What do Hermes, Shiva and the Apostle Paul have in common?

What do Hermes, Shiva and the Apostle Paul have in common?

I know before I said that Shiva means 7 in hebrew connecting shiva to the Apostle Peter but the hindu god Shiva I believe is none other than the Apostle Paul from the bible in freemasonary.

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Terran resistance: pffft

well you would say that mister all seeing eye as an avatar wouldnt you

shiva is the destroyer of worlds.

Tarheel: TR, Your Bird avatar shit on your chair & you dog his avatar?

What happened to your "multi-interpretations" for Shiva, TR?
Actually I like your wit, and your objective is more than obvious to me, but my Kod at the various interpretations.
Get a pint, Limey!

Terran resistance: I know that I said shiva = 7

I know that I said shiva = 7 in hebrew, but maybe this is a coincidence, or maybe shiva was symbolic of the pleiades long ago, or maybe shiva is a composite character who knows.

but the fact that he is a hermaphrodite gives credible evidence that he is the apostle paul

also have you ever watched bargin hunt?

they do the masonic kick of hermes/shiva at the end of it:


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