by siles on May 17th, 2012


siles: The MIDDLE

The Balance is created with understand the opposite.

One of the great challenges of the Polarity Integration Game is finding the value in the Dark. The Dark is the schoolhouse, and the classes are the lessons we desire to learn in order to achieve a balance of both within ourselves.

The Light represents the “reward”, joy, happiness, bliss. The Dark represents the “lesson”, the challenge. Emotional/physical pain, and the emotions of fear and anger are what we must learn to value as part of the lesson.

Compassion is the goal of the game. Compassion is the integration point, the middle point of the two opposites. When the soul reaches true compassion, it feels acceptance for both sides, judging neither as inherently good or bad. Achieving compassion or integration means that a soul sees the value in both the Light and the Dark, and chooses to have both in balanced portions, as part of itself.

siles: Andromedan Mentorship

What means Mentored for the Andromedans?

I found this message from the Founders:
Humanity is to be Mentored by a Wise Race, the Andromedans will take this task of Mentorship for Humanity, it is a Wise Decision and a Noble Task from the Andromedan Council.

bluesbaby5050: The Adromendans mean they will mentor us by---

Helping to give assistance,and give guidence to humans though their Spiritual Wisedom.They will teach Humans the right ways to live though Love and Compassion for each other,and to share their technologies with us to help us clean up our planet.They will not babysit humanity.They will only help guide us where it is needed,we are to do the work. The Falcon.

Ecbra de Oaoj: great points



wmarkley: nice

I think that a mentorship would be a good thing, im in.

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