Was Stitchin right about the sumerian tablets?

Was Stitchin right about the sumerian tablets?

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Quinton: @TR

I may have missed this in another one of your posts but how is Nibiru related to the 12 tribes? Thanks :)

Terran resistance: contactee Alex Collier:

contactee Alex Collier:
"There were at that time, within the last 5000 years, predominantly 13 (12/13) families from Sirius B and Nibiru, who were living here on the planet. These were the tribes of En-lil, Marduk, Enki, etc. They all had offspring."

Tarheel: So, U n AC are saying THOSE 13 families are the ones.....

...The Bad Guys/repressors? I'm sure that is a designation I wouldnt want.
IF you & AC are right, there's no wonder there isnt disclosure. People wouldnt go for any more of that.

Please, expand upon your reply to Quinton if you will please, TR.

Oh, and ...I'm not sure, but I dont THINK En Ki would claim any allegiance to those 12/13.

Quinton: Without putting words into

Without putting words into his mouth I think this is what he is saying. However, there is obviously a lot more to it. I find the Israel topic very, very interesting for a numbers of reasons. My dad is really into the Bible and has studied the Israel topic extensively so he has tracked these tribes into where he thinks they went and what they became. The part where I think he is off is that he sees Enlil as more of a good guy where I see Enlil as more of a control freak. Perhaps there was a time and a place for the way things were handled back then but I do think today is a different story.

But to add to this. So he basically says that the 12 tribes went and became Europe and ruled there as kings. There is a famous prophesy in the Bible about Joseph having the birthright and Judah having the scepter, basically meaning Joseph will get all the loot and Judah will rule. And if you view Germany as being Judah and Britain/America being Joseph this seems fairly accurate. It is also interesting how the Queen is German but ruling in Britain. This is Judah ruling in Joseph, as predicted by the Bible, or rather, the plan they've had all along. Most of the British symbols carry over from Egypt which carry over from before then. The whole thing is really fascinating to me and I see it as them trying to carry out their age old plan of world domination for Enlil. There is much more to it but I really enjoy this topic :)

Tarheel: Very enlightening.

The story fits like a glove.

I am sorry to say I did NOT know The Q was German. Windsor is adopted nomenclature and I guess I may have been triggered by her REAL last name which should have been (and IS, I guess) Sax-Coburg-Gotha. TPTB were right to not allow her to use that.

Imagine this...Queen Elizabeth the Goth ! Sort conjures up images of QE with spiked hair and body piercings/perhaps a tattoo or two. :)

Quinton: Thanks for sharing TR. This

Thanks for sharing TR. This makes good sense for sure.

Terran resistance: Jews

this is the impression I get, I dont know if its right or not but this is my opinion.

Marduk nibiru, is from the planet maldek which used to be in the asteroid belt, and used the moon to get here, hence why russia used to be called the motherland (virgin mary, wears red) and has associations with the color red because red is associated with the red of the moon. hence why the nazis were scared that the jews might take over germany because of an old prophecy about the red jews coming from the east.

while the enlil nibiru i recon come from betelgeuse and represent the orion aspect of nibiru and the all seeing eye. While the Enki nibiru i recon come from sirius B and I think are all the red haired elongated craniums of dead people we keep finding every where.

like here:

Quinton: I agree with you on Enlil. I

I agree with you on Enlil. I'm not as sure on the other ones but what you're saying does make sense as well. Enlil and Orion seem like a definite tho.

For the Nazis are you saying that the Western Orion/Vatican Jews were afraid of the Eastern Marduk Jews taking over Germany?

Terran resistance: for the reocrd im assuming

for the reocrd im assuming that jews and hebrews are the same thing, there were jews in russia, but whether or not they were hebrews or not is open to debate, I recon they had some connection to the nibiru (though very small) because the huns had a history of cranial elongation who came from the east:

as for the nazis, im not sure I believe the secret jewish history of the reich, though I have read into it, hitler was related to the rothschilds, so would have some jewish DNA, but he hated Jews and freemasons and bankers. The fact that germany was called the fatherland suggests Joesph worship aka apostle barnabas, though Hitler knew the significane of it, the divine masculine represented the Hyades cluster to Hitler. He was a rogue. he definitely had connections to the hyades cluster and ashtar command, the fact that he called his populace arians (aries the zodiac sheep) seems to suggest he knew germans were of pleiadian descent (aswell as hyadean descent) because sheep in mythology is symbolic of the pleiades. He was into the occult and mythology or the people he surrounded himself with more so than him.

V for victory, the Hyades cluster the divine masculine:

8 pointed star (Ishtar star on sumerian tablets) on Bismarck represents Ashstar command:

Quinton: Interesting. I agree that

Interesting. I agree that Hitler was a rogue and I see him basically as a front man that was brought on to do the bidding for the Vatican and didn't exactly follow orders. Do you see the Nazi Germany movement as a Pleiadian or an Orion movement, or was it both at different levels? Also, how would you distinguish between Pleiadians and Orions? Who do you see the Pleiadians as having the most influence on in this day and age?


Terran resistance: it screams

it screams hollow earth all over it. The impression that I get is that the Hyades cluster is apart of the orion group, but because they are sharing the hollow earth with pleiadians they get on well....

how would you distinguish between Pleiadians and Orions?
hard to say, maybe orions suffer from gingerbitus.

when they come to the surface some of them dont care how much wealth or power they accumulate, they just buy up everything. Like someone in my home town who owns half of it im pretty sure is from the hollow earth, some of them just do what they like.

Tarheel: I'm into this discussion late, BUT.....

...let's NOT forget about Stalin's attempt at genocide in Russia. He killed more Jews than Hitler, and from what I heard-it wasnt even close. This info was simply repressed because he was an allie of both USA/UK in WW2.

I've seen a family tree for Hitler and if it was correct, he DEFINITELY had some Jewish blood in him. The Nazi propaganda machine found it and quickly buried that story.

Note: Himmler was Hitler's occult main man while he was reigning.

What a tripped out time/place Germany(WW2 era) would have been to live in.

Tarheel: Michael has a message for you, TR.

How ironic, only 13 seconds long.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpztPyZ5TH0
(this is just for laughs)

Terran resistance: ha

lol :)

Ecbra de Oaoj: hahaha...


or...ginger...bitius... or...
because one is small, green skin and... long tongue...
and other... a enormoooous noise...

hahahaha... ; the question...
seriously... if; there are...

between a south african and north american?

the answer is: which person exacly?
because in South Africa there are white people and in USA there are black people...
to explain this in simple exemple...

Uneiverse is vast; infinite. and in this jorney Earth is alocated in called Orion arm; a sector of Milk Way Galaxy...

advanced humanoid species transit in space since Lira times and seeds and colony places; mix their races and mores. this is the way of life in Nature...

phyla, classes, species... genders, ... families. finaly...

was Sithin right? well, maybe Nasa, where he work, yet know that...
right about... what?
he say that Nibiru is the star of David? and i f yes... why?

was Enlil the Lord of Bible? he said that? or that...
this sacred Book is a combination; of fragments; where sometimes... was one and other time other God; and in determinde timeline; one of these Gods says: there is just one God and I am!!!


who... of panteon? Enlil? or... egipt version... Marduk from summer... Ra? or... Anu; ancient king of theirs? or Enky... lets make the man our image and likeness?
are Yahve who of these divinities or... no one of them?

well... while they personality not aswer these questions... better thing to do is respect all of these Entities (and all beings, of course); enjoy this life with integrity; and do the fair to stay happy with own Consicence, independent of name and where, and why.


Cheers to all

Health and Good Will

Tarheel: It's coincidental you speak of TIMELINES. Linear vs Vertical...

I'm right in the middle of a study on Linear Time vs Vertical Time ...Blank Slate Technology and related items.

Talk about abstract ! There's some serious work being done on TIME TRAVEL, and it has some mind bending results/deductions.

Eldertree: Great thread TR. Thank you.

Great thread TR. Thank you. Finally people realise that Enlil was connected to Orion and not Sirius at all. Bluesbaby and Annunaki 77 pipe alot of nonsense on this one. Marduk represented Nibiru because both of his grandfathers ruled there. Enki was half Sirian beecause his mother was from Sirius. He spent his younger days mostly on Sirius as well. Sirius connects to water and that is why Enki was depicted as Poseidon. I believe Enki lived on Sirius A. Sirius b is a white dwarf now. Anu was Pljerian/Pleiadian. Which connects to Taurus. Orion and the Pleiadies are Annunaki bases and they align close to each other in our sky. Orion is Taurus and Gemini.

Enlil was lord of the bible. Also known as EL, Yaweh or Zeus.

Tarheel: 11O11-AST is a bona fide troll/Tribute somg for AST.

Let's let "it" be.

Jimi Page will put a spell on AST. He's qualified as he once (now changed) was "into" the Dark Arts.

Terran resistance: what most people dont know is that

From my own research anu's bull was a different god to that of the person standing on it, the bull is the bull of heaven. And with all gods that ride an animal (europa and the bull par example) they are always always always always to do with orion and the Hyades cluster.

This what connects Anu to the constellation of Orion from my own research:

the bull is more to do with the Hyades cluster than the pleiades, only recently in human history is the bull tied to the pleiades aswell as the hyades cluster, see this:

Terran resistance: zeus

in greek mythology zeus could morph into a bull, so I think hes more to do with the hyades cluster than orion.

Annunaki77: You will see your Errors when they come Aya Shin Tara

You love to Twist the Truth, you cannot Twist Me. Like I said before you cannot Decieve me you the True History.
Yes I agree with you , someone here is a Fraud. But One here is the REAL DEAL. This Beasts will understand eventually Aya Shin Tara. The Divine Will Understand Me and not you.

The Truth is Ugly , it is Bloodthirsty , it is Vicious but it is the Truth.

I am a Son of Mars , you Aya Shin Tara are absolutely Nothing. Not even worth cleaning my Shoes , your Breath is in your Nostrils , My Breath is Life itself.

Eldertree: Lol. You're desperation is

Lol. You're desperation is becoming so apparent.

Tarheel: "There is a fate worse than death."~ A WISE Man.

The troll known as AST is a psychic vampire.

I'm not giving the ass-clown any more energy. That's what it seeks.

Eldertree: Feel free to ignore me, next

Feel free to ignore me, next tme you attack someone with false accusations, read your own posts and see the errors of your own behaviour :) Like Annunaki77 you're every bit as desperate as he is.

Annunaki77: I Understand that I am Riddiculed that is Good , Very Good.

But make no Mistake what I have been Teaching for many Years is simply the Aweful Truth, You can attack the Messenger but you can never Discredit My Message.
We can play games and Insult each other , but I just about had enough and I understand. Like I said before , " I AM A REJECT , I AM A NOBODY " and I will keep it that way.

You who are Scared , I understand your position because " YOU SHOULD BE!".

Confusion only serves those who Confuse and none is more versed in the Art of Confusion that the Annunaki themselves and like I said before. YOU CANNOT DECIEVE ME.

P.S. I do not charge any money for the Truth. I do it Free of Charge.

I am not a Business Man and I do not Engage in Games or Pysops , I Exist because I am.

Are you sacred Now?.

Peace & Harmony.

Eldertree: All you do is show your own

All you do is show your own ego. You talk about yourself with such importance and that is why you're laughable. You just confuse yourself. There is no mistake in the perception that other's don't take you seriously.

Annunaki77: Look you don't like me & I don't like you.

Enough said. You can Snow everybody Else but guess what you can't snow me.
So go ahead and keep Decieving everybody else.

You can never Hoodwink me , I know all my Bases. What do you really know.
Absolutely nothing.

Have a Great Day Aya Shin Tara.

Eldertree: LOL.


edisonik: I believe in you Lord Kanesh Roo

May your Destiny not be swayed by those who do not Understand or those who simply want to play games with your Immortal Wisdom. I believe in you as I have served you for many Ages.

You do deliver the truth and I know that so please great messenger do not fall for the tricks the uninformed.

I will always be here to cover your back. That is my pledge to you awsome one.

Master of all things , Lover of Humanity , Protector of all Living things.

May the great spirit always protect you ANNUNAKI77.

edisonik: Thank you Terran I Understand

I agree we are different , way ahead of your concepts and framework. Beyond Human understanding , it would make sense to assume in such a way.
These Messages are only for the Annointed and not for just everyone.
Peace to you , I understand your position since your a Human.

Tarheel: Why is it whenever AST comes around TR gets rude?

Things were goin along nicely until SFB AST showed up.

Cant ANYONE else see that? We dont have to be ugly to get ouir point across.

I try nicely at first, but when people are as shallow & as daft as AST, it summons the mofo in me.
It's not nice to fool with the alter-Tarheel that I call "Major Tom". I dont like him that much either but it's others who invoke him.

Major Tom's a scary monster...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8URCgpGo3Y

Tarheel: AST doesnt like itself, so it cant like anyone else.

To Love others, IT must first learn to love itself. There are many issues to be resolved in AST's world.

Tarheel: AST is an ass-clown exemplified.

You dont even understand the verbage you employ. You said I cried "wolf" and that means I called for help on false premises. I never need any help dealing with your inferior intellect because you're easy to defeat. I tried NICELY to get you to STOP with your demeaning ways but you chose the low road, as usual.

AST EXPOSED-You've tried to belittle anyone you've come into contact with. Everyone here knows your mission. People are aware, and I know you cant stand that but it's true. GUESS WHAT? We're only gonna get MORE aware.

Grow a brain before you step into the BIG Leagues and get exposed for the fraud you are AST. Quite frankly you cant hang with me, let alone US. You & symbol boy arent NEARLY as smart as you give yourself credit for.

Here's OUR message for ya'll-GO AMUSE SOMEONE ELSE if you cant be nice. So, Judas-go play with your rope because you are the traitor.

Starperson: Ok, vampires

I really don't get the pissing contest between you and AST, but , man...I love your use of the word "ass-clown" in this context! I know what a psychic vampire does now. I hope you are wrong about anyone here. If you are correct, the net is not safe for the impressionable (simple) minded people. I don't know you personally Tarheel, but I would be comfortable with you watching my six.

bluesbaby5050: I used this Phase and then Tarheel Loved it so much..........

And then He started to use it when I first explained to him why I started to. It was way back when this Famous Troll of this site came here, and gave this site of lessons, a hard time. High Plains Sister was on here too at that same time. And SO WAS ENLIL, and ANUBIS BACK THEN! Many Others have Flew in and gave their INput to "Truth Control" in the past history of this Web- Site. This was way before it got a REvamp/NEWL00K. I have the Complete copy of this web site from the beginning. ASSclowns really does explain it all. LOL!

Tarheel: Starperson-I tried nicely first BUT.....

...but the dis-info agents are highly visible and quite ignorant when they choose to incite "the other me".

Really, I tried asking them to tone it down the right way but apparently the right way isnt in their wheelhouse. So, unfortunately they bring out "the other side" and, well....I dont like to be :"that way" but they need to be exposed for what they are and what they do.

It's a shame they have to be that way. Just when ya thought it was safe to come to truthcontrol.com.....

Tarheel: Truth is much stranger than fiction.

Re: psychic vampires-just keep your guard up. Im not here to instill Fear, Im here to make people aware and share whatever & whenever I can.

Tarheel: Could you post without trying to offend, AST?

If ya have something to say, could you say it without stirring turds? I'm not the admin guy but we all could get along so much better if people werent looking for a fight.

It would/could be a MUCH better world without conflict. Im not challenging your Free Will to post your thoughts & opinions, but I will take exception with the targeting of remarks for provocation purposes.

We know you disagree with a lot. When you post a counterpoint, the challenge is already implied. Calling out people for their beliefs isnt cool, even when I am the one doing it(I try not to). I usually try to re-read mine before I post but sometimes my passion gets the better of me. SOMETIMES being the key word. It's almost EVERY time you post.

Could you at least TRY? Thank You in advance.


Terran resistance: back tracking for a sec

alex collier claims that marduk is ra.
so marduk nibiru in terms of alex collier atleast is the all seeing eye.
so what on earth, or not on earth is enlil nibiriu?

though I dont agree with his interpretation (because im stuborn), surely marduk has some connection to maldek? not nibiru?

he also says that mars is nibiru territory and was inhabited before it was hit by a meteor. How does Mars play into all of this?

could these be the red jews? Or red hebrews to be more precise? From mars?
the mars earth connection is probably one of the oldest conspiracies out there

Eldertree: TC Nobody is shit stirring

TC Nobody is shit stirring here. You are crying wolf for no reason. Remember the story about the boy who cries wolf.?

Secondly you are playing the victim tactic. You are not a victim and you certainly don't behave how should be nor do you show to have tact.

Final point your beliefs are futile when it comes to the truth. The truth doesn't cater for peoples beliefs or opinions. I haven't offered mine but if I do I will let you know. When it comes to facts I stick to the facts given and I engage with people who are genuine and realist. You are not genuine that is clearly evident in how you.display yourself. I don't put up with bullshit or deception from anyone. I don't pipe bullshit or deceive to anyone so I expect that people understand where I stand and realise I don't drop these standards. If you.don't have honesty you are not worth my.time and I.am sure most can relate to this sentiment also.

Wake up TC. Back on topic ok?!

Tarheel: Im WIDE AWAKE, AST.

In fact, I could see you & your ill conceived agenda coming over a mile away.

And furthermore, I don't scream "wolf" unless I want the services of The Canus Wolfen Guard. I pegged you dead to rights, and I certainly don't need anyone else's services to help me handle your inferior intellect. Grow up. You're part of THE Problem.

Eldertree: TR I am not quite so sure

TR I am not quite so sure myself as to why Nibiru is associated with with Marduk.

I don't like how Stitchin and some scholars keep depicting deities as literal planets and even branching them to other planets..

Nibiru was associated with anyone who existed on there. Marduk been the legitimate heir to the throne after Anu was a case there. Ea was cast out because he went against the rules and his mother was not a royal line to the throne of Nibiru.

Mars was an old ruling outpost for Marduk.The Annunaki had bases there. Then of course Mars became barren and hostile due to Nibiru passing and also major wars were fought there which almost destroyed the planet.

Another association Marduk has with Mars is, he was called the god of war and the god of war is always associated with Mars. This is due to it's history wars fought on Mars. Marduk has also been involved in many many wars himself and his "hot headness" associates with that. Allahu who was Marduk's grandfather was exiled and buried on.Mars. The face on Mars is his burial site.

Terran resistance: I don't like how Stitchin and some scholars keep depicting deiti

"I don't like how Stitchin and some scholars keep depicting deities as literal planets and even branching them to other planets.. "

to keep making you think small scale.

Eldertree: 11Orion your even a bigger

11Orion your even a bigger joke. I have need to respond to you respond on anything with regards to your conjecture towards me. I don't have put up with liars and its that simple. People are not gullible to believe in the likes of you.

Anu was not SirIan. Anu always represented the great dragon or bull. The dragon connects to Orion and Draconis. The bull also represemts Taurus and Pleiades. The ANU-nakki always wore horned helmets which colurates to this connection. Anu has little connection to Sirius. EA got his Sirian lineage from his mothers side. Nammu was the great water dragon from the deep.

Terran resistance: can you not argue on my post please

if you are going to throw insults around atleast throw some evidence around with it.
it would make it atleast a bit more entertaining...

Starperson: Words of wisdom

In the words of arguably one of the greatest orators in American history..."I just wanna say, ya know, can we...can we all get along?" (Sniff) The late Rodney King, beating victim, human being...and other things. (April 2, 1965 - June 17, 2012)

Eldertree: We will all get along, if

We will all get along, if justice, truth, honour and compassion prevails.

Annunaki77: Yes we will

Human History has evolved to a better understanding for without these Values of Justice , Truth , Honour & Compassion Humanity will Repeat the Carnage of the Past. Humanity must look beyond Money , Humanity must look beyond Economics because this System of Economic Tyranny will Collapse no Doubt about it.
I understand that we must work to Feed our Families , I understand that we must provide Shelter and Safety for our Families.

Make no Mistake your Governments will not Provide Niether because they all Swore an Oath to their Slave Masters and the Extraterrestrial Backed UNITED NATIONS. Your Leaders DO NOT SERVE YOU. They serve the ORION GROUP, THE ANNUNAKI and some REPTILIANS from ALPHA DRACONIS.
Whether your Leaders Understand how deep the Rabbit Hole goes or not, Knowingly or unknowingly (Just working for a Carrot/Paycheck).

Humanity is being constantly bombarded with NEGATIVE FREQUENCIES via Media, News and Society. This Negative Fear Frequency only Serves these Malevolant ET Factions and the Adapa beasts that Serve this IMF BANKING SYSTEM.

Are you Free, Yes only when you start believing in Yourselves and your Communities. Grass Roots from the Ground up. If you are waiting for a Handout from the System you will Starve.

Work together and when the Economies Collapse , help one another. Do not run to Big Brother for Help because that's Exactly what the Elites want you to do.
To run to them for a Solution so they can Enslave you more and destroy your lives.


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