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Comments (2)

BenjaminFalkenrath: I wish I didn't...

I wish I only remembered enough to get me out of the matrix lol
I don't like that I've never forgot all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly.
When I saw this post an the author had a Falcon picture I'd hoped she knew or remembered more where that part comes from. Because you google image my last name an it isn't pretty. But I remember us as high authority celestial beings...

Tw1nTeslas: Great photo

I feel like we are screwed when it comes to inventors and critical thinkers like Tesla. A man of his intelligence comes once every 250 years, if ever again. It really is too bad many of his secrets and buried technological advances will never see the light of day. The most interesting things, are usually the things we cannot see happening with the naked eye.

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