Charles Cornwallis

A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown...Your churches will be used to teach the Jew's religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for Divine World Government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.

Charles Cornwallis / <cite>General Cornwallis to General Washington as recorded by Jonathan Williams in Legions of Satan, 1781 (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>


Quinton: Powerful quote I came across.

Powerful quote I came across...

dvogel: do you actually

Believe that free masons have bad intentions and are trying to fool people or are trying to save people by telling them the truth?

Quinton: That's a really good question

That's a really good question. I'm not an expert but I will give my take.

So obviously there are different levels of freemasonry. Generally the higher up we go the more bad the intentions become, or at least the more knowledge they have of what's really going on. There are also different factions of freemasonry. At some levels there is in-fighting between the different factions and even in the higher up levels there is disagreement. Like any organization, there are going to be good and bad people in everything. It becomes hard to place a label on any one group and you kinda have to look at the individuals I think.

Now that said, if you look at people like the Windsors, Rothschilds and Rockefellers they're probably mostly bad. But lots of other high up masons probably aren't so bad.

You have people like Manly P. Hall who were 33rd degree masons, still not that high up, but high enough to where some people, Christians especially, would label him Satanic and evil. If you actually read the work of Manly P. Hall you will actually see that he was anything but evil and actually one of the most genuine and helpful masons there have been. So now it starts to also come down to who is making the call on what's good and bad and from what perspective you are looking in from.

To Christians a lot of what masons do is bad and evil. But ironically masonry is actually high level Christianity/Judaism. So Christians have the low level masonic info in their Bible and then when Masons carry the Bible to the next level is scares Christians because the info requires a certain capacity of comprehension to understand.

Christians and most religions are entry level when it comes to the mysteries and freemasonry. Freemasonry is the next step up. And this next step up can become scary to people who aren't ready because it can start to break down their baby ideologies. Christians believe in a physical Jesus who saves you. Freemasons take this to the spiritual level of yourself. When you start replacing Jesus with yourself it pisses a lot of Christians off. And Freemasons do this with pretty much everything, which is why if you don't study and meditate on this info it will either upset you or scare you away. So to a degree I think this is where some of the evil image of freemasonry comes from.

Now with that said, people who know more generally have an upper hand on people who don't. Owners of businesses generally know more than the lower level employees, so they usually have more say on what happens in their business. Knowledge is power. And because these masons generally know more than the average person they are able to exercise much more power and control over the average person. So the masons naturally shift the world somewhat into their own benefit because that's usually what people do. People exercise their free will and their self-interest and if nobody else steps up to challenge them then what they want generally manifests itself.

Do they manipulate us and dumb us down and that kind of thing? Yes. Sure they do, but some people overcome it and some don't. And to those that don't overcome it they're probably not yet fully living life under their own control yet. Most people just drift along and do whatever is popular at the time. And the masons know this. Very few people actually stand on their own two feet and on their own internal principles.

It's fairly clear that most people don't care about the knowledge masons have, and especially the work ethic. So the Masons in a way are just throwing it in our faces saying, "You want to be dumb, you want to go around doing all the mindless stuff you people do then go for it, we'll continue to control you since you don't want to wake up, or until you choose to wake up". I kind of get the feeling this is how a lot of them feel. Most people don't want to really know the secrets of the universe and if they do they most certainly aren't willing to put the time and effort into gaining access to it.

So whether they're trying to help people or fool people is a tough question. I think it's both. It's only evil or bad if we let it control us. And it can only control us if we're stupid. And people always have the choice of whether or not to be stupid. And most people choose to be stupid. And is it a bad thing to control stupid people? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I don't like the idea of controlling stupid people, but I could see how some do. Stupid people are pretty much opting out of caring. And if you don't care you can't get mad about what happens to your life.

So hopefully that kinda gives you my take on the whole thing. It's pretty hard to actually articulate fully how I really feel about it. But I pretty much agree with what all sides have to say about masonry. I can see the good and the bad in it. Overall I think the information is good, but I think there are some very bad people who have currently infiltrated the organization and are using this information for their own benefit.

dvogel: Thank you for your response.

It was very well explained and detailed. Now lets take it a step further. Do you think like with Christianity and Islam, that Masons would create a "fake" "religion" or belief to steer people, who are sceptical about the current stories of creation, away from the truth? And what if this was created by a Jewish banker and high level free mason?

Quinton: I absolutely do think they

I absolutely do think they would. They love taking a small piece of truth and then building up a large untrue story that works in their favor. Is there a particular case of this that you have in mind?

Tarheel: Low level Freemasonry>>>>>Patriarchy

My brother is a "Worshipful Master" of a local FM lodge. He absolutely laughs at any hint that FMs have an underltying/dark/evil purpose. I believe he doesnt have any idea what happens at upper levels.

My Mother is "Worthy Matron" of The Eastern Star local chapter. They do good deeds for the community like the local FMs do. They are starting a mission locally, amongst other things.

I KNOW for a fact AT THE LOWER LEVELS, these brother/sisterhoods are benevolent entities. Perhaps FMs & ESs have migrated away from the darkness, or maybe they just don't know "what's going on" up the food chain.

Now, get this...Eastern Star is a spin off of FM. Guys can be in ES but girls cant be a FM. How's that for Patriarchy? D' OH !

dvogel: Poke to Quinton

if you have an answer of course.

dvogel: Well I do

and I know it might cause some upheaval especially on this page. Its one of those I followed a lot when I had my awakening. Later I found out that he was a Jewish banker and a high level free mason. I'm talking about Sitchen.

Quinton: Very interesting. Would you

Very interesting. Would you be able to share with us some of the material that goes into this information? I'm open to anything.

dvogel: First of all

Zecharia is a Jewish name (though this doesn't necessarily mean anything, my name is also Jewish though meant to be Christian). He was born in Azerbaijan where are a lot of Ashkenazi Jews (They are the Germanic Jews) migrated to in the beginning of the 20th century

He grew up in colonial Israel (part of the militias who held the colony until Israel was official). He was educated in England as an economist.

He is spotted as a high level free mason (I dont agree with Bill cooper at all, just looking at the video)

These are facts which are a great concern to me, since I used to follow his teachings with eager and used to defend him against shills such as Michael Heiser,

obsrvantlouie: This is why

It is crucial to constantly question the task at hand....if you want a more detalied perspective on why it cruciel to question the task at hand read my most latest forum post "Be...The...Way".

Well said Dvogel.....we are left to your own devices my friend. It is up to us as individuals to discern which truths to "know or blindly believe" and then to take stock either way. One is the smooth is the rough road.

Quinton: Thanks for sharing. Not to be

Thanks for sharing. Not to be an ass or disagree with what you're saying...

That video is kind of hard to tell if that is clearly Sitchin. It does look like him, but it's possible it's not. But let's say it is.

So he's a Germanic Jew Freemason and is possibly more well connected to higher up information than most people may think. None of those things directly challenge or negate what he wrote. Is it possible that he wanted to or was put in place to mislead people? Sure. But it's also possible he's not. Those things all have to do with his character and not with his message.

Not trying to be contrary, just giving you my take on what you shared.

dvogel: Its good that you argue

Its the only way forward. The Sitchin right or wrong discussion is endless so I wont go there. However for me this is enough evidence to put his studies on hold for me personally. Israeli AshkeNAZI jewish bankers are kind of on my black list for now at least. I will keep in mind all what he has said, but I will also keep in mind that it might be a hidden agenda and explains abit the joke of a show "ancient astronauts" on the History channel.

UN.i1-PHI: hidden agenda

your very right Quinton!
but what is left out is the influence and 'allowance' of his work by the so called 'powers that be'(in charge of this enslavement system/agenda)...
lets say he did WANT to interpret them right and he did(he also could have misinterpret them but regardless of that),but if he did it right, why wouldn't he be stopped yet?, or why would he be 'allowed' to publish and propagate this?... as we know there is a huge cover up for all this 'kind of stuff'(tough they can't really control/stop it all ofc)...
wouldnt this be one of the most critical things/history version out there to be hidden in secret regardless of the ridicule tactic?
(tough i am very interested in the sumerian clay tablets) this alone just leads to fair suspicion(atleast to me)
so now wouldnt this be one of the most influential (translation)works regarding human & et history, this would be one of the best source to spread disinformation thru if you get what i'm sayin!

Tarheel: IF Sitchin is/was Jewish....

...then how must the Jewish hierarchy/prognosticators look at his work on the Sumerian tablets (his interpretations) ? I think his work would have been "hidden" had he been a devout Jew with a Jewish purpose. Maybe he wasn't hook, line & sinker Jewish.

Eye opening observation/finding though.

dvogel: It depends on

what his intentions were with his interpretations. Like Quinton also said, it could be that he really meant it or it could be that he didn't. Azerbeidzjan where he was born housed the ZIonist HQ of the USSR and if he was not just Jewish, but indeed a Zionist, then Religion plays no role as they are not truely religious or at least not Jewish religious.

obsrvantlouie: He's a Jew

I agree with D Vogel; Sitchin was a mouthpiece....but like Q says above, some times because the powers that be are controlling a certain mouthpiece; he or she may leak lots of truth while spinning webs.

UN.i1-PHI: He's a reptile

i think...apparently, a hybrid or just possessed, and yes this would explain his 'jewish' bloodline
i think this was also mentioned by a women who was interviewed by David Icke, her names is ***Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene***, and she has brown-reddish hair, if i recall and understood correctly she was raised as a victim of mind control torture rituals from the 'royal insiders' or whatever you want to call em demons
i dont think i even watched that whole vid but she's probably also descended from these so called royal bloodlines, and maybe she was not 'pure' enough and had to go trough harsher abuse and mindcontrol torture because of that,
she mentioned something that among other 'high ranked individuals', so called higher ups(in this hierarchical system of/for society in control), she saw and experienced the presence of Zecharia Sitchin in some bloody reptilian rituals, so called satanic rituals, but performed by insiders (wich is probably very different than satanist worshipping wannabe's)
So about Sitchin being a reptilian; it would also explain why he reads and probably speaks 'sumerian' from the sumerian claytablets in them cuneiform writings
this raises huge suspicion to the credebility of the sumerian tablets, or actually his translations and others based on it.
He may have his own agenda to mislead and deceive people about the information contained in the sumerian clay tablets, besides the huge probabilty that the information on the clay tablets have been tampered with disinfo themselves.
This most probably would not be his own agenda as it will be supporting the malevolant reptilian agenda of the enslavement of earth and the human species trough their deception and other manipulation, both mental/spiritual and physical, both historic and present,and all for the futuristic...
This would be no surprise for those already familiar with this information and the so called 'bigger picture' on the situation on earth being influenced/manipulated by force from extraterrestrials species such as the reptilians and the draco(who are technically also reptilians but more dragon like and mainly from the constellation called draco),
yet... there are supporting people on the internet even claiming(/blaiming) things like; everyone who even doubts Zecharia's work is in offending disgrace to the truths about the 'conspiracy (situation)' and offensively dismisses all his 'hard work' studying and translating the tablets wich he dedicated all his life to
Apparently reptilians have been on earth (in the days of lemuria) long time before the adamu humans were created, and are considered native, or atleast more native to this planet, and have been living in inner-earth, on the surface, and in the sub-terran underground caverns
This can make one think who, what and how should we be calling extra-terrestrial or alien, technically speaking...
And that the nowaday terran humans are actually also an alien species as they have been genetically engineered from spliced DNA from both more advanced extraterrestrials and primate terrestrials('original', wich could have been seeded before also)

Anyway, regardless of the credebility and accuracy of the details on 'his-story', it has become obvious (to some atleast) that the real ones in charge/control/rule of this mass operation /agenda of deceptive enslavement, are from 'civilized species' who are different (yet similar) to what we call humanity

yet many people wether already aware of this or not, just bluntly call and point out the zionist 'jews' ,bankers,governments etc as the ones who are really in power/charge of this agenda/operation, while they are just an medium for this (extra)terrestrial agenda (controlling them too!) for the enslavement of humanity, tough many or some of them are 'aliens' in disguise and/or possessed so they can perform their deceptive enslavement operations seen and unseen between the humans and other so called et's / ed's ...

UN.i1-PHI: david icke interview

her name actually is/was: *Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene*
David Icke, Revelations of a Mother Goddess (full version)
i dont think i checked it entirely tough but i think somewhere in this vid she exposes Z Sitchin as a Reptilian performing in them bloody rituals

obsrvantlouie: i didn't mean to d-bow

D-Vog....sorry if I stole your thunder. Would love to your your perspective Dvog.

Annunaki77: Watch the Magic unfold

This time it will be different.
Wonders of Life & Creation.

Through Heaven's Eyes

UN.i1-PHI: freemasonry and the reptilians / shetu lizards

dont forget according to among others (terra papers, clay tablet translations etc) or some other kind of sources...
it was mentioned or/and implied that the reptilian shetu lizards were the original 'stone masons' / the origin of the 'freemasonry' (or maybe also the HEN-T's if i recall)
i say this to connect some dots of freemasonry and reptilians wich we're talking now about...right?

obsrvantlouie: Nice point

And also accounts for how sacred geometry, lay lines and megalithic structures and structures in general are astrologically aligned etc....This is where I believe (versus knowing) as I can not prove existencec of ET.....but research and evidence promotes my belief...coupled with common sense and mathematics....aahhhhh, maybe I'm certain after all :P

UN.i1-PHI: ley lines, (electro)magnetic grids/networks whatever you call'em

can be and also are natural! (tough planets have been destroyed and re-terraformed if possible and done)
but ofc it is and can be used by civilizations!

dvogel: What I can say

about the freemasons, is that they were the builders of ancient Egyptian temples and therefore they took part in the ceremonies of the priests (Hence they still use ceremonies). The ancient priests worshipped the stars and therefore alligned their sacred buildings to them.

UN.i1-PHI: just who where those preists intermediating with

to who were they performing these ceremonies, to who were they aligning to and who were they worshipping
the so called gods right, reptilians, annunakis, those who from heaven to earth came
their primitive technology was still more advance then 'ours'
stone masons
Alien Technology - Advanced Stone Masonry
The Mysteries of The Pre-Inca Master Masons!
Sumerians and the Anunnaki-The Origins of Man-Part 1
200,000 Year Old Temple of the Annunaki Gods
Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology (MUST SEE)

dvogel: It is indeed a good question.

The ancient Egyptians were very busy with the zodiacs, hence the Sphinx is a lion (Leo). Perhaps beings from other planets, but there is something seriously wrong with the time lines. In official history, the Sumarians are older than the Egyptians, however in occult history the Egyptians are way older. What it seems is, that there was a very old culture, probably world culture which build these megalith structures and they don't seem to have been giants.

obsrvantlouie: Is the sphinx a lion?

I have read that it may be a woman sitting on top of dog.....the reptilian queen that sits atop the Dog Star.....

dvogel: Its supposedly a lion.

With the head of an african woman. From the age of Leo 10.000 years ago or perhaps even from the previous age of Leo since the Sphinx has water damage from the time when the nile was running there.

Annunaki77: TRUTH

Ancient Aliens The Anunnaki Connection Season 6 Episode 3 6x3

Annunaki77: Humans are not on top of the

Humans are not on top of the Food Chain , I have taught many times about Personal Responsibility. Accountability also , when will you learn.

2014 Aliens, Ufo's, Annunaki. The Ultimate question?

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