Symbol help pls

Symbol help pls

Pls help with the symbol on the horse . Figurine was from Greece .

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Tim Lovell: that is a swastika I `think`

that is a swastika I `think` which origionaly was a good symbol from india I think...

Crackdown: more information about Swastika

although it is pretty obvious that it is swastika, there are lots of different "versions" of swastika, with different meanings! I have even composed an article about swastika's in the past ( ) , but his two swastika's are different. Will post an update after I will become confident about their explanation...

Tim Lovell: also that could be the greek

also that could be the greek cross..

read this article

Crackdown: Update about Swastika!

Sorry, it took a while to research, because there are a lot of variations of swastika and the meanings of them are rarely mentioned. But now, it seems I have an answer:

1st symbol - on the left side - is probably the most similar to "Air Kolovrat". "Kolovrat" is a slavic word for "spinning wheel". Or, you could call this symbol as "Air Swastika"

4th line on diagram here
Amulet 1
Amulet 2

Meaning of 1st symbol:

This is a symbol of the element of air. It purifies the body, spirit and the air area.
It supposed to give a strong protection against evil and diseases which are transmitted through the air.

2nd symbol - on the right side - is indeed the "Greek Swastika", or "Tetraskele / Tetraskelion" ( Tim, you was correct about "greek cross" ! :-) )

I believe that Tetraskelion is a simplified version of "Spiritual Swastika" from this page - . Because it is one of the best matches, and also because Greek priestess - which were heavily engaged in "spiritual matters" - have placed this symbol on their clothes, and even tattooed it on their bodies!

Meaning of 2nd symbol:

Unlike the "Soul Swastika" (on the same page) which brings energy only to spiritually advanced people (mages, shamans, etc) the "Spiritual Swastika" also helps the "ordinary people". Object which has "Spiritual Swastika" on it, could act as powerful guard against the evil - but, if the owner of this object starts to do evil stuff towards the other people, the object stops protecting the owner and loses its power.


In case of Tetraskelion, since it a simplified version, it should have a simpler meaning

3) Conclusion: so, we have "Air Swastika" and simplified version of "Spiritual Swastika", placed on the horse-like statue. If we put all it together, this object probably represents a "horse spirit which could move faster than a wind" and helps to guard the family's house against evil forces and air infections ;-)

TillToTheWhen: Have you ever heard how

Have you ever heard how Hitler was the "good" guy? I don't really believe that, but they say that everything we were told about the holocaust was a lie. I even have a link to this site they try to back up hitler as being one of the good guys. To me, they're all possessed. I don't think any human could do those things. But I have no way of knowing for sure what is true about that or not.

The site I found the guy was using K K K as his spacers! You could find them by dragging your mouse and clicking over the blank parts. Could just be even more deception for people who do look for the truth online. They have lies buried within lies.

Crackdown: Re: Have you ever heard how

I also dont think that Hitler was a "good" guy. In case he would won, we would probably have had this "NWO" (which is actually an extension of Old World Order) much earlier... Although, you are correct that holocaust (or "holohoax") is
a huge lie. Please check this information from world almanac: If we look at the difference in population, we could see that there is no way these fairy tales about 6 million dead jews could be true. I am not a racist (because its very stupid to judge a person on the properties of his body - a shell for spirit) but this hoax is making me angry! Why these numbers are so overestimated, and why - when people talk about German concentration camps - the first thing that they bring up is a massacre of jews? There were much more slavic people (russians, ukrainians, belarusians, polish, ...) who have been massacred. And, while talking about WW2 casualties in general, for unknown reason people very rarely talk about chinese, despite they are at the second place by losses
( also, )

by the way, "Allies" were not really nice guys as well. See my old comment here:

Quinton: Hitler is a good guy if you

Hitler is a good guy if you consider America and the New World Order good guys. They're all the same thing. So if we consider the Vatican and the Queen of England good then Hitler has to be good as well since he was carrying out their orders, whether he knew it or not.

If you're into big government, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Nationalism or Patriotism then you have to be into Hitler. NAZI is short for National Socialism. So while Americans, and the rest of the world for that matter, may call Hitler a bad person by their language, by their actions they are no different than the Germans of the 1930s and are really calling him a good guy.

But if it turns out that Hitler really is a bad guy, as people like to claim with lip service, then we may have to think twice about America, Britain, Christianity and the Vatican. We can't call America good while in the same breath calling Hitler bad.

Tim Lovell: I don't even let myself think

I don't even let myself think about hitler ever nor do I watch any tv programs about him `it` I personaly think he is the most disgusting person who ever lived ...ugh

Crackdown: Re: I don't even let myself think

disgusting -- yes, but certainly not the most

Tarheel: Dont forget IL Duce.

Mussolini wasnt bad either??? (laughing)
Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heidrich were the evil arm of Hitler's gig. Goering wasn't far behind them but he grew soft.

USA is a fascist state but it is framed as a democracy. People just aren't enough awake to "get it" yet. It's our government that shouldn't forget IL Duce &/or what happened to him when the people of Italy finally got their hands on him.

This should serve as a warning. This is what happens when govt undermines their citizens.

Thank God local government hasn't turned on the people. Local government is closer to it's citizens, so it better knows the difference in right and wrong.

bluesbaby5050: Your right about this ...........

And I have to agree here. Hitler was always for protecting the origins of the Aryan race and its peoples. People must wake up to the truth, and do some research, and be able to understand what really happened behind the scenes, and who the real players were, and the reasons to make wars for profit.

TillToTheWhen: Speaking of Nazis, I know

Speaking of Nazis, I know they can't be good because did you know that George Bush Sr. was really the son of a Nazi? George Shreff Jr or some shit? They went so far as to cover this up, that the makeer of the Curious George movie was going to expose it, and they killed him I believe 3 days before his movie was to come out!

dvogel: They cover many things up

Like the English royal connection to Germany. They changed their name to Windsor to hide their German ties, though the former King Edward of England did not try to hide anything when visiting Hitler.

dvogel: Its a matter of understanding the whole concept.

All wars are just games played by the people behind the scenes to terrorize us and making us accept strict laws to "protect us". Churchill, Hitler, and Stalin were all Rothchild Zionists playing a game of chess across Europe. You can see how it was all planed by looking at their actions. Hitler first let most of the English troops stationed in mainland Europe escape to England via Dunkerque before starting to fight them. Stalin was killing as many of his own (or more) than he was of the Germans/Japanese and Churchill together with the Americans made sure they targeted mass civilian areas when bombing Germany, leaving the bankers big weapon factories intact. We see again, just in a very small scale, the same issue in Ukraine today. The western main stream media is trying to making you support the US and NATO while many alternative news pages are trying to make you support the Russians, while their leaders are both on the same side pretending to hate each other to stir up fear and violence. We all now Obama is a pond but many worship Putin as a true leader, while they don't consider how strange it is, that one of the richest men in their country is their leader, just like the Kings in the old days. The western bankers have controlled Russia and China ever since they installed Communism.

obsrvantlouie: Well said all

And furthermore these powerful persons behind the scenes have controlled the 'Medes' (media) for centuries; it's not necessarily that people are not "enough awake" as Tarheel alluded but I think it's more that people are not interested, intelligent, courageous or inquisitive enough to question the official story - So, in the name of patriotism the Medes have been telling 'official stories' (lies laced with half truths) to stir patriotism (nationalism) and create enemies. Furthermore, the Medes and their controllers have been infiltrating the educational systems for a very long time. This educational infiltration has been a slow burn off the education of the masses (compare entrance exams from 1940 to today in any country). By manipulating the educational standards they have been able to bully true scientists and progressiveness in replace of shitty and roundabout science taken for truth because the masses will believe anything they are told....most persons just want to work, raise a family and be "comfortable" .....most persons don't think their is anything they can do to improve their circumstances and surely most persons don't want their entire 'belief structure' to tumble down by looking into abhorrent termed conspiracy theory.

I think The slow burn will continue and eventually either enough persons will say ENOUGH or enough persons will be kept in the dark and NWO will proceed as planned. From here, pop the popcorn and tune in. Lots of other possibilities that hoping for but eh....

"May you live in interesting times"

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