the twin goddesses of creation & unmaking

by samiam on July 24th, 2018
the twin goddesses of creation & unmaking

years ago, a fellow amateur theologian suggested to me that God has two sides: light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil,.. he was right and wrong at the same time .. for me, God is two distinct entities with two distinct sets of characteristics/attributes .. true, they share at least 5 fundamental ones .. but most they do not. for 52 years, i have been "playfully deceived" by one because it was in her best interests to do so; now, i know better. if 52 years of my life corresponds to 3800+ years for humanity,.. O.O

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Tarheel: Maybe, just maybe...

Maybe there's more than one god.CREATION and command? Or
Like your post, but I havent seen you here before. So,welcome if you are new. Hello if youre a regular.

samiam: happy to be here :)

plz check out my other post and lemme know if you wanna see the infamous irreverant sure-to-lambast/crucify me lol one i'm saving for a 'rainy day' ;)

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree to a point. But I

I agree to a point. But I feel that part ends where I see God as more so not simply a dual being with a celestial counterpart. But I see God as more than a 1 being thing. Or one Big creator. Or a group of creators. Or Lords of all these dimensions. An yes these deities exist. But....
God is bigger than 1, 2, 3, 4, all the way to 12 an higher dimensions. An God is more than a group of beings on 100 other planets.
10000 other universes.
God is All of that, in a grain of sand and in the dark void of space all at once. Because God is not it. We are God
If we could see above and outside of God we'd see God is like a big top circus in a dark space expansion. An in that tent is 59 clown cars an each clown car has 19 clowns and we think the driver of clown car B is God lol

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