Will he be the next Pope? The Predicted ANTI-CHRIST !!??

Will he be the next Pope? The Predicted ANTI-CHRIST !!??

This is Peter The Roman=Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone -Pietro=Peter Born in Romano Caraverse, Italy= Peter The Roman? The FINAL Pope? THE ANTI-CHRIST? Ashe was to become the last pope!! Predicted by the famous Saint Malachi Martin, in 1996.

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bluesbaby5050: Will This man help to bring in the Anti-Christ?

Will he be the last,and Final Chosen New Pope? Will he succeed Pope Benedict The 16th? Will he be a part of the Great Deception?

Tarheel: "Peter" doesnt even look trustworthy !

"Peter/Peter" needs to be eaten by the ":Pumpkin-eater". If he's anythg like the current Vatican regime, he's done before he gets started.

harleyborgais: Maybe, but ratzinger looks TOTALLY Evil...

I really think the current Pope Ratzinger looks TOTALLY EVIL, and there are a lot of people putting him next to the emperor from star wars...


bluesbaby5050: To Harley---

I also agree very much about the Ratzing! But LOOK at the one above here ,Peter -he does too! His eyes are DARK looking! I read they had a SECRET BLOOD RITUAL FOR THE "PACK" OF OATH, AND SWORE TO KEEP IT ALL A SECRET. THEY SIGNED IT WITH THEIR OWN BLOOD! Saint Malachi Martin had told the public about this when he was still alive! He put alot of their secrets in his published books he wrote before his death. I studied about him,and the things he did in his life. He was truely a great man.

harleyborgais: On Oaths

Indeed, the Extreme Jesuit Oath is the worst, the Roman Catholic Priests are almost the same, sworn to kill, wage war, and destroy all nations and cultures that are against the Pope, who is sworn to obey all ancient Catholic writings AS IF THEY WERE the word of God, but not sworn to obey God or the writings of Jesus. They dont even know who originally wrote those 'cannons' it seems.
You just cannot be more obviously satanic/luciferian/anti-christian/evil than that!

I have found the oaths of the: Jesuits, Pope, Cardinal, Roman Catholic Priests, Freemasons (different for each rank, 1-33, plus 15 more french orders)...Illuminati, and then there are the only righteous oaths I have found from our United States Constitution (required for all officers and soldiers).

I will supply this large file and much more info (Including cure for cancer, explanation of God with science, and far more), all for free, and upon request to: harleyborgais at gmail dat com.

Jeffrey_Tojino_...: Wrong


Jeffrey_Tojino_...: 6q6 thewicked priest

6q6 thewicked priest

harleyborgais: Truth - Obviously

You just cannot be any more obviously evil than to swear these oaths. They all require secrecy, and to over-rule any other oath or law....and many require to kill and wage war....all require 'spying' and corrupting of all nations and cultures against the Catholic church.
OBVIOUSLY satanic (Even if satan is just an idea: trying to control the free will of others, for ones own benefit, and to the harm of those others).
Then you have oaths of the U.S. Constitution, which do not require secrecy, do not over-rule other oaths, require them to 'promote the general welfare' of the people, etc...
OBVIOUSLY christian or righteous oaths (Christian means to follow the way of Christ, which is Jesus did not even exist, means: Caring for the welfare of all life, and not just ones self).
Jesus and Gods scriptures teach to kill ONLY for self defense, and to forgive those who repent (turn from evil, start doing good)....
ALL of these secret oaths are so obviously anti-good, anti-Christian, anti-Human survival, that it surprises me how many people still swear and obey these secret and evil oaths, and how many forget and ignore their righteous oaths to our Constitution.
If all our officers and soldiers simply honored their oaths, we would have eliminated all these secret societies long ago.
Now that the Internet is waking people up to these truths, that time is coming rapidly.
"THE END OF TIMES" really only refers to this tyranny of enslaving people with debt and false money and false teachings, news, prophecies, etc.......

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