Sumerian Tablet - Enki the great satan part 2

Sumerian Tablet - Enki the great satan part 2

Sumerian Tablet - Enki the great satan part 2

ENKI from where we get the word Loki for the the norse god equivalent of the Devil.

ENKI is the one sitting on the right hand side, notice there seems to be rivers of water coming off of him?

These are symbolic of the Euphrates and Tigiris rivers, which according to sumerian mythology were created when Enki empted his junk creating the two rivers. Nice...

Being the god of water the Sumerians used the myth of Enki with waters dripping from him to explain the story of aquifers and how water would would seamlessly appear out of the rocks.

Notice the 8 pointed star in the corner, some would suggest itis the planet Venus, but in my opinion it represents Ashtar command, since the star is called ishtar.

Three men are bringing a slave for the god Enki, his gown is torn at the front and the slave is restraint with ropes around his hands and is being lead by what appears to be a pole which his neck is tied to.

Enki has horns like the sterotypical devil, also the other men have horns aswell suggesting that they are probably followers of Enki.

Enki was associated with the apzu a source of freshwater in springs and rivers.

Also to note Eridu was the primeval seat of the worship of the god Enki, whats interesting is that excavations at Eridu revealed clay coils modeled into serpents in Enki's temple, under its altar, suggesting serpents were worshipped in some way at this site.

Hymns mention Enki delighting in punting his boat through the "snake-marsh" that lies near Eridu, and to this day snakes abound in the marshlands of Lower Mesopotamia, gliding over the waters' surface.

Sumerian hymns speak of him as a great serpent-dragon.


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