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edisonik: My Great Concern Regarding Pole Shift, So Beware!

If the Earth is Scheduled for a Pole shift in 2012 or in the next coming years and it happens, many people will perish and the Survivors will do what they were taught to do by their Nanny States and that is to rely on Government, that is a huge Mistake , you humanity still relies on the Last vestages of Government they might be sent to Fema Camps, I am afraid the Governments know about this Disaster and might Capitalize on this Disaster to Cull more people so be very careful and since they work with the Orion Group this could be a very bad thing for Humanity, so Like I said before do not trust Big Brother, If the Pole Shift is really coming we will have a different World because everything will be destroyed and I think the ET's know this and aren't really telling anyone period.
This is bullshit but some kind of preparation might help, if this does happen , keep away from buildings, and brace yourselves because it might happen in the Morning between Nov - Dec 2012.

Here we hear a call by a Concerned caller who knows about 2012 and the possible Mass Culling of the Populations by the Dark Ruling Government after 2012, I believe they are waiting for this Disaster before they strike back at Humanity, this Pole Shift happens every 11,500 years so be prepared, how do we prepare?, don't really know?, never had a Poleshift before perhaps were a scuba suit which is insulated against the cold buy life preservers, possible cans of food and tools to defend yourselves against Gangs ( Survivors of 2012 Disaster ).


Billions could perish in a single day, this is 11,500 years in the making.

The Dates are abit shady but there is something big coming, something is coming.
the dates are wrong in this video but it's execution could be correct.


Here is what the Current Major Crop Circles are saying according to a prominent Crop Circle Researcher regarding Contact.


Why would they be putting it in your face?, if it's not true.


edisonik: Do not worry SDEEV

Like I said before Incredible things will happen, Humanity will experience Incredible Things.
The Sickness called Corrpuption & Greed must come to an end.
The Globalists have underground Facilities to protect their miserable hides and they also have facilities on the Moon.

I don't know if the Reptilians will allow a Poleshift because this will break the Net around the Earth and all the Imprisoned Souls will escape, I don't really know what the deal might be, perhaps the Earth will become a Star and all the Reptilians will be destroyed while all the Humans will become Starfire yet again.

All we can do is just get a grip and focus on our spirituality because we are Spirit First and Flesh Second, many focus too much on Materialism and Wealth with no concept of the Spirit , these Souls will Suffer Greatly because they are too immersed into the Flesh & Wealth.

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