Serpent Queens

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edisonik: Humanity has the Divine Right to Exercise Self Rule

Yes Quinton we all have the Divine Right to Exercise Self Rule, in the Orion Empire where the Serpent Queens hold their Power there is no Self Rule, in the Constellation of Orion there is only Tyranny. Lucifer was handed some power to control the Earth but that control is falling apart because the Humans are waking up, they are beginning to Question everything, God Be Praised.

The Whole Lizard System is Collapsing that is why these Lizards are moving into ovrdrive to get their Grid in Place for the Planet to Become a Prison Planet, it will not happen.
The Falcon Masters that have given Humanity the Gift of the Feather are here the Hawkgu, the Pleadians are here those loyal to Eiyah the Annunakian Prince of the Dog Star Sirris.
Many other Benevolant ET's are here, so Pray every night for Peace you are not alone , you will never be alone, the Draco Military Industrial Complex has high tech Weapons and the Relic Moon Space Craft, the Annunakian Prince has AR 1 end of Story.

AR Flag Ship a Nibiru Planetoid Space Craft, they want to play let the Games begin, big events are coming, lets hope we don't blow up another planet over this.

Annunaki77: It's about Power and the Throne of Sirius

Zeus was the Grandson of King AL AL, the King of Sirius.
When the Wolf Soldiers ventured into Orion they battled the Reptilians and Destroyed some Reptilian Civilizations and battled the Orion Mk Warriors ( Dragon Warriors).
It was Dog vs Lizard , it was very messy, the Orion Queens went to the Canus King for a Truce.

King AL AL bartered a Peace Treaty with the Serpent Queens of Orion.
Loyalty and Service to Orion and for this Service Sirius would get title to the Star Systems discovered around the Pesh Ma Ten Super Star Highway.

After this Deal the Royal Families were fighting amongst themselves for Power and Influence.
They didn't like the Deal King AL AL made with the Serpent Queens and the Families decided to Betray King AL AL so he knew their was a Plot Cooking on Sirius for his Hide so he went to the Serpent Queens of Orion and laid a claim for the Bod Star System.
For this Claim he pledged Loyalty and Service to the Orion Serpent Queens.

King AL AL left the Throne of Sirius and created a New Throne on Tiamat.
He Created Mount Olympus.

Later as the King aged and Passed on to the Next Dimension, his Grandson Zeus became the New Lord and Kod of Mount Olympus.

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