by roughboy on July 11th, 2011


roughboy: Time is now to wake up to the

Time is now to wake up to the real truth in this country and the world to what really is going on do not follow them and lose eternal life withdraw peacefully many have like Amish many others you don't have to be Amish to do this our relatives were on farms before the industrial age brought them into the factories now with the economy down moving back is the safest smartest move to make we can be self sufficient from there and self employed.

LordEnlil: I tray to wake them all

I tray to wake them all up....but to many are in Matrix...in deep sleep...and refuse to see the Truth...even you explain to them...they do not have an Eye to see...kundalini it is not awake...
and sleep...
Until the Matrix it is not down ...people it will not be awake...not to many to make a count...
believe me ....but even one it is awake from it..it is a victory to people...to the light...and
this count....and for that worth to fight...

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