The three wise men in ancient sumeria

The three wise men in ancient sumeria

If you look carefully at the picture you will notice what appears to be three men sitting on what appears to be a bird. Well the bird like vessel is a sun-disk or a shamesh disk which is a symbol of flight and of sunlight.

The real three wise men sitting on their shamesh sun disk which is the same as in freemasonary where they have the three wise men as sun gods aswell:

The real three wise men are john the baptist, john the evangelist and james. Both john the evangelist and james are called the sons of thunder. Though in reality they are all considered thunder gods and their holy day is thursday.

This why priests dressed up like fishes in the name of their god Oannes (where the name John comes from) who travelled across the sky with his other two companions as sun gods.

The cresent moon is a different symbol entirely to that of the sun-disk or shamesh disk.

The shamesh sun disk is associated with the dog star the brightest star in the sky aswell. Which makes sense since there are in actual fact three stars in the Sirius star system.

John 5:35
"John was a lamp that burned and gave light, and you chose for a time to enjoy his light."

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