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Comments (2)

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree & Understand

I loved this article! Thank you for it. I hope in time to do my own journey to heal myself. I know it will take much time. But I do an have always felt I needed closure. I've always had "memories" of the past, in another dimension, in another place, in space, in different times (Egypt, prior to the earth being formed, other times) some fearful, happy, or other types of memories. But I do believe you're onto something here. An with this new insight I hope to close some of these doors. Well, the bad times.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Falcons Here

I've felt for along time that They've already been here. For quite some time now.
In fact, I feel like if you count earth times, they've been here on & off for many ages now.
I mean Falcons, They're fast swift and with mercy when it comes to their prey, especially the likes of the nastiness of the reptilian scum. I will be happy when they're all eradicated!

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