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Quinton: Great quote :)

Great quote :)

BenjaminFalkenrath: @Q

I agree

Tarheel: What's crazy is...

...how far MSM goes to avoid the non-physical phenom.
I'm with Tesla on this.
Re: Tesla-You know you had "them" rattled when your life's work is repressed and all of it gets confiscated upon your passing.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Exactly.... Can you imagine

Exactly.... Can you imagine where we'd be if they'd let him go? We'd be back with our soul families. An they'd be not in control.

Tw1nTeslas: Great photo

I feel like we are screwed when it comes to inventors and critical thinkers like Tesla. A man of his intelligence comes once every 250 years, if ever again. It really is too bad many of his secrets and buried technological advances will never see the light of day. The most interesting things, are usually the things we cannot see happening with the naked eye.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Exactly. It's like, he had so

Exactly. It's like, he had so much to give. How many others has our government shut down or killed to keep their bullshit going?!? COUNTLESS! I myself have several ideas, nothing like his nothing world altering but I mean just to do anything with them would bankrupt a small town. How could a normal guy get an idea off the ground. In a day an age where people would rather be crowdfunding something silly like burger condiments. All the while someone who may have an idea for an improvement or impact gets nowhere. Oh well huh...

BenjaminFalkenrath: Nice :)

Nice :)

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