up to date with the times in order to control people and this is being done by the Program in charge of earth. Because its far easier for people to believe in one god rather than multiple gods and easier to defend such a stance hence why the doctrine of the trinity is trying to reach a monotheistic stand point when it really isnt, in fact there are more gods than just the trinity in the bible, the apostle Paul is the all seeing eye in the bible for example.

Gemini: Delving into freemasonry can be an eye opener as to what gods from Abrahamic religions represent which extraterrestrial group. At the twenty fourth degree in freemasonry is when the idea of extraterrestrials are introduced but only triple stranded people and extraterrestrials can get past the twenty third degree. By no means are we defending religion. The three groups of us believe that religion is intolerant and is used for control and for power purposes.

Terran resistance: hearth

A hearth was a furnance with fire in the center of a Roman dwelling as well.
Hearth. Heart

Terran resistance: hmmm

I believe you. Im doing automatic writing to determine how we are both right hold on a sec.

Terran resistance: To Tim Lovell, I think we are both correct you know...

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Me: Sons of Belial?

Pleiadians: This is from Edgar Cayces work which is true to a certain extent however the time line has changed and now its a meteor that destroyed Atlantis, people will remember different things because of the collision of realities which has happened 433 times (16/10/2015) from now to the time of Atlantis. For example the sons of of Belial were the first secret society on earth we believe they were primarily Pleiadian and played a part in the destruction of Atlantis this secret society still exists even today, they believe in the philosophy of Belial which said that the the needs of the few outweighs the needs of the many, which is where the opposite saying has come from in defiance of this secret society. This secret society does have alien spacecraft and are represented on the Andromedan council under the white dragon society. Before the collision of realities Atlantis was destroyed by a cascade failure which destroyed Atlantis but because similar realities collide that means that some people have different perspectives of the past which can be very confusing.

Sirians: The son of Belial were in the German third Reich along with Gizeh intelligence at the moment they live in one of the Gizeh intelligence sky cities in the hollow earth. Edgar Cayce was right about a great many things and was double stranded, he is now David Wilcock who has figured it out for him self, the reason they look so similar is because roughly 16% of a persons feeling about the way they look can manifest your body to look like the way you feel, for triple stranders they look similar to people in their past lives whereas double stranders usually take on the feeling of the way they think they should or do look. David Wilcock is different because he looks remarkably like Edgar Cayce.

Gemini: The Reptilians that destroyed Atlantis were the Reptilians that lived underground in the other reality that collided with ours. It doesnt make it less or more right this reality. The latest thing to collide with our reality was the Sirian Reptilians that live underground which are now a part of our reality and live underground and are considered benevolent but you wont find any evidence before them coming into our reality. The Reptilians that destroyed Atlantis in this particular reality if you want to call it that did so are Reptilians that live underground that have been there since Neanderthal times who lived along side them before they went underground because the surface was too toxic for them on a physical level due to warfare. Because of the Neanderthal DNA in people it has allowed them to adapt to a more radioactive environment and a more toxic environment so when aliens come to earth they can suffer from many ailments whereas normal surface Terrans are more capable of living in a more polluted environment. The sons of Belial who were Pleiadian put the crystal into failure because of the Reptilians that were infiltrating we believe, though there are slight differences of opinion as to what exactly happened. The sons of Belial secret society are not to be trusted, Belial himself is still the head of this secret society even today. Edgar Cayce still remained a Christian because there are references to Belial in some ancient texts which confirmed his faith to him.

Terran resistance: Some answers

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Me: Your replies lead me to believe that HAARP could be used facilitate or thwart this "hole poking" in Earth's shield. Is there any correlation ?

Pleiadians: HAARP can actually be used to poke holes in the shield around earth and the moon though that wasnt one of their intentions, they have recently switched from weather manipulation to punching holes in the shield so that spacecraft governed by clones under the Programs control so that souls from the surface of the earth can escape and reincarnate on these ships as a pact so that spacecraft that loose members on their ship can clone more people and place souls on the bodies so that they can be used to control the spacecraft, they are loosing man power because parts of spacecraft are being blown apart as Pleiadians from the center of Venus have launched full scale attacks on the Program in charge of earth in order so they can liberate earth from the Program, this was because the Program also originally attacked Venusian ships because they thought they were Andromedan forces so the Venusians are getting their own back along with Ganymede which is also launching full scale attacks, the closest they have gotten is they attacked and nuked a site on the dark side of the moon. The Andromedan council does not have permission to attack earth or the Program because the Program is holding the earth hostage at the moment but we foresee that this cannot go on forever they out manned and out gunned.

Sirians: HAARP also has the power to crash certain aircraft so has been used in drills and military practices as a means of taking down aircraft that cold be carrying nuclear weapons they can make a down draft that forces aircraft straight into the Pacific or Atlantic ocean.

Gemini: HAARP is very useful for military strategies.

Me: Who exactly is in control of the program?

Pleiadians: To be exact it is people of Aldebaran descent in the hollow earth which is 56% of Hyadeans in the hollow earth that are in control of the Program, they will not allow other Hyadeans in the Program because many of them are pacifists and dont believe in war or fighting they have a strong belief of this so they would be pretty useless in the Program when it comes to the defence of earth. The other 33% are made up of Hyadeans from delta tauri 2 wheras the rest are from Theta 1 who are also pacifists. We as the Pleiadians of the hollow earth play no part in the Program.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are right the only time the Pleiadians get involved is when its in their best interest usually when the hollow earth is under threat.

Gemini: The Program is governed by two hollow earth sky cities in particular.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions via the website

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Me: Underground waste dump fire that is approaching a nuclear waste buried in a St Louis land fill. I imagine if fire reaches the radioactive waste, St Louis and 100 mile radius likely have to be evacuated.

Pleiadians: most nuclear waste is buried underground, we do not suspect a psy-op or an allowance of this to happen.

Sirians: We are 98% sure that the fires will not reach there and even if it did im sure the nuclear wast will not be much of an issue, nuclear wast is stored in such a fashion that the containers can take the heat from the radioactive waste so it stands to reason that a mere fire would have little effect.

Gemini: Its no cause for alarm, its just media hype and scaremongering which is how the media governs the land and manipulates peoples manifestation to so the elite can get their own way.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Part of chanelling session Two.

Question 13

Me: Is there a parallel time line when Hitler wins the war as they said about the Montauk project?

Pleiadians: That time line was shut off long ago from our perspective though there is still a time line where the Nazi flag does fly over the entire earth which we are planning to shut down with the help of other extraterrestrial races.

Sirians: In this time line the New world order is built and world war 2 never happened and Hitler was never in charge of Germany instead the new world order is built when the united states of America join up with Russia and Europe but in this time line the geopolitics are very different to the one that you are in.

Gemini: This time line is destined to be shut down and is currently a time line when the Hyadeans from the hollow earth have created as means to escape judgement upon them. Most of them being fascists and pro Orion group.


Question 20

Me: Is the Hadron collider what people call it is?

Pleiadians: The hadron collier was built to bridge two realities together which bring about the new world order or a malevolent world government which is overseen by Hyadeans from the hollow earth and they invade a few planets and conquer them, this is why its seen as beneficial for the Hyadeans to be bridged together.

Sirians: The two time lines are this one and the time line which we talked about earlier in this conversation.

Gemini: It is also very beneficial for the Sirians this time line they are not saying everything that they would like to but the other time line is being shut off.


Part of channelling session 45

Me: Are the Sirians arms dealers?

Pleiadians: They are the biggest arms dealers in the entire galaxy next to the Gemini, the Gemini are currently arming the Pleiadians of the hollow earth which is creating tensions between the Hyadeans of the hollow earth and that of the Pleiadians.

Sirians: We only share technology with races that are benevolent and want to fight Orion group tyranny, this is our perspective.

Gemini: The Sirians like supplying weapons to the Program which is in charge of earth which are malevolent so what they say that they only arm civilizations which are benevolent is not true.

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Questions via the website

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Me: The US government has built an uncapped pyramid amidst a military complex in the middle of no where in North Dakota. What is the purpose of this uncapped pyramid the Americans built in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota.

Pleiadians: Its a test for creating hydrogen from water using a special method which was the secondary use of the pyramids at Giza, they were used for using water from the Nile river and turning it into hydrogen so that craft nearby could gather it up, the other reason is that the Hydrogen is used in the manufacturing of metallic instruments using elements which earth hasnt even heard of as of yet. The primary reason for the pyramids was to balance the tides of the earth.

Sirians: This site is built like a pyramid not because for use but because its symbolic that is why it is built like a pyramid, the shape has nothing to do with the creation of hydrogen at this site in America.

Gemini: Interesting question, the process like that of the Giza pyramids requires the uses of positive alkalis which is used in the process of creating hydrogen, this is the easiest way to produce it, the use of platinum is not used because platinum is very desirable and is used in space suits but is far too slow for creating hydrogen in mass production. The pyramids at Giza even have salt like substance lining the walls of the inside of the pyramid which will one day prove this theory correct.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions via the website

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Me: Is there a way in which a person can have an out of body experience or astral travel easier. What are the steps or exercises involved if there is?

Pleiadians: Though in the past we have said only triple stranders can only astral project but there s a way that double stranders use so that they can astral project, Some have naturally got this power because their parents were triple stranded and double stranded which is illegal according to the laws of intervention but when it happens, it happens, the way double stranders can learn to astral project is by digesting silver in very very small quantities, we say very small because a large dose would turn your skin blue! Then you would certainly pass for an Andromedan!

Sirians: The silver allows the brain to heal one part of the brain which allows for astral projection however it only works 19% of the time and depends on your genetics so most of the time It would fail and you could end up being blue in the process if taken too much.

Gemini: Humans with blue skin always digest silver in fact in ancient India this was common place to make themselves look like their gods hence why theres lots of mythology with blue gods in Hindu mythology however this practice has been stopped for nearly 10,000 years.

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Question via

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Me: Is it possible to enter the interior part of the Earth without using a spacecraft? If yes, how to do it?

Pleiadians: There is the vacuum of space where the northern polar an southern polar entrances are however there is one way, in Mount Kilimanjaro where the volcanic crater is, if you were to dig down roughly two metres into this you will stumble upon a long staircase which takes you to a technological facility with something that looks like an elevator because that is what it is, it is big enough to carry two hundred people at a time down into the hollow earth and as your passing the center of the plate around the earth you reach a level of zero gravity then the elevator turns over, your strapped in when this happens and then gravity is reversed because of the electron sun in the center of the earth which is generating its own gravity. Then you eventually reach another facility which is on an island in the hollow earth from there you can see a Pleiadian sky city in the hollow earth. When you are doing this you are doing what the ancients did when they escaped the great flood.

Sirians: There is another way, which is through the Himalayas which is very risky and is not worth the risk because the entrance there is covered by nearly a mile of ice. So its impractical compared to mount Kilimanjaro.

Gemini: A recently created entrance to the hollow earth is actually in Switzerland 11 miles west of Burn there is an underground base with Hyadeans and Pleiadians from the hollow earth in it, this is top secret stuff and is the reason why Switzerland has nearly always been neutral in wars because of this base which also helps protect this country. If you could find the facility which is invincible and is disguised as granite if you were to find a way in assuming your not killed in the process then there would also be an elevator which can also can carry 200 people at a time, you might want to brush up on your Basque as well if you want you go down Kilimanjaro or anywhere else for that matter.

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Questions via the website

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Me: You hear about in new age people taking white gold ormus. is this good or bad for you. if good or bad what does it do to you?

Pleiadians: This is true, white gold ormus helps the nervous system and and increase the reaction time of the body by half, without the need for psychic awareness, this is good because it a bad situation it can be beneficial because people react faster, its also helps the part of the brain where there is genetic memory which stands at 4% with people who are double stranded which is the bare minimum, to such an extent that people are not even aware of it, with white gold ormus the genetic memory continues to grow up to 16% and this allows the beginning of the body to remember roughly 3.6% of its soul memory which is better than nothing, you start beginning to remember the most recent past lives with little snaps of each of them which broadly awakens people because they begin to realise that reincarnation is true this can feel psychedelic at first but however if you want to maintain this ability you need to keep taking it every 2 hours which of course is impractical because white gold ormus does not grow on trees.

Sirians: It speeds up your reactive time and allows you to access your soul memory that little bit more. This is why the new age people talk about it. Copper is the cheapest and most needed mineral in the body, we say this because it can help your blood pressure and hence your heart haemoglobin is supposed to fully spherical to allow for better blood flow but only copper can allow haemoglobin to do this. This also allows for neurons at the back of the brain to grow the way they are supposed to so when meditating it takes twice as long to find an answer to anything you are focussing on however you get a more in depth answer.

Gemini: Copper is vital for the body, the easiest way to get it into your system is using copper coins and adding water them and drinking it twice a day for two week then just drink every three days afterwards an you should be able to see the benefits of it. We recommend it because people on the surface of earth suffer with heart problems because they are very mixed race so copper benefiting the circulatory system reliefs pressure on the heart s well by up to 15%.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Me: What causes the demonic looking scratches to appear on people's bodies? And why does it happen to only certain people?

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Pleiadians: We recommend that people go and see a doctor if they have scratches on themselves which they do not know where they come from, the BIGGEST reason why people have scratches on themselves is due to creatures called Kaazimgol in the Orion tongue. Which are creatures that come Rigel in the constellation of Orion originally that were let into this reality due to the Montauk time travel project and when Al Bielek was let back from Rigel back to earth he also brought with him roughly 10,000 creatures which are called Kaazimgol in the Orion tongue which are creatures with goat like legs and red skin, these creatures are not self aware like humans are but they are humanoid in form and like possessing people especially people who have DNA from the constellation of Leo because they are allowed to have more than one soul on their spine usually two in fact. These creatures can cause scars to form on people by attempting to attack people during their sleep but because they cannot do much harm because they are in fourth density they still try to attack people but most ordinary people do not know this is going on because like we said these creatures are in another density so the worse they can do is try to possess you if you have DNA from the constellation of Leo which accounts for 56% of people who are Caucasian or Arab. These happens the most in America where the Montauk project originally started.

Sirians: They can do to you is put scars on peoples bodies, another reason for apparent scratches is from abductions by grey aliens because people like to lash out against them even though there are Pleiadian beings aboard these spacecraft as well who helping the Greys creating the hybrids so the Pleiadians try to calm the situation with abductees and take urine and saliva samples, in fact when the Hebrew aliens were being created saliva was taken from a bloodline from Sirius B that was considered royalty because they had Reptilian, human and aquatic human DNA in them which was the closest thing to genetic royalty they had, then the bloodline from Orion which was entirely Reptilian and one fourth Draconian which was a bloodline that was in control of the Orion group at the time. These two bloodlines were put together to create the Hebrew aliens, this was done by collecting saliva samples because they can tell scientists about peoples diet and also contain the necessary DNA so saliva was taken from both these bloodlines and together they were used to create the Hebrew aliens that now live in Betelgeuse and the reddish nebula near it called SH2-264 is the all seeing eye hence why its associated with the star of David because that symbol represents the males from Sirius and females from Orion and their DNA being mixed together. So saliva being taken during an abduction is nothing unique because it can tell a great many things about peoples diet which is important if you are trying to make hybrids like the Grey aliens have been trying to do and have done so in the future successfully. Also the Hebrew aliens were created using saliva.

Gemini: The film called insidious is actually very similar to what its like to be a Kaazimgol theres darkness everywhere except in dwellings and where there is peoples focus so this is their hunting mechanism and they follow where the light is at night time because they can see all the lights on in peoples homes and the people in them, if you do get scars do not panic, see a doctor because they can be infected, also if you keep getting them theres a high probability you are being abducted against your own free will and the scars are caused by you struggling to escape and your being hypnotised so you dont remember. Grey aliens are very clumsy and have rather sharp nails as well when handling humans they occasionally scratch people. They are not the sot of extraterrestrials that do their nails very often or bite them for that matter.

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions via the website

Me: And how can you tell if someone is a vampire without them biting you. If they are real, what are they, where did they come from. There are myths about vampires in every culture across all time periods. What is their history and purpose for being on earth if they exist. And are they really immortal?

Pleiadians: There is elements of truth in mythology wherever you look. Vampires are real but not in the sense you think they feed on human flesh mostly rather than on blood, these beings exists in the Amazon rainforest, they are part human but because they have souls of that of animals in them they are full on cannibals, the reason for this to happen is because of excess souls of that of animals and when they manifest what they want to be next lifetime after being an animal and their soul goes from being pentagonal in third density point of view to that of a human looking soul near the Van Allen belt they make the decision to be part of the top of the food chain and often they will reincarnate in the Amazon rainforest in fact some British explorers in the 1800s encountered these beings and were eaten alive kicking and screaming as their intestines were pulled out from their bodies. These creatures are also stumbled across something incredible because of one of the earths chakra points being in the Amazon rainforest due to the earth being sick from too many people making bad manifestations living on the earths chakra points something strange has happened and the earth has made them immortal because of the chakra point in the Amazon rainforest, in fact they are even beginning to change with each generation because they keep growing extra strands of DNA from the sun which shouldnt be happening and what has happened is that they have evolved, they now have fangs half their hair has receded on their head and they have more hair on their extremities and other means of adaptation to the rainforest because the sun makes you more adapted to your environment. They currently have five to six DNA strands and they are breeding like crazy and sooner or later a lumberjack is going to have his body chewed to pieces by these creatures as mankind gets further into the jungle of the Amazon.

Sirians: This is not where the stories of vampires come from but its the closest thing to a vampire you will ever encounter. The earth is trying to make everything immortal in the Amazon rainforest because its trying to preserve it from humanity, but there are hundreds of thousands of organisms so this will go unnoticed. Because the population of the earth is growing exponentially and souls are not allowed in or out more and more animal souls are turning into human looking souls to fill up the body because of the laws of physics bodies must always have souls readily available for them. This has also caused more star seed to reincarnate on earth. Souls decide where to reincarnate based on past life experiences while near the Van Allen belt, but because souls of that of animals do not have all the knowledge available to them to make an educated decision, they could potentially reincarnate anywhere hence why these beings exist in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Gemini: Energy vampires exist, an example would be grey aliens that feed off the negative energy of battles in the middle-east because they are negatively polarised beings and will feed of this energy because negative beings will always go looking for energy to feed off of just like a bully would do in school, we have all been there. The story of vampires comes from Vladimir the impaler that would drink human blood which is where the story of vampires drinking blood comes from. The story of vampires comes from the time of the black death, when corpses were placed in the ground they were buried and because graveyards were getting bigger the would open up other graves with pre-existing bodies in them and they would put more bodies in. Over time some of the bodies in the graves; their stomachs would fill up with gas because of decomposition, then when the graves were dug up again they would find that the bodies torsos were bigger as if they were feeding off of the other corpses in the grave and this put terror into the hearts of many people because they thought the dead were gong to rise up and eat people so they started burning the corpses instead after that, which is a good thing because disease is less likely to spread. The story of garlic also come from Vladimir the Impaler because an apparent witch told him that he should put garlic around his palace to stop demons from entering his dwelling because he would have horrific dreams so that is where the story of garlic and vampires comes from.

Terran resistance: Song about my channelings?

Song about my channelings?
Listen to the lyrics. Possible triple stranded people?
"Start channelling"
It also says in the music Olly which is a person on the Andromedan council secretly representing Earth if you listen carefully.
Some of the lyrics are wrong such as it should say your hypnotised to normalize.

What do you guys think?

Terran resistance: excellent question!

im working on it and everyone elses replies hold on a sec, its been a while, ive been rearranging my website :)

Terran resistance: Some answers

Questions via the website
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Quintar3652: I have three questions. My first question concerns the grays that abducted people. I am wondering about whether it is true that abductees by the Grays had made some kind of soul agreement to be abducted.?

Pleiadians: This is an absolute lie, everyone has a choice, but because of the laws of physics what you think can become reality because electrons duplicate themselves and increases the likeliness; but not for certain; for example if you were up at night watching a late night film what about grey aliens and you say to yourself I don’t know what I would do I I was adducted to yourself then you have let them into your reality or have increased he likeliness that they will enter your reality; just because you say to yourself that you are king of the world does not mean that is what will happen.

Sirians: The Pleiadians are correct but they have not mentioned that the laws of physics can make you think stuff for certain things that are inevitable so that they are allowed into your reality, a good book as “Stephen Hope” was thinking is a book by (Lysa?) Royal which talks about thinks such as the Greys creating human/alien hybrids though the Pleiadians work with the Greys to create these hybrids to fight the Orion group, the Greys however do protest that the abductees are the ones in charge of the situation this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Americans are the first to ally themselves with the Grey aliens since the Roswell crash which many have suspected was done on purpose so that the terrified US government which think they have downed an alien vessel are forced into an alliance or face destruction as they originally thought anyway, though no one knows for certain. There is an agreement between the US and Russia; Russia originally anyway; the US made an agreement with the Greys that they are allowed to abduct anyone that is triple stranded because this is the DNA that they are after, though there have been a few thousand double stranded people they have abducted then they take the DNA and grow a third strand of DNA, there is no agreement on a soul level, its physicality and the gene pool that they are after. Triple stranded people are more likely to be abducted because of their genetics. The agreement states that anyone within the United states can be abducted, almost 86% of people in prison have been abducted but they only provide double stranded DNA so they have sought other genetics from all over the world. Barney Hill and Betty Hill, often people will often overlook what Barney Hill saw, he saw human aliens, these were Pleiadians that are over seeing the abductions by the Grey aliens in case they go too far, is expericnes are often shrugged off because he was black at the time. The Greys are looking for people that have warrior genes in their gene pool and people related to people that have had fighters in their blood line. Many lives have been destroyed due to mental post traumatic depression because of the Greys.

Gemini: The Greys that are visiting Earth are the tall Greys not to be mistaken for the ones that look like children who have fought the tall Greys because of what they are doing on Earth, there has been many a skirmish between them. As the Sirians said; its true but they have left out that Germany also has an agreement, you would have thought that they run Europe still.

Quintar3652: I am a multiple abductee who was taken many times. When I was on some other new age sites and tried to talk about my abductions and how it impacted my life negatively I was told repeatedly that I had made a soul agreement to have that happen to me and that I had no right to feel bitterness and anger and fear about it all, and that made me very angry. It seemed to me that it was an excuse to defend the Grays violation of my human rights to safety from harm for my body and spirit. I just wish to know if it is a cop out answer, if they just did not believe me and was blowing me off as a nutter, and if there is any truth at all to the concept that I chose to have them abduct me? Have been very conflicted over the years and put down for my anger and hatred of what they did to me. My second question is was it the grays that were abducting me or was it black ops doing that stuff to me?

Pleiadians: We have looked into your history and there seems to be a formal agreement between the Greys and you, but this is obsolete because they trick abductees into signing agreements so I wouldn't take much notice of this. We are currently looking into it. We accept responsibility for what has happened, but it is our government that ultimately makes decisions and there is a lot of bureaucracy, we will see what can be done but we make no promises, its against the laws of intervention for you to remember if you are double stranded to remember such things unless allowed otherwise, maybe you should focus your energy on sharing your story because that is when they allow you to remember. Its good that you don't feel scared because they feed off of it. If you manifest love when you are abducted the more likely they will keep their distance and you can make them feel awful and they will start swapping consciousness if you want to call it that between each other because they are a hive mind so this can stress them out because they feed off of negative energy hence why they are seen over many war zones in the world because they are feeding, by manifesting love you can create a bit of discomfort for them making it trialling for them to do their job so you are not the only person feeling discomfort. This is down to black ops for you and humans seen are likely to be Terrans or of world officers I.E aliens working for the Americans or Russians. Like we said we are looking into it, we recommend you keep sharing your experiences because we foresee that you will change 48 to 47 people's consciousness but its up to you ultimately, we don't like to see wasted talent during the “age of innocence”.

Sirians: Black Ops agents are a pain but times are changing pretty quickly the Greys usually abduct people three to five times on average, the fact that you remember is because they want you to share your experiences. Don’t be surprised if they show you children who are hybrids, in fact you can ask the Greys, they might oblige, the hybrids are called Asasani (spelling?) its 96 % chance you have given DNA that they have used to create hybrids and these beings are half hive mind and half what you call normal sentient beings who have a soul unlike the tall Greys who are just clones; the tall Greys that is.

Gemini: The Grey aliens are more than likely behind the abductions but we recommend you seek counselling if you are experiences hard ship or depression in your life, by no means comit suicide because this will not solve anything, consult a family member or a friend as well this usually helps. By no means keep it to yourself and don’t live a life of fear, it will be over sooner than you think.

Quintar3652: I am a multiple abductee who was taken many times. When I was on some other new age sites and tried to talk about my abductions and how it impacted my life negatively I was told repeatedly that I had made a soul agreement to have that happen to me and that I had no right to feel bitterness and anger and fear about it all, and that made me very angry. It seemed to me that it was an excuse to defend the Grays violation of my human rights to safety from harm for my body and spirit. I just wish to know if it is a cop out answer, if they just did not believe me and was blowing me off as a nutter, and if there is any truth at all to the concept that I chose to have them abduct me? Have been very conflicted over the years and put down for my anger and hatred of what they did to me. My second question is was it the grays that were abducting me or was it black ops doing that stuff to me. How much truth is there to abductions by the grays. I have read extensively about abductions for the last 15 years and I get so much conflicting answers about their agenda and their mission. I believe I was part of the breeding program, or that is what recovered memories has led me to believe, as well as physical evidence of this. I underwent hypnotherapy and the information that came out was truly frightening, and I often wish that those memories had not been brought to the light of day. So much happened to me over the course of the age of 8 till well into my adulthood. Could all those memories be something that was implanted in my mind, or could all of those experiences really have happened to me?I would appreciate any answers that you could get for me.

Thank you. Fantastic post by the way...have been following it all along

Pleiadians: As one of your famous philosophers said once, truth is scarier than fiction, you can undergo hypnotherapy if you wish to discard these thoughts which we recommend, do not seek more answers because you will not like the truth, these thoughts were not implanted.

Sirians: You have the power to do automatic writing as well, you are a Hyadean soul, if you oblige you will start hearing thoughts which are not your own, but this would be a hard life style we admit, we are currently looking for more people to do automatic writing. There is a lot of disinformation out there we recommend that you take this as “gospel” and instead seek your own answers you are doing well by yourself, much of what you have assumed is true.

Gemini: We freely admit we have not looked into your history but it seems that what your saying is true as for the Pleiadians doing anything about it, “when pigs fly!”.

Terran resistance: Some Answers

HebrianDaniel: Where did the Semites really originate?I know they came from the Sahara and its was green once and deforested and is now is desert and then they migrated to the middle-east and Mesopotamia? Where do my ancestors really come from?

Pleiadians: They originally came from Kilimanjaro region approximately 6000 years ago hence why it says in the Bible that the Earth is only 6000 years old, this is the date of the biblical flood in the old testament, Jesus is called the savior because Sirians saved people from the great flood and put them in the hollow earth where they were looked after by Pleiadians. Hence why the son of man in the Bible and Jesus are called the savior of mankind on the Sumerian tablets this is why Enki is seen with waters coming off of his shoulder and why he is seen with a lamb (Pleiadians) and an eagle (Sirius B). You are quite right that people migrated to Mesopotamia and the Sahara desert area which has been desolate for a long time way before the great flood caused by ancient nuclear warfare 400,000 years ago. Ancient Egypt was mixed race between many different groups. The Jews that left Egypt were Chaldeans that were escaping the Pharaohs who were of Hyadean lineage, the Phoenicians and Minoans were red skinned of Sirian origin which is now an extinct ethnic group also the Canaanites and Edomites were red skinned as well. The modern day Hebrews are a mix of Chaldean and Hittite, Who were governed by the Sumerians for a long time hence why so many stories are from ancient Sumeria. Also there are people that are mixed Hebrew and Hyadean which govern Israel, they are Zionists and cause all the wars in the middle-east and keep the people in the dark. The reason that Oil is so cheap is to do Russia in and also that Israel can afford oil. The recent revolutions in the region are also to make more oil accessible to Israel such as in Egypt, Iraq and Syria (10/12/2015).

Sirians: Moses is the Devil in the Bible hence why it says in the Bible that the Devil was murderer from the start because Moses killed someone whipping a “Jew”. The Devil represents the Hyades cluster which is why the Chaldeans used as slaves in ancient Egypt are of Hyadean descent. They mixed in with the Hittites from the north. The double headed eagle is used in eastern Europe a lot because they originate from a planet called Am-Tum-Than who are Andromedan souls with Hyadean and Hebrew DNA who also migrated to Israel so the modern day Jews are half castes.

Gemini: The real Hebrews are the Celts and ivory Hebrew. There is a difference between Jews and Hebrews, The Hebrews are in western Europe such as Ireland hence why they have the tale of the Tuatha de Daanan who are the tribe of Dan one of the tribes of the Hebrews while the Jews come from Eastern Europe and the ones that are mixed Hittite and Ancient Chaldean. The double headed eagle is the real symbol of the Jews while the lion and unicorn like the English royalty use and the star of David represent the Hebrews. Many ancient Egyptian Pharaohs have the symbol of the Hyades cluster and SH2-264 on their coffins because they were genetic royalty.

Terran resistance: Some Answers

Daniel D.C: Hi, I want to know the truth of the horoscopes. Thanks.

Pleiadians: The truth of horoscopes is that they do not work. Quite simply, the reliance on the zodiac is to do with the constellation of Taurus and Gemini, the Hyadeans and Pleiadians from the constellation Taurus who are in the hollow Earth and the Gemini who will eventually be in the hollow Earth in the future. Hence why there is a fascination with the zodiac.

Sirians: Like the Pleiadians have said horoscopes cannot tell the future.

Gemini: We also agree. The Chinese obsession with the Zodiac is like what the Pleiadians have said.

Terran resistance: ooy fucktard

It's a church of Barnabas.

when its upside down it represents hell when its up it represents the Hyades cluster.

Terran resistance: also

pentalpha" symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The pentagram was believed to protect against demons.

Like hell it is. Do you know why its called penta-Alpha?

Alpha comes from the first greek letter of the ancient greek Alpha-bet which comes from bull symbols which represent Satan and from the Hyades cluster.

Revelation 22:13
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Terran resistance: also

The orgins of Amen come from Zeus-Ammon, its worshipping the father as a part of the trnity i.e satan has always been in the church! Mary the holy spirit and Jesus the son of god which make up the trinity in freemasonry

Terran resistance: Some Answers

(12/12/2015) Questions via the website
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Gnostic Champ: last year I recently had what the doctors concluded as a psychotic episode. i felt like i was being watched by the reptilians and that my thoughts were being monitored. it was like they were out to get me or i had to kill myself because i was a threat to the system. i even saw my stepfathers eyes and they appeared to be reptilian for a few moments. i stayed in the hospital for a few weeks and they prescribed me meds for psychosis which i had to take for several months. i dont know how this happened, but i do remember a few days before my trip to the hospital i had a weird hallucination where i saw a blurred grey alien like face that appeared as i was lying down on my bed. my question is what could this possibly be? i also felt like i was guilty of my doings and i was being punished.

some additional questions:
is david icke a reliable source of information?
is the earth flat? (i know its a silly question)

Pleiadians: They prescribe medication for all sorts of things these days, they want you to think your crazy but your far from it. Your stepfather is triple stranded and has hollow Earth eyes because his lineage is from the future, 68% of of people from European descent are triple stranded, this is the second biggest secret to mankind next to the Earth being HOLLOW with people living in it. The reason you thought they were Reptilian is because of a big mistake that David Icke has made, people with cat like eyes have hollow Earth or Pleiadian DNA in them if their eyes are blue and cat like they are of Pleiadian descent, if they have different color eyes and have cat like eyes as well they are of hollow Earth descent. The reason this is is because you are double stranded and you are destined for many great things. This is a project which has undergone 76 times and is to raise consciousness of mankind people are being born with parents that are triple stranded. Triple stranded people have telepathy and much more.

Sirians: Suicide is never the way forward, this is a case of mistaken identity what David Icke saw was Reptilians but his conclusion that everyone with cat like eyes are Reptilian is wrong. Most people don’t understand this except for three double stranded people on the planet currently, we hope by sharing this information more people will wake up, it doesn’t add up. If they were Reptilian being then why do they age like us and have the same life expectancy? It simply doesn’t add up, you haven’t done anything wrong, your gift is a curse, you have woken up to the reality that surrounds you, you realise something is wrong but you don’t know what with your current situation, what ever you do, do not confront your parents because they will go into denial about their eyes like all triple stranded people, they are not allowed to talk about their past lives that they can remember from the soul on their back and because they have an extra strand of DNA. They most likely wear contact lenses, if you interested Stephen Hope can provide some material which shows the extent of triple stranded people with cat like eyes. Try going on facebook notice anyone doing these hand gestures in your friends list?
Do their eyes look like this by any chance anyone you know?
Have you noticed lots of people with mobile phones out with people with headsets in around you?
We will let you guess this bit. The truth is scarier than fiction.

Gemini: Do not be alarmed by these people, it took Stephen Hope to come to grits with the truth three years roughly and he still has not gotten over it really. David Icke saw beings from the interior of the moon and the dark side of the moon which can shape shift using a suit. The Earth is not flat its Hollow by the way. Stephen Hope had a problem as well and almost committed suicide, but because of the nature of time technically he did and died, what ever you do, DO NOT PANIC, as a wise Jedi knight once said fear is the path to the dark side, yes I have seen Star Wars for some reason Terrans find this amusing. If you have more questions feel free to ask. Stephen Hope will more than appreciate helping you.

Terran resistance: Some answers

What you say makes it more likely that reality will manifest so by saying that the more likely it will. So there is an element of truth to it. As for hypnotism, it can only be done on double stranded people and traces back to when humanity was used as a slave race by aliens accordng to my automatic writing so far. The more emotion you put behind the words the stonger the manifestation.

"i did not get the question about if i notice lots of people with mobile phones out with people with headsets in around me. what does this mean? "

Its for you to work out but you will not like the answer. I promise you, you will notice that even if you isolate yourself these people with headsets and mobile phones will still be with you. Your being followed.

Terran resistance: if anyone wants to contact me

If anyone wants to talk to me in private just email me here: [email protected]

Or send a message to my inbox.

Terran resistance: what do you guys think?

what do you guys think?

Terran resistance: its an ambush!
2:47 its an ambush, its an ambush, its an ambush, its an ambush!

Terran resistance: as an outsider...

as outsiders; outside the US, WE are always perplexed why Americans are always taken in so heavily by their politicians and hang on every word they say. This is why most people outside the US think Americans are stupid, truth be told.

Terran resistance: ...

humans do not come from Earth originally Hebrian...this is what i meant.

Terran resistance: i agree

i agree, it just pisses me off that people still think the elite are working for us when they are not.

Terran resistance: my thoughts

it is not Satan who is the angel of death in Freemasonry it is the Virgin Mary while Joseph of Arimathea AKA Satan is life. Jesus is not depicted they are the daughters of Satan.

This is why in the film spectre James Bond they have a festival to the Virgin Mary because they are a catholic nation and they are all dressed up as skeletons and one of the villians has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary with a naked skull for a head because she is Death. This is what the secrets society called Skull And Bones is about. Its Orion worship.

John 14:6
"I am the way and the truth and the >>>life<<<. No one comes to the >>>Father<<< except through me.

John 8:44
You belong to your >>>father<<<, the >>>devil<<<, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Joseph of Arimathea is Satan and father of Jesus

Terran resistance: The Earth

The Earth is hollow, its has Hyadeans, Pleiadians living in it. Hollow means the Earth is not solid, it has no core, it has a sun in the middle, the Earth is partially empty in the middle with many races living on sky cities in the hollow of the Earth. Its a depiction of the interior of the planet with water and continents. Continents in brown.

Terran resistance: the all seeing eye of the apostle paul

The all seeing eye of the apostle paul.
Who has one eye which represents SH2-264 a reddish nebula in the constellation of Orion.

2 Corinthians 12:7 (the apostle Paul):
or because of these surpassingly great revelations. Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.

A thorn in the flesh is a blind eye.

Galatians 6:11 (the apostle paul):
See what large letters I use as I write to you with my own hand!

Terran resistance: breaking point

The breaking point for me that aliens exist was the wandjina petroglyphs in Australia. The rest fell into place quite nicely.

Terran resistance: personally im not sure

personally im not sure but its damn suspicious that the hadiths quote would match - I like to keep an open mind

Terran resistance: i did some automatic writing

i did some automatic writing and it said that that 54% of nothern european cows urea can increase the life expectancy by 80 years (about so). Hence why cows are associated with life i.e in freemasonry.

Terran resistance: whats also interesting

in hindu scirpture they belief that urine holds the key to eternal life.

Terran resistance: i have not

i have not been ignoring your questions or emails but some things have come up which were not foreseen ironically which i will not go into but they require a great deal of time (surrounding someone's life), so i will answer your questions or your email when i can, when that will be will probably be after two weeks or sometime in between, i have made a start on the automatic writing however to answer your questions - stephen hope :))

Terran resistance: second book

i have started making a second pdf book surrounding the idea that if human aliens exist then who the hell are the people of the bones in the ground.

It surrounds the idea that homo ergaster died out in a civil war nuclear (and more) holocaust.

The neanderthal and sirian war with the orion group involving different densites (densities are made up of multiple if not more dimensions)

The fall of Maldek - which im currently working on that involves the planet that was once was where the asteroid belt is.

The apparent invasion of Procyon by the world government in some point in time which i dont know yet.

who used who as as slave race - the pleiades is known as the seven gods of fortune in asian mythology so i suspect them at some point.

more ideas would be appreciated :)

Theres no such thing as stupid question... only stupid people... joke... the more the merrier!

Also if there is a demand for a kindle version of my pdf book i will oblige sand sell it at the lowest price on booktango...also if anyone finds any pdf books of interest (torrented or otherwise) i will humbly put them on my website!!

Terran resistance: my opinion

According to my research the pharaohs would use green glass from the desert and place where the thrid eye is on their headresses which is where telepathy comes from. The reason they used the green glass was because it was thought to come from the gods. During nuclear tests green glass would be found after the bombs were tested which leads me to believe that the ancients were trying to tell us that nuclear fallout stopped us having a working third eye. Also on the indus valley seals they would draw the symbol for blind eye of god they put a chevron in it which represents the Hyades cluster which leads me to believe that aliens from the hyades cluster are responsible for the deteriotaion of the third eye working from nuclear warfare with a past race on this planet. After that they used us as slave races. In the holy qu'ran one there are 99 names of god and one of them is "the rich one" Al-Ghani (الغنى) which means that whatever extraterrestrial race that metaphor for god represents suggests that, that apparent extarterestrial race used us as a slave race for precious metals. Evidence includes the genetic fusion of chromosomes such as the second chromosome for inteligence which shows that two chromosomes were conjoined and a brand new chromsome was created meaning that who ever did it had the intention of using us as a slave race because the genetic fusion of chromosomes is only found in domesticated cattle (things controlled for inteligent use) and us. The next piece of evidence is that most people that have contact with extraterrestrials claim that they have twelve strands of DNA so where is our 10 strands of DNA gone? The consequences would include not knowing where, who or why you are here, in other words Earth has been turned into an experiment, the technology exists to repair many of these things by extraterrestrials so the only logical explanation is that they never left... and more damningly we are now in a zoo.

Terran resistance: please explain to me

evolution aigh? please explain to us how the human eye developed? or better yet explain to us how the genetic fusion of chromosomes can happen in such a vast population at the same time to make a substantial population for there to be a big enough breeding pool for a new race to be created. Or better yet how natural selection works when creatures procreate faster than they are killed to remove useless genes from the gene pool? Why do dumb people breed faster than smart people yet the human cranial capacity and hence the brain capacity is still increasing? i could go on but you will only claim i believe the world is 6000 years old. ancient astronaut theory answers everything!

Terran resistance: lol

please explain how 339 breeds of dogs came from wolves in less than 10,00 years with huge discrepancies in appearance, behaviour, size and other physical traits. Are you telling me that my Yorkshire terrier came from a wolve 10,000 years ago?

Terran resistance: yes it has

i did automatic writing and now the battle for the solar system is currently over between the andromedan council and the orion group with the help of the gemini and their input. As for the net around Earth as im still aware it still exists the net exists around the whole solar system. The way to tell is if Hawaii stops acting tectonically (i think anyway) because that is were the device is that holds us in place on earth but i also aware that there is over lapping shield nets on planets that trap people in the solar system - remember its not just to keep souls in its to keep souls out!

Terran resistance: dont believe the sphere alliance

I did the some automatic writing with the humans and reptilians (nazendo (humans) and the zelnaga(reptilians, they are not draconian they are orions and despise the draconians) in the moon the ex-war carrier and they said after the moon moves to mars in 10,000 years time the sphere alliance attacks earth stemming from tau ceti - but im not sure ifs its hysteria or not, or if they are trustworthy- making out that the moon is important in our defence for political reasons.

what i do know is that the sphere alliance are very anti-hollow earth and even destroyed an whole entire civilization inside a planet that what manipulating people on the surface that were genetically manipulated like us according to my automatic writing with the sirians, pleiadians from the hollow earth and the gemini.

Terran resistance: it was

it was probably just a dream because how can something on a galactic level destroy the whole entire universe... do you know how big the universe is. Otherwise the universe would be destroyed long ago. Dreams just reveal your insecurities, it shows you care about the state that the earth is in.

Terran resistance: depends

depends who you ask.

the automatic writing that i do they are apparently made up of worlds that were used and abused by extraterrestrials who used as scientific experiments or have been mistreated in some shape of form like being genetically altered as slave races previously and they have joined up and are taking out what they consider to by worlds ruled by tyranny they are also a member of the Andromedan council and have one million representatives as every faction does.

according to contactee "derek" they are celetrial beings that have gone on a rampage across the galaxy and have destroying all humanoid life but personally from what I have asked he has memories or a paraellel universe of some sort and his soul was moved to this one by the collision of realities which is not an exact science that not even extraterrestrials understand only that the more similar a reality the more likely they are to collide hence why extraterrestrials dont make it a habit to create alternative realities which is what happens in one form of time travel where something is taken from the future and not put back and this can create an alternative reality the other form of time travel changes the future at twice the speed of light from the point of origin of the portal which is the more commonly used way of time travel.

in that reality they use earth as a a world to keep all the souls of people that they considered to be inferior.

by all accounts that i have heard they are not to be trusted and i did a bit of quick automatic writing and apprently earth is currently at war with them 10,000 years from now.

Terran resistance: im impressed

how exactly did you come by this information because it cant be a coincidence that we have the same conclusion that the war between the orion group and the andromedans has stopped, was it by astral projection? who told you?

Terran resistance: agreed

the nibiru (divided amongst two)/hibiru/hebrews are part sirian and orion so that would mean that people that are part caucasian would have some reptilian dna also theres a part of the brain called draconian something or other suggesting that our chromosome for inteligence has atleast reptilian dna in it probably from the apes that certain parts of humanity were created from.

Terran resistance: well

your probably right there maybe i was a bit weak in my opinion the first time round.

Terran resistance: my thoughts

helping anything on this planet as family


all there doing is drinking bingeing partying creating hybrids and haveing sex and others things that make me believe there just takeing advantage if humans."


some people seem to be under the impression is that when we remember all our soul memories we are a fully awakened being but soul memory is like any memory it deteriotes and in the case of the soul is squished into the remainder of the soul's memories if not used reguralry. The earliest soul memories are the strongest and because we as souls have spent so long on this planet that means our earliest and most affluent memories are that of a 76 year old on average where as other races have a soul memory of an immortal or someone say 2000 years old as their earliest memory so intergration would be hard for us.

but you're quite right... what they are doing is not right!

Terran resistance: hmmm

i dont want to derail loliapolys's post but if he says so i will do some short and quick automatic writing :)

Terran resistance: where i live

more people can remember their past lives and are telepathic then they cant where i live. But i wont say where for obvious reasons, and you would be very very very very x10 VERY surprised how many people are like have these abilities. Usually people who can remember past lives are not normally allowed to talk about it openly so im very surprised that you are allowed too :D

Terran resistance: most of my family

most of my family can remember past lives and are telepathic but are not allowed to talk about it because of the laws of intervention during the "age of innocence" these people are here to monitor during this part of the time line but it would scare people if they knew hence why so many people are seen with cat like eyes. My mother has cat like eyes which she only gets them under certain conditions which i dont really understand at this point in time and I have plenty of friends that have cat like eyes or like a lizard, they often wear contact lenses because of it. Im adopted i suppose...

Terran resistance: :P

hyadean on a soul level I assume you are? ⊙

Terran resistance: i hear you

I often wonder if we only use 10% of our brain on average because its a muscle and we never use one hundred percent of a muscle, but having said that i think there is credence to the idea that we only use a small fraction of our brain because OF aliens.

Terran resistance: this better explains it all.

something for people to feast upon while I take a break from questions...

I'm currently studying Hittite and its relationship to star worship it's a very interesting language.

Terran resistance: "No I am not the same person"

"No I am not the same person"

never said you were.

Terran resistance: any people with earphones and mobile phones out alot?

any people with earphones and mobile phones out alot? You might want to look into the joggers illumintai card, they protect people, just saying that if you are valuable to the timeline, they might not be hostile but speaking of spying, everyone is spied on by aliens if you are not triple stranded helix in nature and only double stranded, a quite considerable portion of the planet comes from fourth density, if you are being spied on, they can hear your thoughts, because this is the fourth density mind set, but i dont want to scare you, im being spied on as well! ;)

Terran resistance: any people with earphones and mobile phones out alot?

any people with earphones and mobile phones out alot? You might want to look into the joggers illumintai card, they protect people, just saying that if you are valuable to the timeline, they might not be hostile but speaking of spying, everyone is spied on by aliens if you are not triple stranded helix in nature and only double stranded, a quite considerable portion of the planet comes from fourth density, if you are being spied on, they can hear your thoughts, because this is the fourth density mind set, but i dont want to scare you, im being spied on as well! ;)

Terran resistance: the hollow earth

Sirians are refugees from Lyra, some Andromedans are human, you forget to mention the factions in the hollow earth, there's Andromedan humans from the Andromedan galaxy, Andromedan constellation humans, Hyadean humans, Pleiadian humans and Gemini humans, you also seem to forget that certain densities can exist on the same planet (which no one talks about)r, no one mentions the aliens from fourth density here on earth. The difference between fifth density and above is that they are in a different world, fourth density down to third and maybe perhaps second if it exists they exist on Earth, everyone has neglected this fact and don't understand the significance of 'other' Terrans already on Earth which would appear alien slightly in appearance to us, we are literally surrounded by aliens, Draconians only play a small part, and nobody talks about the time travel capabilities of future humans coming back after agenda 21 has past and they are a different skin tone, no one mentions Terrans that were advanced in the past coming forward in time either. Also there are many parallel realities with Earth so 'aliens' could come from there as well, you are too short sighted. Also there's the dark side of the moon, the civilization which no one has had the balls to come out and speak of WITHIN the moon. Hence the moon's constant usage in freemasonry. It's all recorded in Hittite who is in the hollow earth via their language.

Terran resistance: Dimensions

People get confused between dimensions and densities, densities have dimensions, we have four dimensions in third density (where we are now) Length, depth, height, time, in fourth density they have an extra dimension which is an unknown to our science, though some speculate that because of this you can jump anywhere on a planet through this extra dimensions and thought can be moved anywhere. Mainstream science at the moment considers a single point to be a dimension but I like to think that a dimension has the ability to connect to points in space and is the easiest way to think about it. Motion is caused by time, so the planet rotating is actually to do with time not do do with gravity though that might play a small part. Planets moving around the sun is caused by time, solar systems revolving around the galaxy is caused by time, because for three dimensions to move another point in space needs time i.e motion to move from A to B. But mainstream science has not worked this out yet. Time comes out of black holes in the center of the galaxy and because suns are portals to other suns, time comes out of all the suns and different suns lead to different places, because suns are connected up we could be experiencing the same things near enough at the same time as other star systems. Hence suns being portals to other suns they are used for trade routes. Despite what mainstream science says things can escape black holes because dimensions can escape black holes. Time MIGHT also be the reason why we cross the galactic plane as well hence why new dimensions when added to the universe are at this point because it takes the least amount of time for dimension to be added to a planet when its jumping to a new density when its crossing the galactic plane. This also could be because more suns are nearer the galactic so are more likely to feed their planets with a new dimension when it comes into the universe and when this happens all densities receive an extra dimension unique but has been seen before in the density above, except for the new density which is formed by the highest density which gets a brand new dimension never seen before in the universe which elevates it to a new density never been seen before as well. Its density which causes a shifting up process in the galaxies in the known universe. So when you think of changing frequency like on Star Trek to avoid incoming proton torpedoes its more like they are changing density rather than frequency to avoid incoming projectile weaponry, like how jets now drop flares as a countermeasure ships use densities as a countermeasure instead. Look up Billy Meier and his Pleiadian friends, their ships change density and probably use uses densities which are far lighter than ours otherwise they would run into things when they make the jump and the reason they look like they are being held by a wire is because they create their own magnetic field to escape earths gravity, so down are the days in the future when we use hydrogen fueled rockets to escape earths gravity. Densities are measured in octaves apparently. What happens to fourth density when an extra density is added to the universe I don't know. fourth density is what the bible, qu'ran and torah call salvation, and is the ghostly realm, can ghosts build? that would be a dangerous dilema for earth if they could because where do you think all the smart people are gonna stay, they ain't gonna stay in third density that's for sure....its a brain drain..for far too long have we been looking down on ourselves as a race when in fact its these barbarians around us and underneath us which cause all the problems....Those that are considered worthy stay in fourth density while those that have passed on that are not worthy are probably forced to reincarnate... This is why nuclear testing was stopped because nuclear bombs are effective and send blast waves through into fourth density. I think each density even the word suggests denser is actually the polar opposite because they seem to get lighter as you increase from one density to another. When you make the jump after death you are just light and can pass through anything you are just light, up until you start eating and the body starts taking on a stabler form this explains why they can walk through anything when they make the jump otherwise you would end up in between a wall or something. They are made up of soft particles what we call electrons up until they start eating i.e hard particles. Also there is no freedom of thought in fourth density you can literally have voice calls in your head with someone else miles away because of the extra dimension. There's less freedom of expression and the elite in fourth density take advantage of this to monitor everyone's thought patterns. Second density if it exists would be more like watching a cartoon and the top 10 weirdest things that people have seen are stick men, look it up its quite interesting, the question is are they in the same state as we are? Are they in the same dilemma as we are wondering whether or not there's life out in the universe because not many civilizations are going to use third density and second density because there's less colors we might appear ugly to extraterrestrials we might look like abominations and might not want to touch us with a barge pole because of what we look like due to lack of colors. Also what we might consider to be duality might be different in higher densities, there might either be no duality or what we consider to be black and white polar opposites in color in one density could be totally different colors altogether in another density, apparently extraterrestrials laugh every time we say that space is black. Also there could be life on the moon in fourth density why do you think there are moon gods in religion and such as the virgin mary a goddess of DEATH in freemasonry. So if the universe is getting a new dimension then what will happen is that day dreaming will be confirmed to be a real thing happening in somebody else's head. When this starts happening more and more then we safely assume we are making the jump to fourth density. Some contactees are saying we are making the jump to fifth density instead. Why, I cant say.

Heres one link:

The black stick man is another entity encountered in modern times. Not to be confused with the shadow man, incredibly he is even stranger. Stick men are supposed to look like totally black, thin, stick figure drawings, such as teachers would make in kindergarten. They have been reported as between average height to impossibly tall. Their heads are just a black circle with no facial features being discernible. They are totally two dimensional, without any depth. Usually they’ve been sighted walking along roads at night, or at transitional times such as twilight or just before dawn. Bizarrely, some have reported them wearing what appears to be a top hat. Their walk is described as a weird “lolloping” gait. They are surprised when actually seen, and have followed unfortunate witnesses on occasion. Their pace remains leisurely as they approach. Obviously to be pursued by such an otherworldly creature would be anything but pleasant, and those who have encountered them have been understandably terrified. So far however, apart from being bizarrely frightening, they have done no physical harm, and ultimately just disappear.

Terran resistance: interesting link

Fourth density science, I believe for the most part of it to be true...

Terran resistance: im working on a video surroudning the hollow earth factions

im working on a video surrounding the hollow earth factions to do with hittite language, its quite interesting because its the one of the first indo-european languages and uses various symbols to talk about different factions in the hollow earth. it usually starts off with what looks like an equals sign or to be more precise are line in between a mini square, showing the bridge over the northern polar entrance to the hollow earth with a symbol for a constellation above it. What amazes me the most is that they knew that m31 i.e the andromedan galaxy actually exists, ill show it to you, you wont believe it though, its so far fetched but my conspiracy bones say it to be true. whats more annoying is that because the stars move its hard to get an accurate picture for comparison for the constellations because of orientation to prove some things. The best thing to do is to go by ufo lore and try to match up the symbols with it and cross examine it with other ancient cultures that portray the same symbols in a different orientation and shape to see if they are similar, for example the pleiades is represented as two lines on the indus valley seals, In Hittite its a line and a v next to each other, in ancient egyptian its two lines going diagonally, and they use a circle in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to represent the northern polar entrance with the symbol of the pleiades in it.

to be honest im sick of tired of contactees providing opinions and not showing facts so im looking for the evidence myself to prove whos telling the truth, from my experience with contacee alex collier he seems to be telling the truth the most because he said that when you drop down from fifth density to third density only your face shows and this could explain the face on mars commemorating a fifth density being which matches up with stories enki being killed by enlil, remus killed by romulus, abel killed by cain in the bible, because he says enki is burried on the face on mars. when you look in ancient egyptian mythology isis gets her head cut off by the ancient egyptian god horus, while in the bible john the baptist gets his head cut off by king herod.... Herod/horus? head chopped off = face on mars, though people think its thoroughly debunked it is not because if you look at the phaistos disk theres a picture of a head. An there are numerous metepahors for the face in the bible such as "the face of the earth" etc.

lyssa royal also seems to be reliable because she says that the greys are making hybrids of humans and greys in order to make a race called the assassani which matches up with lots of other accounts of abductees claiming that little grey men let them see their children offspring of grey aliens and them.

Terran resistance: songs about agenda 21

look for the numbers 22 and 21 on the bus stop. the song pestilenz in german or pestilence is about one the horsemen of the apolcaypse.

another song about agenda 21, 2:24 you here him say 21 to win.

Another song secretly about agenda 21.

Terran resistance: yes but

yes but our souls cannot leave this planet. The eagle in mythology is the spacecraft that saved us from the great flood, in ancient greek mythology zeus sent two eagles to the center of the earth. in Inca mythology they say that two u-shaped spacecraft saved us from the geart flood. One Hyadean, one sirian. terrans would still exist just not in this density and not on the surface if were not for enki. Theres a lot of lies surroudning enki, in freemasonry they say enki is judas which is true, but judas didnt really betray jesus. its only in norse mythology where loki (enki) betrays the sun god i.e jesus by tricking hoder(enlil) into killing baldur the sun god (jesus). According to the gospel of judas it is judas that will reign over the incorrutible generation and that he would instead sacrifice the man whos clothes jesus. judas is called the son of man in youngs literal translation of the bible. which means ben-adam son of adam, i.e abel (enki) that was killed cain (enlil). Also in the gospel of judas, judas doesnt kill himself like freemasons proclaim. Aso when you trace back the origins of decption i.e judas' kiss it traces back to the trojan horse from greek mythology, then it traces by to the ramayana with adams bridge, then in inca mytology it traces back to reptilians from betelegeuse in origin. The original deception. As usual the mythology surrounding enki is currpted on purpose to confuse terrans as to what really happened.

Terran resistance: not reptilian

lots of people have these kind of eyes, they usually wear contact lenses theres more of them than us....the aim of the game is to prop up governments for ufo disclosure. If you truly knew how many of them there were you would begin to realise why the government doesnt want people to know about aliens, they have lived amongst us for a very long time, they consider themselves terran thats how long they have been here...They can remember past lives and have a triple helix dna. They most likely come from fourth density their lineage hence why they have the same life expectancy, most of them are hyadeans originally from the hyades cluster on a soul level, anyone that says that they are reptilians doesnt know what they are really talking about because I KNOW people with these kind of eyes.

Terran resistance: whats also notable

whats also notable is the high fringe lines the hair has, which is very common with people with cat like eyes...

Terran resistance: reptilian eyes

I thought it was reptilian dna, then hollow earth dna, but i have begun to realise it most likey comes from another density.

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