What links the Sumerian god Shamesh to Sirius???

What links the Sumerian god Shamesh to Sirius???

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Eldertree: Shamesh was Utu. grandsom of

Shamesh was Utu. grandsom of both Enlil and Enki. Well that is what has been written. Enki.is from Sirius so that would be the only connection UTU would seem to have.

Terran resistance: from my own understanding

using bloodlines to determine origin of gods is inaccurate because different mythologies have different bloodlines and sumerian mythology is not the oldest mythology in the world as the government would have you believe, so picking sumerian mythology to determine where the 'gods' are from would be wrong.

Eldertree: I know I agree. You'll never

I know I agree. You'll never get all the good cherries on one tree you have to pick from many. Sumerian mythology is the easiest (for me) to understand because so much of what was written of that time has been recovered. Iraq and Iran have so many Sumerian structures and cities still intact after all this time. I don't follow Stitchin's work, but he does state UTU is a son of Ninagal and Sin. Enki's daughter and Enlil's son. I do believe that. What is your finding's of UTU?!

Terran resistance: UTU

I always assumed that Utu was the same as shamesh. Just going by another name.

the lead singer of U2 does alot of pointing, which is a masonic gesture for john the baptist. The john gesture was used in sumerian times as a symbol for shamesh. (Obviously it wasnt called the john gesture back then).

Eldertree: Yes Shamesh would be UTU.

Yes Shamesh would be UTU. Interesting about Bono 's connection there. Although I am not surprised as he's a globalist and works for the illuminati whether he's aware of it or not. I don't believe. "john the baptist has anything to do with Bono.

Tarheel: I actually AGREE with AST re: Bono/JtB connection.

But I cant believe Bono is cognizant of any Illuminati agenda. Bono's a Humanitarian and has used his stardom/notariety to do good deeds for those unable to do for themselves.
I did, however, question Bono's deal with Monsanto as it peratins to Africa, but I also believe he thought/thinks the deal helps African communities.

Terran resistance: hes a freemason

never used the word illuminati

Eldertree: UTU. - U2 are you bringing

UTU. - U2 are you bringing this connection to the fact It's the same word association

Terran resistance: yeah

but its just a hunch though

Eldertree: I should of been aware of

I should of been aware of this myself. But to be blunt I don't pay any attention to popstars and these distractions. I always was aware Bono was connected and had undercover knowledge and manipulative qualities. He wouldnt be where he is without it. I do believe in the UTU connection but I will admit I completely overided the obvious connection to the name. My attention just drifts elsewhere. He is reptilian and of course makes him an Annunaki.

I am from Ireland so yeah I should be more aware. Hehe. Great thread TR
The big question to me is, is he aware he is UTU or has he forgotten?Or is he beenasea by him

Terran resistance: i some how doubt that he is

reptillian, but he could possibly a human extraterrestrial. But I havnt really looked into him to be quite frank about it. Some bands are actually extraterrestrials like one beginning with mc and ending in y I recon anyway....bunch of hollow earth white trash

Tarheel: Re: mc....y-Dont dance.

Come out & say it, will ya?

And who is it you're saying sucks as a singer, "the walrus" or Bono ? Clarifications please.

Terran resistance: mc...y

why not just speculate

Eldertree: Well yes he's reptilian

Well yes he's reptilian humanoid. He licks his lips constantly and his genetics resemble more reptilian gemetics(which we all have btw) Yes there are many. E,Ts in position of fame and power that is not in question obviously with the likes of Bono.

Tarheel: Well, if it's not Asstar Commode!

Oh, I have a tune for YOU too !
Especially the lyrics are fitting for Asstar Commode..."Smiles like a REPTILE"

There now, you n TR can follow me all over the net and post my stuff for me.

Terran resistance: some singer suck so bad

the only way they can make a living is by coming to the surface unfortunately

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