Volcanos Around the World are Increasing in Activity!

by bluesbaby5050 on November 28th, 2012
Volcanos Around  the World are Increasing in Activity!

This is a fine example of an eruption on November 27th-2012 in the national park of Kalapana, in Hawaii. Lava flows down the sides of Mount Kalapana into the ocean below. Reports say the volancos are increasing in their activity, and many that were dormant, are now very active. It is natural for this, as the pressure inside the earth releases it's energies. This is great because, mother earth is using many of these to releave her pressures in many of her vents, rather then using just a few volancos to blow off pressure. She is consiously doing this because this way, our skies will be free of ash, and smoke, and we will be able to grow crops, and have air to breath. She truely does give us life.

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