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Billy Meier Interview About The Pleiadians

Message From The Pleiadians

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As we've said, 104,000 years ago we Pleiadians went through the acceleration that you are experiencing now, and we've learned to use technology with great respect. We have little need for it because our magical/shamanic brain powers are so developed. For example, we have one big computer that has the data we actually need (we threw out 99% of all the old facts), and anybody can access the data by holding a coded crystal and remembering. A few of us, such as astrologers or directors of complex groups, use the computer to merge huge data banks to reveal new insights between things. We wouldn't use microwaves to cook food if you begged us; we use light sparingly because the darkness is soothing and we like to see the stars; and, as for television, it is just too boring, and we discovered that it reduces intelligence and destroys the immune system. Most importantly, we do not have a World Management Team that controls us and destroys nature.

Barbara Hand Clow / <cite>The Pleiadian Agenda</cite>

Reading a book all by yourself in a peaceful room is the only time you get to really think about what you think about things. Never let that freedom go! Our libraries and homes are filled with books, and the only material objects most Pleiadians have are books, cooking utensils, and arts and crafts.

Barbara Hand Clow / <cite>The Pleiadian Agenda</cite>

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edisonik: They have been doing this

They have been doing this Evil activity for too long, they must leave humans alone!, they are not a Natural Resource, they are supposed to be free spirits , but since the Pleadians screwed up with Atlantis , what can you expect. This is the result of the Atlantian screwup free meals for these Reptilians. They are nasty, and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing stuff like this. The whole Galaxy knows their disquisting ways, humans should to.

Humans are supposed to be free, not fodder!, for friggin sake, humans needs to break free from the mind control, they are heavily plugged into the Corporate Matrix, the Money Game, the Banks, the Materialism etc, it's a huge Reptilian Trap.

The Bankers are Reptilians, they are the New Priesthood, everybody is following them to Oblivion, for heavens sake Wake up, do something , say something, everybody has become a Zombie or a Lamb , you can take your pick.

ANUBIS: Many of the different Races are not from Earth

Atlantis was Pleadian and Annunakian , Lemuria was Reptilian Colony. Both Civilizations were destroyed through an ancient War between the Species.
Many thousands of years ago.
You come from different slave planets, Saturn , Jupiter, Mars & Venus brought here as slave labour.
There are different types of Ancient Annunaki, some look like humans and others look like me like Anubis, like a wolfman from the Dog Star Sirius which is 8.6 Light years away from Earth.

Humans come from different Slave Planets , they were brought here but were engineered by Enki none the less Genio. You have now been given divine knowledge and everything else they told you can be thrown out the window, even your Genome is very different from Race to Race, this is a delicate Issue.
We are Interstellar Nations jammed into one planet. The Controllers do not want this information out, this is why all of you look at the Stars, you have family up there truly you do.
This Information has been denied to you the Lords of Darkness want you to remain here and to Worship them and not in remembering your divine past, your true home among the Stars.

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