Three wise men and the setting sun

Three wise men and the setting sun

the star of Bethlehem is the setting sun and the light bringer, the dog star sirius,
and the three men in each picture are a symbolic representation of the three wise men/magi to lower level freemasonary and the three stars of sirius (a,b and c) in higher level freemasonary.

top left picture is from dune (1984) which shows three characters from frank herberts novel posing as the three wise men with a setting sun behind, the star of Bethlehem.

top right is a picture from the movie 3 stooges, which is a parody of the three wise men, again with people posing as the three wise men, and one of them doing a 'john gesture' (finger pointing) which represents John the baptist.

Bottom left three musketeers.

Bottom right is south park again making fun of the three wise men and the setting sun in the background again.

The three wise men are holy to christians and john the baptist is thought highly of in freemasonary, they most likely think of john the baptist as one of the first comings of christ.

Edit: this is not to be confused with lucifer who is the rising sun.

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wmarkley: I grew up watching the three

I grew up watching the three stooges, and still do today, i guess it is a guy thing because i dont know many women who like them, they are far from wise men but i still laugh at their comedy, in real life, Moe, Curly, and Shemp Howard were brothers, Larry Fine was a real violin player, and boxer. they were best friends off the set, Moe was the real leader too, he was always lending the others money, he died 6 months after Larry died, Moe and Larry were best friends till the end.

Terran resistance: -

"they are far from wise" thats the whole point its supposed to be ironic, its an inside joke for freemasons.

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