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It could hardly be made since the pyramids, it is thought, were erected in the predynastic age under the regency of Pharaoh Cheops. This pharaoh, who was also known as Khufu, lived between 2589 and 2566 BC, or one thousand years before the Hyksos (Levites) were ever heard of.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

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edisonik: Genio

It doesn't matter the Race of Human you are, you are a Terran, Genio let this sink in slowly and I hope I don't shock you, but your Genetic Line comes from Ancient Royalty, Humanity did not Evolve here on Earth , for many Decades Humanity has been looking for Exraterrestrial life when Humanity is infact not a Native to Earth but a Native to other Star Systems, Earth was a place to live becaue Mars and Maldek was destroyed by a previous Disaster so the Alien Beings which were our Ancestors came to Earth to live because it offered a better and more promising future, the Pyramids were created with Martian Rock and other Material not from Earth via Space Crafts as well as the Pyramids in South America, Atlantis Also was created by our Ancient Ancestors , there was a previous Pole Shift disaster that destroyed this Republic, all Records of Atlantis were destroyed but there are Ancient Books the Vatican has regarding Atlantis from the Alexandrian Library and other Ancient Documents.

Genio if you want to contact Et's go out at night and when you see the Stars in a clear night say this " I am a Human Becoming!, Help me become! ", say this many times with sincerity every clear night then go home , listen to peaceful music. You will know you made contact when the lights from the street outside goes off and or on.
They tend to get your attention by moving things around you home, if your not prepared don't do this prayer otherwise you will freak out because funny things tend to happen around you.

Believe in yourself always because you are very special never let anyone fill your heart with Negative comments or energies because we live among Lizards so our Planet does have Negative frequences, when Atlantis was around there was no Negative frequency net around the Earth, we must break this net with Global Meditation on a Mass scale with Positive thoughts, your Heart is the key , not your Wallet, feel your heart , feel your Godhood Ancient Genio, your Much Older then you know for you ask Sacred Questions.
Live forever Genio, Incarnate again to Infinity, Immortal.

UN.i1-PHI: Resurrection: new film about Bosnian pyramids

Resurrection: new film about Bosnian pyramids

The French director Chris Nahon is currently working on a documentary about the Bosnian pyramids. "The biggest pyramids in the world are found in Europe, in Bosnia to see exactly," he says. "These pyramids are older than the Egyptian pyramids and in some cases greater than the Great Pyramid of Giza."

The pyramids are the last ten thousand years covered with soil and vegetation. From a distance they look like ordinary mountains, says Nahon. The pyramids are still sending electromagnetic radiation. The tunnels under the pyramid complex, according to the director to strengthen. Aura of people They also contain a high concentration of negative ions, which would have. Health benefits Nahon adds that the tunnels also have an extremely high Bovis.
Resurrection: new film about Bosnian pyramids

"These 30,000 year old highly developed lost civilization gives us the opportunity - through the monumental works that she has left for us - to rewrite our history," said Nahon.

With the film Frenchman hopes to mobilize. Scientists from all over the world He wants to show that our ancestors advanced technologies left behind which we can gain access to free energy, free communication and healing access.

Because the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge the existence of the pyramids is Nahon plans to turn to settle the matter. Scientists, experts and laboratories Chris Nahon is best known for his films Kiss of the Dragon, Empire of the Wolves and Blood: The Last Vampire.

Resurrection - the MOVIE of the Pyramids of Bosnia - trailer Us version

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