The Ummites.

by Chris on September 15th, 2012
The Ummites.


The Ummites are described as extraterrestrials from the planet Ummo which is claimed to be 14.6 light years away, and possibly located in the star system Wolf 424. They played a significant role in disseminating scientific technical literature and objects through Spain and then relayed to the rest of Europe in the 1960s and 1970s from a hidden base near a small town in the French province of ‘Basses Alps’ (Lower Alps). The Ummites contacted a select number of individuals and distributed to them detailed technical information on different technologies and revolutionary theories that would expand scientific knowledge beyond the prevailing orthodoxies. The only physical contact the Ummites had with anybody, aside from phone calls and sending technical information by regular mail, was with a hired typist who described how he worked for and eventually discovered the identities of the Ummites:

Between 1967 and 1975 the members of the Madrid group [Spanish UFO researchers aware of the Ummites] received a letter from a man who claimed to be the Ummites' typist. Apparently, he had advertised for work in a newspaper and had subsequently been visited by two tall, fair-haired respectable dressed men. They told him that they were Danish doctors and asked if he could type out scientific material for them on a regular basis. Initially all went well, until the day he read the following sentence: 'We come from a celestial body named Ummo which is 14.6 light years from the Earth. - He took this at its face value and questioned the doctors - eventually they admitted that they were not Danish doctors at all, but extra-terrestrial visitors. To prove their identity they produced a tiny sphere just an inch or so in diameter, which one of them placed in mid-air before the typist. He looked into it and to his amazement saw a scene that had taken place in that same office on the preceding day when his wife, fearing that the Danish doctors might be spies.

There was however a well recorded public event in the form of an Ummo spacecraft that landed near Madrid on June 10, 1967 that was announced by the Ummites several days before to a select group of UFO researchers. [125] The Ummite’s approach appears to be one of helping scientists develop innovative technologies and theories that assist in addressing global problems that require technical solutions. In 1973, due to the uncertainty over a nuclear war on Earth, the Ummites terminated their residence on Earth and departed. They subsequently sent the following message in 1980 to Dr Antonio Ribera, one of the Spanish UFO researchers that had taken up their case:

For 30 years we have studied your science, your culture, history and civilizations All this information we have carried from your Earth to Ummo in our titanium crystals codified with data. We HAVE DEMONSTRATED to you our culture and our technology in purely descriptive form - so you cannot convert them or realize them practically. We have done this because we note with sadness that you employ your sciences primarily for war and the destruction of your own selves, which cont[inue] as your principal objective. You are like children playing with terrible and dangerous toys which will destroy you. WE CAN DO NOTHING! A cosmic law says that each world must take its own path, to survive or to perish. You have chosen the second. You are destroying your planet - annihilating your species, and contaminating your atmosphere and your seas until now this is irreversible. With sadness we contemplate your insanity, and understand that the remedy is only in yourselves. We can not look forward a great distance into your future because your psyche are completely unpredictable and capricious bordering on paranoia. As your elder brothers in this cosmos, we urgently desire with all our hearts your salvation. Do not destroy your beautiful blue planet, a rare atmospheric world that floats so majestically in space, so full of life. IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

While it cannot be known exactly how influential the Ummites assistance has been since it was largely covert, it certainly appears to have been significant in sparking innovative scientific initiatives by range of technically competent professionals and private citizens. It can be concluded that the Ummite’s main activity lies in sharing technical information, transforming scientific culture, and global education. The Ummites can assist in global solutions surrounding the transformation of scientific paradigms, development of environmentally friendly technologies, and educational reform. Alex collier also said that those from planet ummo are helping the Andromedan Council Pleadians Sirian A,s and Tau Cetians in establashing a blockade in our solar system defending earth from the Draco and Orion Empires. The Ummites are of Lyran descent there ancestors left the Lyra Starsystem after the reptilians from Alpha Dracnis and came and attacked the Lyrans. Lyran arks went to Ummite starsystem and colonized the planets in that starsystem they adapted to conditions and enviroments of these planets they are Nordic in apearance and very telepathic and are very benevolent et race and very spritualy and technologicaly advanced aswell.

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bluesbaby5050: Ummites...........

Thanks Chris,,,I had found this same information,only it is much longer,and also shows their ways of living,With pictures even! And it explains all their sciences,and the way they choose to space travel.They do it just a little bit different then the other Aliens were are reading about now.Thanks though. Actually, I found alot of information today on them.( I set aside some time to look today.)

Fras: the Ummites

Hi Bluesbaby5050. I am really interested in the Ummites for some reason. I read that you say you have found pictures and info on their ways of living etc. Could you tell me where I can find this information please. I can't wait to read more on them. Thank you :) Sil

bluesbaby5050: The Ummites were living on Earth.....

Since 1965 in the French Alps in the dense forests, and had built an underground base there. They had spent a total of 55 years living here without being Noticed!! Can you believe it? They blended right in. When they reach about ten years of age,in both genders,their voice box changes,and they can not speak,this is why they are so Telepathic. Only a few can still speak,but they find it hard to do. They are also sensitive to light in their fingertips! They had contacted some people in Madrid Spain so they could have contact,and discuss affairs with them. When some of this happened,some reporters took cameras with them,and then took pictures of their crafts,and gave it to the press,and this had been released to the local news papers in their town.

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