WTC sacrifice to the three marys from the bible

WTC sacrifice to the three marys from the bible

WTC sacrifice to the three marys from the bible, which go by many names throughout mythology. Such as aphrodite, athena, artemis etc.

In higher level freemasonry the three marys represent Orion's belt. In lower level masonry they represent mere goddesses.

For example in greek mythology:

This is why at bohemian grove they burnt an efffigy of an owl which represents Athena:

more evidence that satanic freemasons did 9/11 who worship the three marys from the bible, salome, mary magdalene and the virgin mary.

Also see the newish republican logo, its the same thing.

old republican logo:

Also to note, the planes that took off for the WTC, these airports from whence the planes came from were built to the alignment of to the constellation of orion. Thats how far ahead they plan.....

It was also a sacrifice to the ancient Egyptian god Osiris:

Osiris represents Orion in ancient egyptian mythology aswell.

Also it was a sacrafice to sekhmet/Seth who in freemasonry represents the apostle barnabas AKA Joseph from the bible and to Khepri/7 scorpions of isis who in freemasonry represents saint Peter.

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For the best pictures go to:

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