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The true sun kings of old, the "Christs," were given solar symbolism due to the fact that they were brought into life and celebrated during the rise of the star Sirius, an event that occurred during the summer month of July, or during the signs of Leo and Virgo. Virgo was the Virgin who, astrologically speaking, gave birth to the sun-child. This sun-child was known as Lucifer, the son of the morning or dawning, the bright young star (youngster). Later these dates, together with the symbolism, were inverted and the sun-child was said to have been born in the middle of winter. The role of John was downplayed and the role of Christ made more conspicuous. Secret societies, like the Knights Templar and their appropriately named associates the Knights of St. John, continued to honor the truth. They continued to venerate the severed and bearded head - the head of John the Baptist. The "Christs," or sun kings are, to this day, associated with the sun and the lion due to ancient astrological reckoning. The "Lion of Judah" was the term used by the leaders of the sun churches and is still used as an epithet. The opening of the Egyptian new year corresponded with the rise of the sacred star Sirius and with the rising of the waters of the Nile. This rising was most auspicious and it occurred during the week of July 25, in the sign of Leo. The river's waters brought life to the parched land. The crops and vines began to grow and thrive throughout the sign of Virgo. So it was said that the sun of god, the light of the world (Lucifer), was born of a Virgin.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

The Church abandoned the idea of the birthday of Jesus coinciding with the day of the heliacal rising of Sirius in 7 BC for a symbolic rebirth of the sun in winter. The July birthday would have shown all too clearly the connection between Christianity and the original Osiris religion of Egypt. For this was the start of the Sothic year and for millennia the basis of the Egyptian Calendar.

Adrian G. Gilbert / <cite>Magi: The Search for a Secret Tradition (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

In some esoteric traditions Sirius is the central sun of the universe around which our sun rotates.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

The extraordinary truth is that the very existence of the Washington Monument is intimately linked with the Egyptian star, Sirius the Sihor, which the ancients represented in their sacred hieroglyphics as an obelisk as well as a star. How is it possible that this most important star of the ancient world should find itself, as it were, resurrected in the architecture of the United States.

David Ovason / <cite>as quoted by Michael Tsarion in Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation</cite>

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edisonik: In the Empire there are Good and Bad

The Annunaki are Warriors , they come from the Dog Star Sirris, the Andromedans are weary of them and don't trust them too much because they have been known to break their promises but they are much better then the Reptilians, they have been known to fight nasty Wars with the Lizards.
The Annunaki Prince Enki is the Good Guy in all of this, he has a big Role in the History of Mankinds Developement and DNA Developement.
There is alot people don't know but this is were I will try to Educate the rest on humanities real history.

Annunaki77: Enki was the Son of King Anu

He served the Canus King. When Enki grew up in Sirius he saw what it was to live with Tyranny. He saw many Canus slaves that served in Dumb anguish. His heart was wounded and he made a decision while in Sirius he decided to do something about this Tyranny.
He understood that his Father wouldn't have any dumb ideas trying to change the Throne.

So Enki kept his silence, untill King Anu had his problem with King Al Al and his Grandson Lord Zeus of Olympus. Enki understood what was about to transpire but he just continued his research into Genesis Sciences Developement in Sirius and Uranus.

Once the Battle was over Enki seized his opportunity to Create his Garden on Earth. Olympus was destroyed and Zeus was arrested, his Ikiki were very brave and died to the last Canus.

So too many Brave Men and Women Serve the Illuminati System , many Brave Renegades.
Who truly believe in Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
So things aren't all Black and White Bluesbaby5050. Relax Beautiful Bluesbaby5050.

Annunaki77: It's about Power and the Throne of Sirius

Zeus was the Grandson of King AL AL, the King of Sirius.
When the Wolf Soldiers ventured into Orion they battled the Reptilians and Destroyed some Reptilian Civilizations and battled the Orion Mk Warriors ( Dragon Warriors).
It was Dog vs Lizard , it was very messy, the Orion Queens went to the Canus King for a Truce.

King AL AL bartered a Peace Treaty with the Serpent Queens of Orion.
Loyalty and Service to Orion and for this Service Sirius would get title to the Star Systems discovered around the Pesh Ma Ten Super Star Highway.

After this Deal the Royal Families were fighting amongst themselves for Power and Influence.
They didn't like the Deal King AL AL made with the Serpent Queens and the Families decided to Betray King AL AL so he knew their was a Plot Cooking on Sirius for his Hide so he went to the Serpent Queens of Orion and laid a claim for the Bod Star System.
For this Claim he pledged Loyalty and Service to the Orion Serpent Queens.

King AL AL left the Throne of Sirius and created a New Throne on Tiamat.
He Created Mount Olympus.

Later as the King aged and Passed on to the Next Dimension, his Grandson Zeus became the New Lord and Kod of Mount Olympus.

Eldertree: The moon represents the sign

The moon represents the sign cancer, and when the sun goes into the sign cancer, it aligns with Canis major, the constellation in which Sirius is in. The moon once known as Kingu, was located in Sirius, and was brought here by Nibru when it passed through. The moon is the oldest body in our solar system and does not come from this system. It has no links to Orion whatsoever.

Yes Enki is watching. A lot of people are watching very closely.

Eldertree: Sirius is the dog star, why

Sirius is the dog star, why do you think, wolves howl to the moon? You're all cot out on your lies, reptiles.

Eldertree: Why does race have to always

Why does race have to always be the focus and not about the assets or attributes given from each race. Even at that, it's still irrelevant. I try to treat everyone at an individual level. But I will always treat racist people as racist, because racist people tend be people who want power and want everyone to fall into segregation, divide and against one another.

Second point, Sirians were not black. The Sirius b races were and again they were not all "black". The blackness came from the fact that most were reptilian, Draco and beings that came from elsewhere. The Annunaki (including Anu) is NOT Sirian. He has Sirian roots but he is NOT Sirian.

All Sirius A beings, are most bright appearing beings. Some non physical and then you have the mammalian and tall white and blue skinned humanoids too. The planets around Sirius are all reflecting bright colours because of the brightness Sirius A gives off. Sirius A itself is a bright white/blue star. Therefore beings on this star system will have this pigmentation in their physical vessels because of that.

And not all canis beings are dark or black either. Many dogons and felines are actually quite the opposite. They are white, yellow and similar colours to the existing mammalian's on this planet are. Just the same as Elephants, whales and Dolphins are all bright coloured too.

You’re talking tripe again Annuanki77.

Annunaki77: Bingo Correct

The Land of Canine/Canaan. Sirius , the DOG STAR.
Bring it! Bring it!, I had enough of this Monolithic Conspiracy Bullshit. Or shall I say Dog Shit Instead.

I had enough of this Crap with these Infiltrators.

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