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Crackdown: Near-Death Experience

This story happened to me about 5 years ago.

Once, I was riding at fitness-type roller skates (4 wheels in a line), and decided to take a shorter path in one place. This path had no asphalt, just a ground terrain - inconvenient to ride. But it was relatively short, so I decided to save time and not to take off the roller skates.

While I was in the middle of this path, I heard and saw that several wild homeless dogs are barking and running directly to my side! That is a real danger, usually people are really harmed by these attacks, sometimes even die.

About 30 meters separated us.

I quickly realized that running is not an option, these dogs are going to reach me before I get to the normal road and speed up. Tree is close to me - but, it is rather a bush than a tree - too small, does not seem to be able to hold my weight, and I could not climb in roller skates. Take off the roller skates and try to climb? I do not have enough time.

Then I saw a piece of wood near me. I tried to lift it, but, despite it was not really large, it turned out to be too heavy for me, when piece of wood is wet it could weight a lot more. One end of this wood piece was in my hands, but I was unable to lift it more - and could not use as a protective weapon. I desperately looked around me, but there were no suitable pieces of wood, they were either a very small sticks, worthless, or bigger and heavier than what I was holding...

Suddenly, something unexplainable happened.
It was not a thought, it was at subconscious - soul level

All the fear just disappeared. I took as steady stand as I could, imagined this piece of wood to be a large sword, turned my sight directly at their side and concentrated all my will and power! They were coming closer and barking, but that was not causing any fear - instead, that was making me to concentrate even harder. And guess, what happened next? When there were just 7-8 meters between us, the direction of their run _suddenly and unexpectedly_ changed to the right, like there was some large invisible circle of power around me! I was amazed, it was unbelievable for me that I got away from such danger!

This is the one of five cases where I could have died or received a serious damage.

" "Strong Imagination + Concentration of Power" combination is a strong force. Magic could be used in dreams, but what if it could work there as well, although at invisible way? Supposedly, if you will be confident in capabilities and use imagination + concentrate your power, that could make damage to your enemies at invisible level. However, it is not "good" to use this with negative charge. Also, negativity attracts negativity. Thus, let this force be neutral, but very powerful at the same time. It is just like you strongly push someone away from you - a strong rejection"

freedmftr88: Is the meaning of life angels sent from

One thing I keep hearing is even though we have free will it's like a lightworker mission to help the collective sort of speak. It's almost like if spirits are made of pure light and high vibrational energy then why can't they just say in a Heaven and instead sent to Earth to reinvent the wheel , like personal growth and spiritual growth , perhaps it's soul growth and that tyes into the reincarnations.

Also the definition of angels and Heaven is rewritten in the religious books in a way for the mainstream to fully get it , but from what I've heard angels are basically non-incarnated human souls and they are made of light. That's also what determines a healthy person from an unhealthy person and why happy feels so good because souls are made of that light. And perhaps souls if unintentionally influence or intentionally influence , we are all here for a reason which relates to the meaning of life and why we are all here. :) And why evil in the world exists is souls who got tangled up by dark low vibrational energy.
In something like The Bible , it's like dumb down and probably re-edited by people of dark energy which is why spirituality is better than religion because it's going by the original source. It's all the same thing at the very end. God , Universe , etc. For example the subject of Hell , I don't believe in it the way they promote it on EWTN for example lol , however I do think there is the low vibrational energy which tyes in with the dark forces of black magick and the underworld. I actually meet someone in my neighborhood who gave me a necklace and a dark spirit try to choke me with it and the necklace shattered in my hands and these dark entities won't leave me and my twin flame connection alone which was causing major problems of running / separation so my spiritual guides helped me by focusing on love ... so relating to all of this , perhaps that's the answer. The more and more people are in that high vibration , the more it'll effect the world and it's been documented something about in 1993 a large group just meditated and crime rate dropped a little bit. As New Thought / New Age spirituality says "Everything is energy" and the more people realize that love is good and love isn't meant to hurt , then unconditional love could work. It may not be logical or practical but is anything that goes beyond the five senses ? I think there's more to life then what we know and of course truthcontrol is proof of that. :)

freedmftr88: Law of Attraction and sometimes actions mean something else

One of the things I keep reading about the mission of lightworkers , starseeds , indigo / crystal , heyoka : sacred clown , old souls, twin flames , all empaths and everyone is life is meant to be enjoyed which is totally agreeable as well as awareness in which the soul becomes stronger if it's knowledge or even experience itself. If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on is that they want their lives to be happy. But happiness is different to each and everyone of us. Some may like the beauty of nature , others might find it boring or indifferent. Everyone’s different but we are all one. Perhaps that’s consciousness expressing itself. It’s like if someone smiles and another person smiles back , it’s mirroring the same energy in a way right ?
The word mission tends to be tossed around a lot . It's like mission means to be a romantic , a social reformer , a moralist , an idealist. Which isn't a bad thing to want the world to become a better place and to influence , the trouble really is what direction and energy is being used expressing that. Is it an expression of unconditional love , the expression of wanting to gain love and acceptance of others or an expression of the lack of life. There's two choices one can make which is love ( positive energy ) or fear/hate ( negative energy ) . I think that's what is usually said about a 5D Earth.
Which brings up a point. Is individual happiness and universal " Heaven on Earth " utopia all in the same or is just individual happiness the route to 5D Earth. Is the outer vision of peace and everyone at the same time nothing more but an idealist vision and dream which many have fought their whole entire lives away , blood sweat and tears to only come to the conclusion of dissatisfaction ? Or perhaps it’s to gain social acceptance.
It kind of reminds me of The Self-Determination Theory .
People want control over their own lives and at the same time they want to connect with like minded people.
So in terms of politics and people fighting with one another. The main question is can life be enjoyed no matter what ? Of course.
Even in George Orwell’s 1984 the main character falls in love regardless of the current situation. Nelson Mandela tapped into positive thinking while he was in prison. Which is the very point. We have control of your mind. And our minds are more powerful then we think because of universal laws like Law of Attraction. Therefore manifest one’s reality.
So if the perfect world may never happen , would it really matter if someone has manifested the perfect life surrounded with like minded people , health , prosperity , happiness the works ? Furthermore when the individual is in a 5D vibration ( aka Law of Attraction ) , they will be encountering people who are of “ like vibration “ since “ like attracts like “ . Same goes with a situation when someone is somewhere having a good time. They aren’t focused on that homeless person who is shouting and throwing that trash can and shaking their fist at the world.
Like what was said in The Secret , “ We are attracting our own lives , in fact we already have. Manifestation is automatic with no off button. “
As Abraham Hicks pointed out regrind the chain linking / domino effect of like energy attracting like energy “ That’s why better it gets the better it gets , and that’s why the worse it gets , the worse it gets. “
The key is pulling one self out of low vibrational quicksand if we manifest such low vibrational energy on autopilot.
And if someone has a non-happy life , it’s not because they are good or bad , friendly or not. It’s whatever is on their mind , they attract.
Even someone who succeeds in the richest scam ever and never gets caught has no duality , they are happy , they got what they want.
Abraham Hicks also mentioned something regarding how a tragic event could happen relevant to energy. How a criminal can hurt an innocent person , both have attracted the same exact energy. The criminal wants to take advantage of someone and the victim fears of being taken advantage of. Energy hears the vibration of “ the action of someone being taken advantage of “ and since both mindsets are “ Live Broadcast mode “ on that very frequency , so by the Law of Attraction , it has manifested because it is so high.
Though I think the biggest misconception regarding manifestation is negativity and positivity is black and white. For example a doctor who wants to help treat their patient doesn’t have the emotional thought of “Sick , nobody likes to be sick , They must feel so horrible. Why if I was that person…” And if they keep dwelling on worrying about getting sick or even just daydreaming it , they are attracting it. HOWEVER they can have sympathy because they care about their patient and being friendly but their thought is more about “ I’m going to cure my patient and they will be happy.”
However , if the patient is worried about their illness , they will attract bad health and there’s nothing that doctor can do about it.
So manifestation is emotions and the thought that’s emotional based is manifested. Someone can research a negative subject or even bring intelligent awareness of it’s existence doesn’t mean they are attracting a bad luck curse unto them.

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