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To attempt an analysis of the fabric of even the groundwork of SPACE far exceeds the capacity of any human intellect. Never in the history of philosophy has there been evolved a mind capable of grasping all the multitudinous elements of Being. The world is filled with people who foolishly try to teach or seek to be taught the length, breadth, and thickness of ultimates, when but a moment’s true thinking would demonstrate the fallacy and futility of such effort. Since the groundwork of SPACE – the ultimate abstraction – transcends every faculty and every dimension, it can never be comprehended by a reasoning organism that must necessarily arrive at its conclusions on the basis of faculty and dimension. For the human mind to understand that which is greater than itself is as impossible as for a mere man to swallow the ocean. The effort of the human mind to circumscribe the entirety of manifestation is comparable to a mollusk trying to enclose the sea within its shell. Realizing, therefore, how apropos is the ancient statement that to define Deity is to defile it, we are forced to accept the inevitable conclusion of the ages: namely, that the ultimates of beginning and end are alike unknowable. These conclusions are in harmony with the deductions of both Socrates and Buddha.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

Spirit is the positive manifestation of SPACE; Matter is the negative manifestation of SPACE. Spirit and Matter exist together in SPACE. SPACE, Spirit and Matter are the first Trinity, with SPACE the Father, Spirit the Son, and Matter the Holy Ghost.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

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Bellerophon: Constellation of The Pleiades? Really?

Do you know the difference between a star cluster and constellation?

Crackdown: OO: 2nd + 3rd Week! Two Real Aliens, Reptilian Hybrid, Starseeds

I am completely serious about this post. During the last weeks of very intensive chat, I met two real aliens, reptilian hybrid, and starseeds

Those two aliens seem to be real: not only by their claim, but also by highly educated speech. That would be too sophisticated for a stupid prank. In addition, I have photos of reptilian hybrid now, and found out the identity...

During this week, I will openly post the most interesting parts of discussions, but only the parts which are not private - not directly related to "Stranger"

Stay tuned!

Crackdown: Thank you. I agree with your opinion, but your guess is wrong...

If this alien would have been a reptilian, he would not tell that we should get rid of religion, that's for sure. "Моst Еаrthlings dоn't knоw" about them. Please remember that, aside from malevolent reptilians and benevolent nordic-type extraterrestrials, there are a LOT of other species and groups, with different agendas. And not all of these agendas involve humans

Crackdown: === PROMISED VIDEO ===

Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground
It took 2 months for creator to make, 3 weeks for me to translate! Hope you like it

UN.i1-PHI: dont worry 'alien' beings come in all shapes, sizes and places

just the diversity of the flora and fauna here at earth is spectacular and indicating the 'unimaginable' variety/diversity of life everywhere

i used to think when i was small, how come those aliens (supposedly) look like us if they evolved on places with very different conditions, tough some are similar, and yes i still believe in that but i dont deny similar looking beings because they could be related and (eventually) genetically manipulated!

still i'm pretty sceptic against many/most claims of those other human (appearance) same looking aliens, for obvious reasons...
especially if they suppose to fly around in something that looks like a tinfoil-hat xD

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