True meaning of "SATAN"

True meaning of "SATAN"True meaning of "SATAN"

Please look at the top image (with 2 square pictures) and try to guess: what picture
would be more correct to use together with "Satan" word? left picture, or right picture?

Many people would answer "Left" picture. But, I think, the correct answer is "Right"

Left funny picture could be used together with "Devil" word. "Devil" has the same meaning
as "God" word, it was explained in detail at the first part of "Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground" video ( the lower image is a screenshot from 02:25 )

"Satan" is completely different stuff - and, after reading the rest of article, you could see why...


it is a good idea to start our review by looking for the sources of "Satan" word,
which could be found in the ancient Sanskrit language. Here are the related words:

"Sat": pure existence; something that really exists; true justice
"Sat-chit-ananda": existence--consciousness--bliss
"Ananda": bliss; spiritual ecstasy; the very nature of the transcendental and infinite existence
"Anna": food; substance; dense visible matter
"Sat-asat": existence and nonexistence

SATAN - is a shortened version of sat-anna, which means "existence--matter" (without consciousness) ; it is an opposite to "Sat-chit-ananda" ( existence--consciousness--bliss )
"Satan" does not have its' own consciousness - that means, its neither a creature
nor a transdimensional entity. But, in the same time, it is also a real material stuff...

We could get more clues by looking at the translations of Hebrew word for "Satan" - " שָׂטָן‎ "
" שָׂטָן‎ " is also translated as: adversary; opponent; enemy of god. Sometimes, "Satan" is also named as " הילל " (e.g. Isaiah's prophecy 14:12) which could be translated as "light-bearer" - or, "Lucifer" in Latin language


According to the analysis above, "Satan" :
1) doesnt have his own consciousness
2) is a real material stuff
3) and also, is an enemy of god

The only stuff, which could match all three conditions, is an idea!

1) It is obvious that idea does not have its' own consciousness, so we could agree with "1)"
2) Initially, it seems that ideas are not material. But, in broader sense of word, idea
could be considered as real stuff while it has followers (bearers of idea) who are material - have material bodies. When idea loses its' followers, it becomes "dead" (not-longer-material)

Idea is like a software - which was created not for computer, but for brain (different logic, different storage, different way of operation...) Software is material ==> idea is material too! :-)

There is a funny Russian saying about a person which has a lot of crazy ideas: he "has too much bugs (cockroaches) in the head". This could be described in "high-tech way" as well : person has too much viruses in his brain software ;-)

3) Both idea and bearers of idea (which is described below) are the enemies of god,
so "3)" point is valid as well

I believe that, in ancient times, "Satanists" was a title for:

"light warriors" ("light-bearers"/"luciferians") who resisted the system, rebelled against the god - pyramidal hierarchical system (that exists on Earth and some other planets) - and wanted to implement the idea of true justice "Sat" (in the form of "sphere" antihierarchical system, see image at 21:47)

Those who fought against this tyranny, were accused of going against the "will of god" ("order of god", "natural order") , declared as "bad guys" and outlawed. We used to think that "Satan"/"Satanists" are bad words, but I believe that its just another example of screwed-up words, like Swastika ( many people also used to associate it with bad stuff, despite "Swastika" has ancient deep meanings )


Because the "Right" picture could be used with "lightwarrior" word, and because of the reasons above, I think: with "Satan" word, its more correct to use right , not left picture
Full wallpaper with "lightwarrior" - available there

Of course, I am not encouraging you to use "Satan"/"Satanist" words in the good way, since they are screwed-up and could bring confusion among people. However, I believe
it is ignorant to use "Satan" and "Devil" terms interchangeably, while they have different meanings :-P

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