Tyr rune on USA channel five logo

Tyr rune on USA channel five logo

Like I said before, Tyr is a norse god, who has only one left hand because his right hand was bitten off by a wolf called Fenrir in norse mythology.

He is believed to be the left hand of god from the bible by freemasons because of this. Also known as the hidden hand.

Tyr rune is an arrow pointing and can be seen hidden in the channel 5 logo.
and if you look at my link which im about to show you, you will see that the tyr rune is linked to the letter V which in latin numerals as the equivalent value of 5!! Hence why the tyr rune is in the channel FIVE logo. Also the norse god Tyr only has one hand which has five digits on it, which again is to do with the number five.

The tyr rune is the most hidden symbol used on a daily basis by freemasons, the norse god tyr is believed to be Joseph AKA the apostle Barnabas to freemasons because he was believed to have only one hand aswell.

See this:

and see this:

For more of my pictures go to:

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