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The discussion of reincarnation in this book should remove all reasonable doubt concerning the benevolence of Providence. Rebirth does not go on forever as in a tedium of crime and punishment. It is a constant opportunity to grow through the improvement of character and the gentle service to those in need of our sympathy and insight.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>Lectures on Ancient Philosophy</cite>

The belief in reincarnation is also prevalent among the Eskimos. Aged Eskimos not infrequently kill themselves in order to reincarnate in the family of some newly married loved one.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

As the universes in Nature are formed from powers latent in the Kosmic Egg, so everything used by man in all his incarnations throughout the kingdoms of Nature is drawn from the latent powers within his Auric Egg. Man never passes from this egg; it remains even after death. His births, deaths, and rebirths all take place within it, and it cannot be broken until the lesser day "Be With Us," when mankind--like the universe--is liberated from the Wheel of Necessity.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

The theory of transmigration was not applicable to the visible material body of man, but rather to the invisible immaterial spirit wandering along the pathway of the stars and sequentially assuming in the course of evolution the forms of the sacred zodiacal animals.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

What man of myopic vision dares to ordain health for the sick or illness for the strong? Who dares to say this poor man should be rich or this man should be poor? Does he know the reason for his coming? Does he know the virtues and vices which, lying hidden in the past, are the invisible causes of his present condition? Does he know the reason for the environment where he dwells, or the urges that have led him to his present state? If not, then he should be silent.

Manly P Hall / <cite>Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics</cite>

We cannot always tell why souls come into the world rich or poor, some to grow strong and survive, others to become weak and succumb; but this we do know, that the law of karma directs these things, placing each life where it will best learn the lesson needed for its growth. Some must learn in sickness and pain; others in laughter and joy. Some must learn to be exalted; others to humble themselves. But all are here to save their souls by the sweat of their brows; to knead the bread of their own existence, even though they must mix it with their own life-blood.

Manly P Hall / <cite>Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics</cite>

In the future we may also learn to look at relationships in terms of reincarnation. We may come to appreciate that relationships in previous incarnations may account for 'subconscious' feelings of liking and disliking which rise up when we meet strangers.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

How is it possible for a brother to beget descendants for his brother, since everyone's seed is different?

In the next incarnation they will all be strangers because they will not recognize each other; therefore, no law says the wife then belongs to this one of that one.

In each new life if people wish to marry, which is not certain, they decide for themselves whom they which to marry.

Take heed of the laws of Creation, which teach that in a new life people do not remember their former lives. Thus your question is superfluous.

At this point it is only the prophets who remember former lives, since they follow the laws of Creation and therefore live in wisdom.

Talmud of Jmmanuel / <cite>23:20-24</cite>

The point is that the same patterns that structure life on earth also structure the spirit worlds. Hercules and Job suffered trials in their earthly lives that have been recorded in the history of the world, but they will also have to suffer the same trials in the afterlife - unless they can learn to become conscious of them. And if they can't, they will also have to suffer them in their next incarnation.

This is the aim of initiation: to make more and more experience conscious, to roll back the boundaries of consciousness.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

The Creating Power, in its aspect as the law of nature, now pronounces a curse upon the disobedient mortals. They are doomed to the cycle of birth and death. They are no longer supported and sustained by the inward light but must struggle to survive in a universe of doubts and fears. Ixion is bound to his wheel, and the cycle of necessity has gained dominion over the divine spark - the hosts of Adamic souls.

Manly P Hall / <cite>How to Understand Your Bible</cite>

I think that you can make a good case for this [reincarnation], that there was much in the Old and New Testament to support reincarnation, but was taken out during the Middle Ages. We know that happened, we know that many scriptures were deleted, and some things were put in that were not in the original. So I think that the scriptures dealing with reincarnation were taken out purposely because the church felt that it would be harmful to the people, to think that they would come back, and that they come back again. Because if you keep coming back in other lifetimes, then why do you need to contribute to the church today? Why do you need to even go to church today, or even hear the priest, if you're going to come back the next time and do it over again anyway?

Jordan Maxwell / <cite>Matrix of Power</cite>

With the simultaneously incarnating (fast track) Higher Selves, each individual Higher Self operates as an individual unit with experiences, events and time periods chosen by each Higher Self to operate within the Games parameters. Within the sequential Higher Selves, they operate as a group and rarely, if ever, change into another group. Hence, you have the reptilian faction, the Sirian faction, the Andromedan faction and so on. In almost all cases, they proceed/Advance as a planet or group. This is VERY slow because each waits for the others to progress at a planetary rate.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

Each will be male and female (many times over) and all sexual orientations.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

No matter what you can or cannot do today, you will be able to do at some other time or incarnation. Your Higher Self can be put off, to a certain extent, but cannot be denied. You WILL succeed.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

The Earth life system is very addictive. It takes many hundreds of incarnations to regain your spirit (Higher Self) control and spiral out of The Game.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

Simultaneous incarnations are in different periods because the different dynamics provide more varied experience. Although not on 3rd density Earth, sequential incarnations in 3rd density are typical of “alien” experiential processes. It is also where we started before we chose the simultaneous path of acquisition of experience. Sequential incarnations experience a lengthy evolution in societies that are usually socially boring, where everyone looks the same, acts the same, etc., and the planet or race evolves as a group.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

You may believe you “are” a “male/man”, or a “female/woman”, when you as an androgynous spiritual being operating through a body buy into the cultural lie and the DNA programming that says or makes it seem you “are” your body and the gender of the body. Are YOU really a “male”, or a “female”? No! However, most incarnations here think they are!

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

Why come to Earth in the first place? Earth is not the only place in the universe where there is a time-space reality system, nor does it lie on the only vibratory level where there are space-time realities, but life here (because of the nature of life on Earth and the extreme dualities and polarities involved) represents one of those places that represents a unique challenge to any entity who has problems to work out that require such a location. According to Monroe, any time-space scenario (of which Earth is a whopper!) has unique aspects which contribute interesting ways to the development of both intelligence, awareness and experience. You won’t find an entity like 6th level jehovah entities who are even willing to go through such experience. Because of that, many entities that reside on other vibratory levels have not developed knowledge of what love, compassion and empathy really are – that’s why they feel the need to be obeyed, worshipped, and identify with CONTROL and MANIPULATION. Going to a level where the NORMAL non-physical rules of existence are suspended is beyond their willingness to give up their identity with control.

Next, it requires that you select a propitious birth entry point with appropriate genetic, environmental, social, political and economic patterns that you calculate will ensure realization of the very purpose for your entry into 3rd density, despite the existence of variable that could severely impact the realization of ones purpose, and the whole journey may involve taking certain actions to realign the probable/possible income. Since there are many who seek embodiment experiences (and many who seek to avoid it at all cost), very often a specific kind of birth entry point is not available, and one is presented with less than ideal circumstances. It’s sort of like bungee-jumping without the cord.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

For the advanced incarnation, 98% of the literature and information on the planet is pure synthetic bullshit designed to keep you in one box or another.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

The majority of the human population at this time is actually incarnated animal spirit from one species or another. The ratio used to be different earlier in the history of the planet, I am told, and has varied depending on the dynamic present on the planet at that time. More organic bodies are available here than Higher Selves can use for incarnation purposes. It is known that Monroe knew about this, but never revealed this in his books. That kind of “human experience” is different than the “human experience” of Higher Self incarnations. More information on this is in the narrative. Ever wonder why some religious belief systems feature reincarnation as animals? Now you know.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

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Fact is when you die you think it's over?, Nope! it's far from over , the reason is simple but very provocative, what you really are is an Awsome Energy Field of Color , Light & Sound. Your energy field is what makes you, you!, your body is just the Vessel you use to experience this Matrix which you were trained to call life, fact is you were much more then just this human form , much more and when you die or pass on it's not over, it's never really over.

You will Incarnate again and again because you are Immortal Souls, your Governments have been keeping alot from you so it's up to you to be free Spirits, are you Warriors , yes you are, are you Cowards, I hope not because fear cripples the Soul, never fear!, embrace life by the Horns and defend your liberties in this Life and the Next!.

Good Luck Terrans.

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