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bluesbaby5050: The Sirian A'S............

The Sirian A's do ALL the New Grid work for the planets. They set up the Grids, and the Lay Lines that Transverse planets for Evolution. They specialize in this kind of work. They are will known for this.This is in the Sirian A's History.They are now repairing this in some areas for Planet Earth as well, because some places on this planet have been severely damaged by past, and present bombings, and earth quakes.

Eldertree: Why does race have to always

Why does race have to always be the focus and not about the assets or attributes given from each race. Even at that, it's still irrelevant. I try to treat everyone at an individual level. But I will always treat racist people as racist, because racist people tend be people who want power and want everyone to fall into segregation, divide and against one another.

Second point, Sirians were not black. The Sirius b races were and again they were not all "black". The blackness came from the fact that most were reptilian, Draco and beings that came from elsewhere. The Annunaki (including Anu) is NOT Sirian. He has Sirian roots but he is NOT Sirian.

All Sirius A beings, are most bright appearing beings. Some non physical and then you have the mammalian and tall white and blue skinned humanoids too. The planets around Sirius are all reflecting bright colours because of the brightness Sirius A gives off. Sirius A itself is a bright white/blue star. Therefore beings on this star system will have this pigmentation in their physical vessels because of that.

And not all canis beings are dark or black either. Many dogons and felines are actually quite the opposite. They are white, yellow and similar colours to the existing mammalian's on this planet are. Just the same as Elephants, whales and Dolphins are all bright coloured too.

You’re talking tripe again Annuanki77.

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