Would the real Ancient Egyptians please stand up?

Would the real Ancient Egyptians please stand up?

Would the real ancient egyptians please stand up?

To many people ignorant of racial groups and geography seem to think that all anicent egyptians were all either black or tanned.

This is very ignorant assumption, in fact ancient egypt was very diverse and the ethnic groups were changing all the time. In fact many racial groups under went their own kind of white flight so to speak and migrated elsewhere and interbred with other ethnic groups.

Yes some pharoahs were white, black, Jewish, red and combinations of those groups.
But none of them built the pyramids...

Also what is funny is people represented on ancient egyptian walls, who were seen as being red skinned are usually passed off as people just painting themselves with a mineral called red orchre. Plausible deniability, though they probably did but that doesnt mean there wasnt people of the red race there at the time, this was merely a cosmetic to make themselves look even more redder than they were already to attract the opposite sex.

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