Sumerian tablets - The marriage of the Sumerian god ENKI

Sumerian tablets - The marriage of the Sumerian god ENKI

rare picture I found :)

of ENKI the sumerian god with the waters of the tigris and Euphrates rivers dripping from his shoulders and his wife NINHURSAG (I think).

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IrinaElisabeth: Enki's wife is Damkina, king Alalu's daughter, not Ninmah/Ninhur

Enki's wife is Damkina, the daughter of the former king Alalu. Enki was engaged with Ninmah/Ninhursag, but Enlil took her and she became pregnand with Ninurta. That's why Anu forbid the marriage between Enki and Ninhursag. And Enki got Damkina as wife. Their son is Marduk.

bluesbaby5050: Enki's wife Damkina.....

Thanks for noticing TR's mistake, and taking the time to correct it. Alalu was the king before king Anu. Both kings had a long standing fued in their ancient history.

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