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The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elemental happenings of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a quite terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions which are nothing other than psychic epidemics. At any moment several millions of human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides, and inundations, modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche.

Carl Jung / <cite>quoted by Michael Tsarion</cite>

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Crackdown: Near-Death Experience

This story happened to me about 5 years ago.

Once, I was riding at fitness-type roller skates (4 wheels in a line), and decided to take a shorter path in one place. This path had no asphalt, just a ground terrain - inconvenient to ride. But it was relatively short, so I decided to save time and not to take off the roller skates.

While I was in the middle of this path, I heard and saw that several wild homeless dogs are barking and running directly to my side! That is a real danger, usually people are really harmed by these attacks, sometimes even die.

About 30 meters separated us.

I quickly realized that running is not an option, these dogs are going to reach me before I get to the normal road and speed up. Tree is close to me - but, it is rather a bush than a tree - too small, does not seem to be able to hold my weight, and I could not climb in roller skates. Take off the roller skates and try to climb? I do not have enough time.

Then I saw a piece of wood near me. I tried to lift it, but, despite it was not really large, it turned out to be too heavy for me, when piece of wood is wet it could weight a lot more. One end of this wood piece was in my hands, but I was unable to lift it more - and could not use as a protective weapon. I desperately looked around me, but there were no suitable pieces of wood, they were either a very small sticks, worthless, or bigger and heavier than what I was holding...

Suddenly, something unexplainable happened.
It was not a thought, it was at subconscious - soul level

All the fear just disappeared. I took as steady stand as I could, imagined this piece of wood to be a large sword, turned my sight directly at their side and concentrated all my will and power! They were coming closer and barking, but that was not causing any fear - instead, that was making me to concentrate even harder. And guess, what happened next? When there were just 7-8 meters between us, the direction of their run _suddenly and unexpectedly_ changed to the right, like there was some large invisible circle of power around me! I was amazed, it was unbelievable for me that I got away from such danger!

This is the one of five cases where I could have died or received a serious damage.

" "Strong Imagination + Concentration of Power" combination is a strong force. Magic could be used in dreams, but what if it could work there as well, although at invisible way? Supposedly, if you will be confident in capabilities and use imagination + concentrate your power, that could make damage to your enemies at invisible level. However, it is not "good" to use this with negative charge. Also, negativity attracts negativity. Thus, let this force be neutral, but very powerful at the same time. It is just like you strongly push someone away from you - a strong rejection"

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