Is the star of david's origin, Orion?

Is the star of david's origin, Orion?

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The arrow is to do with Enlil, and the more and more I research the more and more I begin to believe that the all seeing eye is a symbol of Nibiru (what contactee alex collier talks about) in the constellation of orion, he says that one faction of 'nibiru' are around betelgeuse, which is where the lambda orionis nebula is which is shaped like an eye!

see this:

Its the only think which is remotely eye shaped in orion, the all seeing eye im 100 billion percent sure is not lyra or draconis.

Also the apostle Paul stuck up for jewish people, though my thoughts are sketchy on that one. And the apostle paul is associated with the all seeing eye!

so its possible that the star of david originates its shape from orion aswell.

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Tarheel: Are you saying it's true, or asking a question?

Seriously, anything's possible, but I dont see how you can merge that interpretation.

Terran resistance: im not quite sure

I think its 75% likliness at this stage.

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