Sumerian Tablet - Enki the Great Satan and God of the Abyse

Sumerian Tablet - Enki the Great Satan and God of the Abyse

Sumerian Tablet - Enki the Great Satan and God of the Abyse.

It shows the Sumerian God equivalent of Satan called Enki climbing over mountain peaks.

Underneath him there is a horned lamb a symbol of the lamb of god and the 7 headed beast of revelation.

Enki is where we get the word Loki from, who was a horned god and a Norse God equivalent of Satan aswell.

Enki's holding in one hand what looks like to be an eagle, which is a symbol of imperialism.

It appears in the tablet that water is dripping from Enki as he rise from the waters.

The water dripping from Enki could be the Euphrates and Tigris river.

Another name for Enki was Ea which is Akkadian and literally means the house of water.

So Enki is the God of water or the Abyse to be more precise.

What is interesting is water used to be associated with the Underworld, for example the Mayans used to bury some of their dead inside flooded caves.

According to Maya myth, the souls of the dead had to follow a dog with night vision on a horrific and watery path and endure a myriad of challenges before they could rest in the afterlife.

And as you all know, the underworld also known as Hell, is associated with the Devil.

Also we associate words such as the abyse with hell and with the ocean.
Abyse is also where we get the word oblivion from (ab-blivion).
Also aquifers as a source of water were considered important in the desert, an aquifer was called an abzu, immediately we see the relation to the word abyse.
Also the word abysmal describes something being appalling.

So we see from this, Enki being a god of the abyse has lots of negative connotations. He would be associated with things such as floods and droubts and other water related problems, such as salt water contamination of aquifers, or aquifers running dry. Or if there was a storm at sea and people drowned. So we see that it would have been impossible for the ancients to see Enki as a god of good but rather as evil.

The god inanana is using a mace to hit the sun god shamesh who is setting below the mountain peaks.

This is not a god that gets his hands dirty, he gets his minions to do the dirty work. If someone was dying of thirst in the desert, he would sit back and watch, while stroking one of his pets like an evil villain. Thats the overall impression I get.

The funny thing is people make out Enki to be the good guy, even though he clearly would never have been. He was a god to be feared, not loved. But a lesser evil than the other gods.

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edisonik: You are very Sharp Terran R

So you still Mock, do you realize just how deep in over your head you already are?. You not a stupid Person, in fact you are very Intuitive and smart Terran R.
But there is one thing you got Horribly Wrong with your Research.
Enki had few friends and Tons of Galactic Enemies that did not like him or his Genesis Sciences Programs. Some did not like Virility, Refreshment and Life Sciences Creation.

Creating Humanity was Enki's toughest Job, a Job he will not see go down the Toilet because of some who think they are a waste or an abomination.

Enki had two Pet Lions also which were Larger than your regular Lion.
Enki had good Spirits and was a Decent Being and absolutely Hated Enslavement because he had seen Slavery on Sirius and Orion and he hated Enslavement.
His Great Evil was his Belief in Freedom and Free Will.

On Sirius and Orion the Greatest Evil was Freedom and Free Will, this is why he was Labelled with such Nasty Connotations , like these fools who Practice Satanism, I can assure you those who Practice Satanism are not Practicing anything Closely resonating with Creating but Rather Destruction.
Something more like Reptilian Practices nothing relating to Nurturing or Creating.

So this World is in Shambles , with Lies, Deciet and Treachery.
There are many Players here on Earth, Enki is not here to Conquor or Enslave but to Enlighten and to help in the Awakening of Humanities Consciousness.

So you are the One who is Polarized Terran T.

SatanicWarlock69: I really don't appreciate

I really don't appreciate your lack of knowledge and idiocy. First off, don't call us fools, unless you actually know all forms of theistic Satanism inside and out, otherwise shut the fuck up. Secondly, sometimes you have to destroy to create...just as one must die to be reborn.

Tarheel: I know Lord Enki's heart, Great Falcon Master......

...and I know that Lord Enki knew right from wrong, and he was punished for it..punished for giving humanity a REAL LIFE, a CHANCE. We recognize and honor him, for we know what he went through...we know about his imprisonment for what he gave humanity...we know about him being labelled an outcast and a deviant. And FOR THAT, we who do know honor Lord Enki.

PLEASE dont let the ignorance of one TR be perceived as the ideology/thoughts of many. I know you wont.
TR is his own biggest enemy, and he has personal demons to face down. I/we have offered to help but he doesnt want help. In fact he doesnt think he needs help. before anything can be done to help him he needs to admit he actually needs help. In his case TR feels his ignorance is bliss.

bluesbaby5050: I have also tried to tell the True story of Creation to TR ----

But, He wants no part of this, asTR thinks he has the story Right ,and the Players in the History of Creation too..WRONG!! He is his Own WORST ENEMY! He thinks I am the Muppet! I have a mind of my own,and do not Re-peat what others say.I KNOW WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT,AS I HAVE DONE MY RE-SEARCH ! I will Always Second the Motion when I Know it is Right!

Terran resistance: I dont believe in creation

I follow the teachings of Alex Collier, we were seeded not created

unless you think he is lying?!

which I know for a fact he isnt.

Quinton: These are essentially the

These are essentially the same thing.

Terran resistance: Alex Collier vs edisonik

Alex Collier wins hands down.

edisonik: Edisonik always Wins

Alex has alot of Credible Knowledge, but he is an Abductee, I am not an Abductee. No one on this Earth has the Power to Touch any part of me.
No one Feather Mortal.

I can tell you more but you are not ready and probably will never be ready by the looks of it.

Terran resistance: me and alex

Me and alex are doing rings around you in our cars while you peddle a tricycle.

Alex Collier>me>you...

your at the bottom of the pile sunshine.

go home and rethink your life.

you have not posted anything interesting in years except shit irrelevent youtube videos which anybody can do.

you make me chuckle sometimes edisonik

Tim Lovell: Edi I am an Artist and I

Edi I am an Artist and I specialise in drawing wildlife especially eagles and I have drawn a bald eagle almost identical to your avatar and I know that you are from the bird tribes so I want to give you a print of my drawing, would you like it? I will link my website and you can see it, It is called `The Tradewind Dream` and is done in graphite pencils so is black and white, well I thought you might like it...

It is the forth one down on the left column the bald eagle, anyway birdclan man enjoy...

Tarheel: First of all, they wouldnt challenge one another.

Our Edisonik admires AC, and often promotes his words here. But ya'll, ya'll are too busy trying to demean The Masters to realize that. Grow up, TR&Co.. Minds are a terrible thing to waste.

2nd, the grave ya'll dig is bottomless. But you have fashioned it nicely. This is what your DISINFORMATION campaign has targeted? Wow, we have more power than we realized.

It was Edi and Anu77 who told us-"When people fear the govt, people lose. When The Govt FEARS THE PEOPLE, The People ALWAYS WIN !" .

Thanks to you and your other TRANSPARENT DISINFO AGENTS that operate under your name, we know-we are winning. You might want to take your DISINFORMATION agents and go try to infiltrate and bring down another group. We arent budging. We know whats right and whats wrong.

Let me critique you, your method may have been more effective if you had been more subtle.

bluesbaby5050: NO WAAYYYY!

Alex Collier Knows Alot from being INformed by the Andromedans,Or he would Not know anything! On the other hand--- Edisonik=Edjakhan= The Great Falcon Master/Teacher, knows way more,, as HE HAS BEEN AROUND A HELL OF ALOT LONGER the Alex Collier! HAHAHAHA! NO COMPARISON HERE AT ALL !! WHAT A JOKE!! YOU HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT HERE! IF YOU REALLY DID ,YOU WOULD KNOW BETTER THEN TO POST THIS!! HAHAHAHA!!

Terran resistance: take your happy pills

nobody cares what you think weirdo

edisonik: Besides if you have come here to Mock Me Again

Then everyone knows that you are just another Pawn for the NWo.
You just keep mocking me and see what happens. You reap what you sow.
Remember these Words Pawn.



edisonik: Terran keeps preaching how SATAN is Bad for your Health

How about your own back yard with your Nasty Reptilian Orion Queen, you don't even understand your World. You got Yahweh ( Enlil ) Lord of Command who cares only about Serving Sirius and Crushing Humans, then you got Enki ( Da Aya ) Lord of Creation who tries to Teach at your Pathetic Level and you also have Pindar who in hiding because he knows the Big Boys are around.

The Andromedans are here, the Greys are in Trouble, the Draco are in Hiding, the Reptilians are in Hiding, Lord Enlil is here planining his next move, Lord Enki is here not really playing along with the Games of his Brother or the Rebel Queen.

So little Boy , what are you gonna do when the Shit hits the Fan, you have Two Months before the U.K. goes Bankrupt. Oct / Now 2012 the U.K. will be Broke. You better prepare Terran R.

Max Keiser ~ We're In A Financial Holocaust!

bluesbaby5050: Lord Edjakhan---

I am so Glad you are here now telling Tr,and his like Minded What the Rel Scoop is here! He Needs to Wise Up Real Fast, or He will be SLOOSH TOO! And Guess for WHO TR!?? They will NOT HAVE TO GO FAR!

Terran resistance: edisonik the fraud

for all newbies to see

edisonik claims he is a ET, psychic,telepathic, master teacher.

make sure to ask him lots of uncomfortable questions that neither him or his fellow shills can answer!

edisonik: In time you will see the Light

You will call me MASTER.

contactorion: No he will not

Are you that bored to stay on this sight and get off to this shit say to people. I thought you were alright until I just read that you are fucking trolls.
Deception is your game as well.
And if you are an alien then your a pretty shitty low human leveled being, fuck you you pretentious asshole.
- sincerly contactorion.

Tarheel: TR has fallen for the deception.

You need to learn Right from Wrong. Enki was responsible for the formula that made Humanity, and Enki gave The Helpers The Gift of The Feather, which he got from The Falcons. The GIFT of The Feather is passion and free will, neither of which has anything satanic about it.
Read the Sumerian tablets, and you will learn.

edisonik: Humanity is a Program that will not be Destroyed

A Program in Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
You are all a part of this Incredible Program.
Humanity cannot be allowed to be Destroyed by the Global Elites who work with the Enemy, the Malevolant Reptilians.

Eldertree: Loved the message about the

Loved the message about the pet lions :)

Thanks for sharing those words Edisonik.

contactorion: me too

Inanna had two pet lions, lilith, astarte, whatever. Goddess of the illuminati with her stupid fucking owls that all thee celeberties are getting tatooed on themselves, and the world elite like to make mock human sacrifices to.

mufasa: i knew you say that

Damn straight it wont, the war carries on, through the spiritual and physical realms of our creations.
Enki is only one, he also had many family members.
I want to clear some things up about enki.
The good counterpart of enki and not enlil.
Although he was your creator of your physical vessel, in which he allowed you to enter into these new forms.
He is not your creator, he a creator, truly he is a god but like in many ancient belief systems there were many gods, and yes he held a god like status at one time, but he is not the creator of all, nor is he your lord and savior.
He was human as you are such beautiful beings dont let any being in this galaxy discredit you, as you are all children of the one true creator of the universe, your destiny is much bigger then you think. The creator of all is my creator and yours, and i can not take that awsy from you nor any star being, a
Or demons, but believe me they will try.
Enki indeed had had many enemies from the stars, some of those enemies are long grudges from his own past, that you will also understand in due time, this why it is so important for you to awaken to your true nature as me as well so we all can now the truth, so you all can return to eden. Your enemies are enkis royal lineage enemies, mainly consisting of the draconian race, and some othere humanoid races, trust me his enemies think of you lesser then they, how do you feel?, they think of you like animals, nothing else, mongoloid, hybrids how do you feel, but i tell you , you are human, regardless of your orgins in creation, the human being is much more in the spiritual definition of things, you can choose to be animal, but you are not animal, you are human, be human, live life, live love, live beauty. There are those long old enemies who lack all of those things, who only seek you to fall, they are still my enemies, but i am still fighting, them, and i will not let this beautiful creation fail, because i fight for you, you as in your soul, they want you soul, they want you to destroy your creation because they cant do it for you, you have to let them, so this way you all need to awaken, because its now or never.
The evil forces here come by many names, and come in many tongues, just as the light, but evil is not the light as though they might appear as such, this why you must go with what you inner voice soul guides you to.

Enki has had many lives good and bad oned, enki has also been subjected too tremendous torture and abuse in many lived of hardship, because in deed it was very difficult to live in the galaxy, everyone was trying to survive on a massive scale then planet earth. Just as many others have as well, im telling a galactic story through his eyes in which you deserve to know. Since so much points to him, a fabled myth.
Some of these starbeings in space comming to earth are indeed enemies of earth, and to get revenge against enki, they must attack his family whih you are all part of.

Everybody wants to rule the world, well my advice dont, leave it behind, it will not last forever.

To name a few movies of his past life he appears in
Judge dredd
Starship troopers

Good night.

Tim Lovell: Mufasa you are right but the

Mufasa you are right but the old conflics between the family of anu and the others has been being played out the last thousands of years , tbh we are all travellers the vessel we are in currently on earth is temporary after here we just move on to other worlds , and yes we all come from the same source they may think of us as animals but once earth is fixed and we move on onto other worlds not so frequency controlled we will rise higher and get to come back to an earth at 9d then we can laugh at the stupid repptillians

Tim Lovell: funny thing I saw a cartoon

funny thing I saw a cartoon the other day with a reptoid character that looked identical to Enki and its name was Ekin and he was portrayed as an evil destroyer of a civilisation jealously guarding his crystals (the divine ME`s) I couldn't belive my eyes..btw it was a childrens programme

mufasa: continued

A diplomat...

Tim Lovell: not really I don't care about

not really I don't care about how the family of anus evolution got stopped because of what they did on earth, or how enlil was the last left behind they cutup the genome and they project themselves into multidimensional incarnations to free the humans from what they created I think its hilarious let them all be blasted back to the mind of prime creator they deserve it, I just want of this horrible place...

Tim Lovell: Also btw Enki or Sa`Am he

Also btw Enki or Sa`Am he hated being called Enki, was one of the good ones of that chaotic family, he wanted out he was scared by Enlil he didn't like what they were like atall, he regretted getting into the nibiru evolutionary line, he only did it to stop wars that would have occurred otherwise, and when he was being led to his doom and death on mars by enlils black robed and black hearted priests he was truly scared and when they stab ed him in the neck he cried out as any being would because he still cared about others unlke the rest of the family he was brought into that he didn't want to bne a part of who ONLY served their SELVES...poor Enki he was the only good one

mufasa: Title

A viceroy...

Mobius: A Watcher

@edisonik - outside of the petty debates, your viewpoint is correct. I am a benevolent force, and detest slavery, while promoting freedom and truth. Thank you

Dennisph: Enki is not evil

You are stupid if you call Enki or Ea evil, you are just a christian that hates knowledge that loves to burn science books. Enki taught us freedom and critical freedom which the christian god hates FUCKYOU

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