The Triangle symbol, astrotheology and freemasonry

The Triangle symbol, astrotheology and freemasonry

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Kingkonger: T R

Hey TR, you always post interesting topics and such but I'm wondering what your opinion or ideas are about everything. You never really say how you feel about your posts. Just curious. Thanks

Terran resistance: @kingkonger

theres alot of things that I dont talk about, my life is a bit like hitch hikers guide to the galaxy at the moment.

as for the post, I think that the hyades cluster has got the most interesting logos and symbols, and the most hidden symbols aswell out of all the symbols in higher level freemasonry.

for example an arrow (for pointing) has its origins with the Hyades cluster and its used on a almost daily basis.

I dont think higher level freemasons are aware of aliens even though they are aware of the fact that most of their symbols come from the stars in the sky. But some of these symbols are way too accurate so there has to be something more than meets the eye.

Terran resistance: a thought that has crossed my mind..

is that freemasonry might just exist for ufo disclosure so that when aliens do finally disclose themselves we know whos who. so we know which god corresponds to what race of beings.

but that is just a thought that has lurked at the back of my mind...

Terran resistance: one thing that has crossed my mind is

that some religions have to be manufactured, they just got to be!

for example when you compare the symbols from ancient egyptian mythology to the bible

egyptian mythology is in the purest sense JUST mythology and the symbols are very very corrupted, (symbols correspond to the wrong gods, etymology of gods names doesnt line up with certain symbols) but when we look at the bible, the bible is not as corrupted as people say it is even though it has been passed on for generation after generation.

For example ra is associated with the eagle (has an eagle head) but when we look at the sumerian tablets, a totally different god has an eagle head. One out of hundreds of examples.

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